Ciprian Boldi

Hi everyone, my name is Ciprian, I was born in Romania but now live in Copenhagen together with my wife. I joined connect hoping to find a community of belivers with an incresed interest for the word of God and today’s pressing matters.
I hope I can be an active part of this engaging community.


Hi @ciprian.boldi, welcome! Copenhagen is so beautiful, how are things there, and what was it like growing up in Romania, if you don’t mind my asking these questions? There is a lot going on here in America. I pray for our country daily. I pray we will see that we need God. I am thankful for a ministry like RZIM that has a passion for reaching the world. I hope to see you engaging here in the discussions. We look forward to your thoughts and insight.


Welcome aboard @ciprian.boldi. Looking for a community of believers? You came to the right spot. If you could have any topic for a discussion group combing the word and today’s pressing matters, what would it be? May God grant you your spiritual desires and guide your steps.


Welcome to Connect, Ciprian. How wonderful you have found Connect and I do hope you become more involved. If you are looking for a place to get started, there are many ways to find your niche. We are a community of believers from around the world, and I look forward to hearing more from your questions and answers in the community. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Connect @ciprian.boldi I look forward to learning with you.


A warm welcome to you, Ciprian! @ciprian.boldi

So glad you’ve joined us :blush:

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