Clarifying a Secular view on God's Word

How best can you respond to an enlightened African who believes that the bible is essentially a tool the white man used in suppressing and colonizing primitive Africanns?


Solomon, I will attempt to share some of my thoughts even though I know they will be incomplete. Loving the enlightened African is like loving the enlightened white man. They have serious issues that need to be addressed but until they have their eyes on Jesus and God’s view of our need for a savior they remain in darkness. Jesus said, "Now is the judgment of this world, now shall the ruler of this world be cast out; and I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.”
John 12:31‭-‬32 RSV
The knowledge of Jesus is true enlightenment. His purpose, who he is, his life and how he lived it is light for everyone. We must therefore lift him up and he by his Spirit and the truth of God’s word will draw all men to himself and bring those in darkness into the light. We can only know Jesus from his word and so this is a contrast to what others say about the Bible. The Bible is what God intends it to be and men have been blinded buy all kinds of enlightened competing ideas. But none of them are new. They are the same old lies that keep men in bondage so that they don’t even know they are in bondage to sin. Knowing the truth will set them free. So we tell them of God’s truth and point them to what the Bible is trying to say rather than trying to argue weather the Bible is just a tool of the white man or just another competing voice in the cosmos of ideas. Do listen to their point of view and even go deeper and try to understand where they’re coming from but stay on point and speak the truth in love. Jesus must be lifted high in your eyes and if they see him for who he is then they will begin to understand and truly be enlightened.


Thank you very much sir. I do appreciate your timely response. It is consoling to hear that these competing views are not new but same old lies. The most worrisome aspect is that some persons are already aware of the truth, so to say but they have choosen a narrative that will suit a certain way of life which they’ve adopted.

Yesterday I visited a refresh college graduate. Her views about God have been bastardized by college professors including the famous Wole Soyinka. She has been taught by Soyinka that the african traditional concept of God might as well be true. This is a young lady who is 23 years old. She lost her mom when she was a kid and eventually lost her dad in her teens. Although she professes to be a Christian (a catholic), she also holds to the view that she is an absurdist.

Rather than admit the need for a personal savior and grow in God’s grace, she takes delight in arguing about the traditional Christian teaching about creation, human purpose of existence (according to her, life is just a journey, undefined and unspecified journey. Life is also meaningless!)

It feels like hitting rock bottom! How do you lift Jesus to a persons who refuses to acknowledge any idea that springs from a theistic standpoint.

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Hello @Sol1, thank you for raising this question. Above is a link that should help you address this.
God bless :heart:


Thank you Sig. I’ll look it up.

It appears the link you sent has restrictions .

I think the best way would be to relate the Bible in the African context. If there’s one thing common between the Jewish and African cultures is their ability to related to stories and wise sayings.

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Oh man that’s too bad because it was very informative. You can type your question in the search engine and it will bring up similar topics to yours. I will see what else I can find. So sorry about that.

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African Christians See if this works. I just typed "is the bible a white mans religion and that brought up some topics. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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This has worked perfectly. A million thanks to you. Now I can see that your activeness on the group is geared towards planting smiles on the faces of searchers like me.


@Sol1, I’d also commend to you the work of the Jude 3 Project, as this is a fairly common question they have to face wherever they speak!

But I think we also have to acknowledge that the Bible has been twistedly interpreted in the past to ‘legitimise’ oppression and subjugation. So it’d be good to have a view as to how that has been able to happen, and why you would disagree with how that narrative was constructed. I found this article helpful in giving a quick overview…


I do appreciate the views in this article. It is obvious that the Bible can be read out of its literary context to defend slavery. The end result affects both the science of interpreting the bible and the theology of what is interpreted.