Claude Van Horn

Hi there! I am a long-time listener to Ravi, and am excited to find a place where thoughtful, intelligent, people meet to discuss our Lord.

I’m from a smallish Missouri town, Cameron. We’re at the corner of US 35 and US 36 I love the people here and attend a wonderful little church with a great pastor.

Someone asked a question about a you-tube preacher and in following the Google links, this site had the most reasonable information. It will be a frequent resource and recommendation

What I really love is being able to join a community of believers who can share our love for the Lord, and his followers from all over the world. I know there may be theological differences, but we share the same core Christian beliefs, and are biblically encouraged to love and fellowship with each other.

How neat!


Amen to that @Ropebender
Welcome to Connect!


Hi @Ropebender, so wonderful to have you here :heart: I trust you have found this a friendly environment to share your thoughts and insight. It is refreshing to connect with likeminded people of faith in Jesus Christ. Feel free to join in the conversations, start a topic, or even share a testimony. Hope to see you engaging :slightly_smiling_face:
Take care :pray:t3:


Welcome to Connect, Claude. It’s great to hear your online search led you to Connect. As Carson Weitnaur, the community innovator often says, “We seek to be better than Google” by giving personalized answers to questions of the heart. :smiley: Welcome to the community, where we learn and study together and serve one another.

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Welcome to the community!

Hello and welcome to Connect. I am also new and delighted to have the opportunity to engage in meaningful ways with others who Love Jesus as their personal Saviour.

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