Hello All…

I’m from Los Angeles, CA born and breed although my roots are in Iowa, New Orleans, and North Carolina…

Earlier this year, I happened (as if the spirit had nothing to do with it) across a video of Ravi where he was teaching an atheist about believing. Ravi did not teach this individual with anger, hate, or distance because he was atheist, but calmly provided an explanation that impressed upon me that Ravi was truly a teacher of the Word! I began to watch Ravi more and some videos over and over.

This morning (5/17) when I searched for Ravi’s video’s to watch, I learned that Ravi is succumbing to cancer and sensed the need to “connect”. I was brought up in the Catholic church, yet Ravi has impacted my “spirit” more than any teacher in my life! Because of Ravi, I now realize that “my spirit is who I am” and that my spirit must always exercise authority over my flesh & blood! Thank You Ravi!!!

I hope I can contribute by being an instrument or vessel for someone else. That one of my gifts from God or life experiences can be a blessing for someone else.


Welcome @cwmhall :smiley:

We are so thankful you have found your way to Connect, and I shall praise God with you, for the impact Ravi’s teaching has had on your precious life.

Your statement holds such truth,

Ravi has a way of reaching the skeptic with grace, respect and kindness, that is not always found in ministries today, that is what I believe compels people to come back and hear him again.

It must have been a shock for you, to find out this great servant of God is soon to be called home by the God he has loved so viscerally.

If you wish to add you honest and powerful words to a tribute to Ravi, here is that link. #ThankYouRavi

Please peruse the Connect site, and I hope to see you engaging in many discussions on this site.

To God be ALL the Glory for the things He has done! :tulip:


Blessings and welcome to connect.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience about Mr. Ravi.

It is such a lovely community. I feel very sure you will find this a wonderful place to learn and share as we are all here for the same reasons in Christ.



Thank you Sanah for reaching out!

I do feel welcome already as members have been extending a “hello”! Ravi has impacted my spiritual life and walk immensely and one of the reasons i will continue to seek understanding here in my journey towards Christ!!!



Thank you for reaching out with a welcome! Shock was somewhat of an understatement because I’ve been listening to Ravi for only about several months now. His assurance of God’s promise and word have reached me like none before! I was raised in the Catholic Church, have attended numerous conferences from Joyce Meyer, Creflow Dollar, Jessie Duplantis, Ken & Gloria Copeland and Jerry Savales when they had the West Coast Conference in Anaheim! Yes, without a doubt I have learned from them all and been blessed by their teachings and increased my understanding of God, but Ravi has reached my soul and encouraged my spirit rise up and take authority over my flesh & blood! Listening to Ravi has changed how I perceive and view the Bible and increased my understanding of how God desires me to live my life. In the moment I understood that my flesh & blood were controlling my life is in the same moment I realized that i must live this physical life, but as my spirit! My spirit is who I am! I am a spirit created by God living a physical existence in this earthly body!

Since my spirit has risen to a place of authority, my life has changed immensely! I converse with my spirit and follow what my spirit urges and nudges me toward (of course with prayer and long conversations with God!). Ravi has taught me to isolate my flesh from spiritual decisions and discussions with God. To me this is the meaning of being “Reborn” or “Rebirthed” is learning to journey through life with my spirit as my guide and compass!

Ravi became my Sunday morning church and I will miss him! I will look forward to reading his writings, watching him on Youtube, connecting on the site, and reading those people he mentions as teachers of the Word! I consider myself blessed that my path crossed Ravi’s and believe that God had everything to do with it. I feel Jesus’s hand reaching out to me to journey back to Him and seek Him only with vigilance! Ravi has been the fire igniting my spirit! I will always be thankful for this time in my life and look back knowing that this was without doubt a turning point and milestone in my journey! I’m sometimes feel like Saul who before becoming Paul was misdirected about the journey!!!

God Bless You and Keep You Always…


P.S. - a tribute to Ravi was the first order of business once I logged into the site! My prayer is the family finds peace knowing the Ravi will be with the Father…!!!