Clive Aw

Hi everyone I’m Clive. I’m from Singapore. Currently, I am doing a PhD. in Physics (specifically, in quantum information). I have a keen interest in the Bible, theology and the philosophy of science.

Before this, I was part of the 19/20 OCCA Batch. I am also involved with RZIM Asia-Pacific as a Research Fellow. I am joining RZIM Connect primarily to help out with GAC and to discuss questions that I care a lot about.

I am in the life-long vocation of following Jesus, who unorphaned me and put me back together for my purpose.

Let’s talk sometime! :smiley:


Welcome to Connect, - so good to meet you, and I hope we will have many wonderful conversations together!


So glad to have you joining the forum Thank you for all of your assistance. Connect is very blessed with your experiences and your heart. I look forward to reading your post. God-bless you and your journey.

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