Clive Lawrinson wants Christians to more clearly and politely accept one another as Christ has accepted them

I want Christians to more clearly and politely accept one another as Christ has accepted them; so that God is given glory.

I am form Warrington

I was led you to join Connect after TBN TV broadcast.
Pray for Christians that feel isolated. They want to

There is fervent prayer at the joint prayer meeting held at a church in Warrington on, usually, the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.

I apologize for hurting a persons feelings.

I struggle to communicate that God created me with a very sensitive disposition.

By trying to clearly and politely accept other as Christ has accepted them.


Hello Clive @Clive_Lawrinson

It is great to have you join connect. I agree with your desire to give God Glory through love and respect for one another. I also agree that we need to pray that God liberate the oppressed. I can feel you passion to see a positive change in the Church and the world.

RZIM Connect share that same passion with you. Why not begin to engage and explore the community. We are looking forward to receiving your questions, testimonies and contributions.

With Love and respect


Welcome aboard @Clive_Lawrinson. Glad you have joined us and I love your suggestions. We do need to treat others with grace and kindness even though their perspectives ideas and believes are not necessarily the same as ours. So thanks for that reminder. Thank you for coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello Clive. Yes, if we remember the love with which God encounters us, it can motivate us to love others and to include them in our community. We need each other to encourage us and to learn together. Welcome to Connect, Clive and thank you for your contributions so far.


Welcome @Clive_Lawrinson :heart: Agreed :pray: we are thankful to have you here and I do hope to hear more from you. Please always feel free to engage with us. Do you have any particular prayer requests? Take care :slightly_smiling_face:


Pray that more Christians will try to clearly and politely accept one another on social media.