Clossians 4:1-2 Prayer


Dear Praying Saints

Prayer is a mystery that I continue to explore. I looked up the Greek word and it is a compound word that literally means " to will or wish for" implying God. As in John 15 where it speaks of getting what you asked for, it appears I can will or wish to God for whatever I want. If that were the case, there would be no unsaved or sick people on this earth. The context of the two uses in John 15 seems to associate with abiding in God so I get that means that what I want is what God wants too.

But doesn’t He want all saved? Ah, but here brings up the whole issue of man’s will or free will, as we know it. I guess that I pray so that, as Paul had a Damascus road experience, he still could have let his pride get the best of him and told Jesus “no.” So can those I pray for.

I’m praying that those who are blind see. The problem that Jesus said with the Pharisees wasn’t that they were blind, for if they were, they’d have no excuse but because they could see - now there’s a problem. All those I’m praying for I’m asking that they will have even the Spirit of Truth bear witness to Jesus.

Please pray:
-That two of my children, Jonathan and Kara, would step into the light.
-That I’d get light on my extreme weariness and aching.
-That Jun and Regina would be protected by from the enemy who is desperately trying to destroy them.


Heavenly Father, One who knows all things and all hearts, we come to you with these prayers asked by your son Tim. I pray Lord, that you will bless Johnathan and Kara with a knowledge of who You are, a gift like no other as we stand on the brink of Christmas. We ask that the greatest gift ever given will someday be their own, and that You will bring them to Yourself, that they might have a life they cannot yet even imagine.

We ask that You would shed light Lord, on Tim’s weariness, that You would touch his body and bring healing, new energy and relief of pain. We ask that he may gain strength to continue the work You have given to him to do.

Father, we also ask Your hand upon Jun and Regina. No one has more power than You Lord, the enemy cannot stand up to You, so we ask You protection over them, that they may hear only Your voice in whatever darkness they find themselves in, and also, that You would bring Your light in every circumstance. No one take them out of Your hand.

Lord, thank you that You give us such wonderful gifts, and that You allow us to ask You for what we need. You give us the desires of our hearts, when it lines up with Your will. Help Tim to remember that things come in Your timing, and not our own, to not ever give up hope or prayer for these requests. We pray this is the powerful Name of Jesus. Amen


Yes, Lord Jesus and Amen!


Thank you for your word about prayer and God’s will for salvation…

Salvation is of the Lord…
Only He can resurrect lives and hearts that are dead to Him in tresspasses and sin.

Indeed, we pray Lord, for this miracle of your sovereign grace…in the lives of those who are far from you. Deliver them for death…bring them from death to life in Christ. May you have mercy on Johnathan and Kara. Turn their hearts from the flesh, the world and the devil…to You!
Give them sincere repentance unto life in Jesus name!
Lord, please strength and heal Tim in his body. If he needs medical assistance…guide him to the right source of physical healing and restoration.
Lord Jesus, be with Jun and Regina. Protect them by your grace. Enable them to understand what you are working in and through them as your children…in these very difficult circumstances. Give them favour…enable them to love their enemies and to pray for those who despitefully use them…for your name and glory sake.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on my spouse as he goes in for surgery in 9 days. Protect his life during and after surgery. Please, provide him with sufficient strength and resilience to heal and recover speedily.

Lord, be with me during this time. Enable me to be strong and true help meet for Brian during this very difficult time. Provide the support I will need through the love of others, Lord Jesus. May it be free, willing and and loving.

Lord Jesus, please have mercy on our children and grandchildren. Draw them to yourself. Deliver them from the lies of the devil and lead them into believing the truth as it is in Jesus.

Lord, please have mercy on E. and on C.
Be gracious to them…and deliver them from the clutches of the wicked one.
Lord, please be a Father to the fatherless. Care for them in their weakness, vulnerability and dependency.

Thank you,Lord for who you are…
That you are altogether lovely…
full of grace and truth.
Faithful in love and mercy.


Lord, hear our cries. Thank you for Your love!

  • May my daughters desire to know God. Give them a heart that longs to behold Jesus in His glory.”
  • My friend CC has been struggling with new job. May God prosper what she puts her hand to and rest in His love.
  • KS and JL to be redeemed from long term drug and alcohol addictions.

Thank you!




What an awesome prayer! It was so easy to adapt to include many others. Thank you for posting. I will be praying through it for all who post here and for you and your husband. May His love and strength surround you and your family as you walk through this fiery trial.



Hi Kathy,

Sometimes I grapple with what and how to pray, so I hope you don’t mind if I stand with you in agreement with your prayer and add a few people!! Thank you for posting.


Lord Jesus, graciously hear Kelly’s prayer for her daughters, her friend, and the two souls she is faithfully praying for who are in deep bondage and slavery to addiction.

Lord, strengthen Kelly, to trust in your alone…
to trust in your faithfulness, your goodness and your unfailing love which you have revealed to her in Jesus.

Thank you for the love you have put in her heart for others. This is a good gift from you. Graciously sustain that love and give her hope … through prayer and your answers to those prayers.

For your own name sake, Great God, graciously have mercy on your children…who out of love…call on you to intervene in the lives of those around them.

Be glorified in and through your redeemed people, Lord. Raise up a powerful testimony, a witness to your being and your sovereignty in all things… through the lives of your people.

Grant Kelly to be a witness for Jesus, in all that she says and does for those who are far from you. May the light of your love burn brightly in her!

Thank you, Lord…
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


Dear Praying Friends,

I have continued to pray for each of you even though I have not been online very much.

I have had a hard month. I have worked a lot of overtime, had my car totaled by an errant deer, and traveled to be with my dad at Thanksgiving.

Please pray for wisdom on selecting a replacement car, pray for my children (Olivia, Brent, Wesley, Ryan and Blake) to seek a daily real relationship with Jesus.
Thank you all so much,


Lord thank you for Darlene and her witness to her children, may they all find a daily deep connection to You in all of life’s circumstances. Help Darlene to make a wise selection on a car that can fit the needs of her family and that will fit into her budget as well. Bless her time with the her father and give her strength and peace as she works at her job. We know that though times can be difficult You walk beside us each day. Help Darlene to feel your Presence in her life, and lighten her load.
We pray in the Name of Jesus, our Savior and our Peace. Amen


Yes, will be lifting up the requests in prayer this afternoon. My prayer requests have not changed:

  1. My father’s upcoming surgery on Dec 9th.
  2. Salvation for family members
  3. For friend Elizabeth who has cancer.

Thank you!

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LinnieLinda Nikitin


Colossians 4:1-2 Prayer
Sunday, December 1, 2019
Dear Friends,
Please pray for our Dad. He will be 88 years old in April. Dad had heart stent surgery in August 2019. Today, he is in terrible pain with his back. Dad has arthritis in his back. Prayers for him are MUCH APPRECIATED!!

Thank You SO MUCH!!



Did you see this, Linnie?

Hey all, I wondered something that probably should be under the memorization thread but, I like to figure out scripture using context etc and not running to a commentary.

What do you make of this verse? Colossians 4:2 “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” What are we to be watchful of? I still also have the question about the last verse of Colossians 3. It doesn’t seem contextual to me. It seems to appear out of nowhere. Does anyone see what I am talking about and if so, how do you explain it?

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@Colossians 4:1-2 Prayer
Hullo Tim and Nancy and our RZIM Connect Family,
Tim, Thank You SO MUCH for posting my prayer request about my Dad. I posted it too as you encouraged me to do. I believe his back pain is now manageable, but Dad is struggling to eat. Dad tells us that he can’t taste anything or that he has no appetite. His doctor doesn’t want him to just drink Boost. Please keep praying. Thank You SO MUCH!

To answer your question about Colossians 4:2. I think we are to pray with our minds alert and with thankful hearts as Colossians 4:2 says in the New Living Translation. Watching for the coming of The Lord Jesus expectantly, prayerfully, reverently.

Concerning Colossians 3:25. I believe that it is letting people know that if they do wrong things, there are serious consequences. See Romans 2:5-11. I believe it fits.

Concerning our next Bible Memory Project, I would like to suggest Luke 24 or Matthew 28 or Psalm 139.

Linnie :dove::two_hearts:



Hi Jason,

Haven’t heard from you in a while, but wanted you to know that you continue to be in my prayers and thoughts. Hope all is going well.


Thank you @kelelek. Things are challenging, I am doing my best to focus on GOD. Will be on the prayer call in a few


Hey guys for some reason the number Call-In Number: 605-313-6187
Access Code: 252039 is telling me that it is long-distance all of a sudden @Tim_Ramey @kelelek @darlene @Lakshmismehta @Catherine @Billie I don’t why


@JasonWalker I do not know why either, I will look into it today. Love you all so very much, May God continue to reveal Himself to us more and more daily!


Love you too @Catherine



I am sorry, I didn’t get a notice from your prayer request.
I have just checked in…and see it there.

If you are okay with it…I am just going to pray right here for what you have asked…as, things are winding up for a major surgery for my spouse…I will be off line mainly until a few days after Dec. 10th.

Lord Jesus,
You are so gracious to hear us even when we pray for each other through these remote modern technologies…thank you for this ability.

Lord, you know Darlene has had a very difficult month…I pray you would comfort her…and enable her to find your peace even in the midst of such stressful, unexpected circumstances.

Thank you for keeping her safe, even though her car was totalled by this deer. That is a great mercy.
Lord, you know she is tired, over worked from much over time and now is without a reliable car. Lord Jesus, I pray you would lead her to the right car for her…on that is safe, reliable and cost effective. I pray you would graciously provide for her needs.

Lord Jesus, you know Darlene’s heart for her children…Lord please her the prayer and desire of her heart for her children. (Olivia, Brent, Wesley, Ryan and Blake) She loves them, and wants them to come to know and seek you in a real way in their individual lives. Lord, thank you, that you care about our children, infinitely more than we do…because you are the giver of every good and perfect gift.

For your great name sake, Lord, minister to this family by your grace…and may they give you all the praise and glory!