Clyde drexler dublin

Hi! I’m from Cebu, Philippines.Listening to Ravi Zacharias really leads me here, for me to discuss and share with people around the world the importance and urgency in sharing Jesus Christ and His Love! I really hope to share my personal knowledge and experiences as well, in order for us to impact the world through our strength as a group of people.


Hello, Clyde, and welcome to Connect! It’s so refreshing to see your enthusiasm, and I look forward to hearing more from you. We have a good number of discussions on the evangelism- hope you will jump in!


Welcome @CLYDE, welcome :pray:t3: We certainly do need Jesus Christ. I see it more and more, even though we’ve needed Him all along, globally :latin_cross: Please do share your knowledge and experiences. We look forward to hearing more from you.



Welcome! I also feel the urgency of sharing about Jesus Christ and his love! May we spur one another one to do so in a humble, prayerful, confident, and effective way - all motivated by love for others and love for God!

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