Colossians 1:11-12

(Tim Ramey) #1


Dearest Saints!
We are hosting a missions conference at our lodge for the weekend and tomorrow will be very full so I’m squeezing in the post with the week’s verses a day early.

I would encourage you to read Linnie’s friend’s book, “His Word in my Heart” by Janet Pope. I’ll warn you ahead of time that she is doing a verse/day but she underscores the importance of memorization. Her title says it all. It is very encouraging and will be a source that will keep you going when you feel like quitting. She states almost verbatim what I feel Scripture memory has done to me. We can be slower at it but plugging along - at least moving forward.

She gives you more ideas to put memory into practice as well. I’m about halfway through and really echo her sentiments.

An advantage that I think I have over Janet Pope is the fact that I am with a team of memorizers which is an added plus. I so enjoy our interaction. Thank you so very much!

Here are the verses. Wow - they are great!

Colossians 1:11 being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience,
Colossians 1:12 and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. (NIV)

Colossians 1:11 being strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy;
Colossians 1:12 giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. (ESV)

Colossians 1:11 strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy;
Colossians 1:12 giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light (NKJV)

May these verses grip your hearts!

(Kelly) #2

What comfort and peace overwhelms me as I meditate on this verse and all that the Father provides. “…strengthened with all power” No situation, no person, nothing can keep me from bearing fruit and being fulling pleasing to Him because my source of strength to do things comes from Him! ALL power! He’s not asking me to do some of it from myself…nope, He gives me ALL power. The next time I feel anxious, I know this verse will come to mind and God will use it to bring peace. Not in my strength. ahhhhh relief. Not in my power. Rest in Him and His power. He is able to endure, overcome, bear fruit and do it with JOY in me!

Thanks for the book recommendation. (A verse a day!! gulp - lol)

(Linda Nikitin) #3

Saturday, March 16, 2019
Hullo Kelly,
Thanks SO MUCH for sharing! You made my day!
I want to encourage you to get a copy of the book, “They Found The Secret” by V. Raymond Edman.
It is available from or in paperback or as an ebook for Kindle App or iPad.
Each chapter is a true story about people like Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, Andrew Murray, Dr. Walter Wilson, etc who found Jesus’ Power for their lives, day by day.
My personal favorite is the story of Ian Thomas. The last chapter in the book.
Kelly, the book illustrates what you are talking about from our Colossians verses for this week.


(Tim Ramey) #4

Kelly, along with Linnie (Hullo Linnie!), I too was touched by your post that so eloquently conveyed your heart. Thanks so much. It underscores the very words that Paul spoke but puts such a encouraging twist to it.

“See” you at prayer tomorrow!

(Linda Nikitin) #5


Hullo Tim and Nancy, and all our Colossians Group,
Max McLean has memorized The Gospel of Mark and can share it out loud in 90 minutes in the most WONDERFUL WAY!!
Here is a link to Max’s book called “Unleashing The Word: Rediscovering the Public Reading of Scripture.”

Also, I have permission from Max’s ministry at to share the following thoughts from Max about how he memorizes Scripture.
Max says, “As for memorizing scripture, it works best for me if memorization is a byproduct of meditation. Certainly it is an objective to memorize the text. But the act of memorizing the text can be hollow if it is not a result of deep meditation. When I actively interact and engage with a text there is a conversation going on between the words I’m looking at on a page and my heart and soul. Of course that is the primary way the Holy Spirit works in our lives. The result is that the text starts speaking to me. As a result I find myself knowing the words of the text and how they fit together very well. The final act of memorizing becomes much easier.
Of course to keep it in your heart and head requires that you revisit that text regularly or you might lose it. When I’m doing a presentation and I go “dry” or forget my place, I usually stop and say to the audience something like, “You know when you hide God’s word in your heart, sometimes you can’t find it!” I usually get a pretty big laugh after that. They start to think, “Oh, he’s human after all.”

I just had to share!

(Tim Ramey) #6

Linnie, thank you for all your shared. You said a mouthful and I need to reflect on all contained there. Thanks so very much. I always love new angles of looking at things!

Kelly introduced a very insightful, heartfelt reflection on the first verse we have to memorize this week. It has meant a lot to me. But today, as I was praying with the group that is praying at 2pm CST, the second part of that verse really convicted me. It sewed up much of the issues in my life. I’m not the biggest martyr in the group just because of my paralysis but after 20 years, it’s a huge issue as I had been one to “put confidence in the flesh” and so it turned my world upside down. In addition to the altered dynamics of my near-hyperactive lifestyle, it has resulted in pain that often evokes impatience and a lack of joy. May you strengthened with all power according to his glorious might FOR ALL ENDURANCE AND PATIENCE WITH JOY! These hit things for me as if the verse was crafted just for me. Even after reading it a thousand times and posting it, I never saw the rest of that verse and how it applies to my life. Thank you Kelly, for slowing me down to read that verse! differently because of your post, Ultimately, thank you Jesus for making it all possible!!

(Tim Ramey) #7

Long posts are often ignored I think. My posts, especially when I enter the verses for the week, can get especially lengthy. I’ve posted 3 Bible versions but question that and wonder so as to cut it down a little, to post one or maybe two to see how the other version translation compares. What do you recommend that I do? You probably print off your own anyway but I like to get them out there so as to see the new verses. How many and what versions? Could you help me?

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(Linda Nikitin) #8

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Hullo Tim and Nancy,
I am using the 1984 New International Version for the most part and The King James Version. Sometimes The King James Version is the best choice for a verse because other translations are weak. For example, with Colossians 2:9, I prefer The King James Version.


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(Tim Ramey) #9

Thanks for your input, Linnie. How are you able to memorize in two versions? I find that, to read a version that is not mine, which is the RSV, it confuses me. In fact, many years ago I learned all of 1John in the RSV. The ESV is close, but it makes it harder to memorize in a new version because I complicate the mixture of two versions. I’m impressed! So would you suggest posting in the KJV and the '84 version of the NIV? I’m not familiar with the difference between years of the NIV.

Do any of you find verse 6 an awkward sentence? I read it as a sentence that is improperly written. Anyone else feel that way?

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(David Cieszynski) #10

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post from me tonight I’m afraid, I could really do with prayers as I’m struggling with my LAST assignment for my Lay Reader course which is due on 3rd April. It’s Doctrine 4-Source Model. I just cannot understand what is being asked and how doctrine fits into this particular model.

Also I’m finding that my antidepressants aren’t working as normal in that I’m having to fight back the tears at work, now as I write this post. Not sure if it’s this assignment or other factors like stress at work, home etc.

Thank you for reading this.

On a positive note our son Joshua has had a good few weeks with only a few melt downs.

(Linda Nikitin) #11

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Hullo Tim and Nancy, and our encouraging Colossians group,

I want to say with a humble heart and with great kindness, that our Colossians group is such an encouragement to me!! Thank You SO MUCH everyone!!

I don’t need to have our Colossians verses posted each week because I look at them in my Bible. But I am happy that they are posted for anyone who is helped by that.

Cliff Barrows, who was the song leader and choir director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) for many years, memorized Bible verses in more than one version. :blush:

I want to encourage you with all my heart to talk to The Lord Jesus about Colossians. Ask Him to put the Bible verses into your mind and to make them come out your mouth as you say them aloud or silently in your heart to Him. Ask The Lord Jesus to help you “connect the dots” just like in the dot to dot activity books that we enjoyed as children and He Will! There is a sense in which The Bible Chapter divisions and the Bible verse numbers will disappear, and you will see Colossians as a whole book.

If I can help anyone with specific questions or struggles about memorizing, I would be delighted to help. The Lord Jesus wants to help us with everything, moment by moment. The Lord Jesus has ALL THE POWER!!!


Going Gently Today,

(Tim Ramey) #12

PRAY: Kelly, Lakshmi, Donna and I pray for our children (or other needs as they arise) at 2pm Central Time. I love it knowing that, as I literally am in my closet, I am praying with these sisters. All of the times have been so special! I think that we said that we would pray for at least a half hour but I find it such a good time and I am able to, so I go longer. Let us know if you are able to do so at that time as it is so wonderful to be praying together.

Here are the requests that were sent to me or I was aware of. So that I do not overlook someone, please be diligent about notifying me or the list will stay the same next Wednesday - literally. With an update, change or addition - please either message or email me.

- Donna: My adult children Mitch(wife Mandy) and Sasha (husband Bill) for prayer. If you ask them, they will respond they are Christians. They both invited Jesus into their hearts when they were younger but daily life, work and raising kids seems to take too much time for a relationship with God and for sure they are not going to church.

-Kelly :Pray for her daughters Autumn and Lauren. Kelly is offering a “general” prayer for prodigals, which includes her daughters, Autumn and Lauren. May ____ find grace and peace in you, God and Father – NOTHING else. I thank you God, for my them and I pray for the day when I can rejoice in their faith in Christ Jesus and of the love that will fill their heart for all of the saints because of their newfound hope which is laid up in heaven. Send laborers to my children so that they may hear the word of truth, the gospel; and cause it to bear fruit and increase in them - as it also does in the whole world. Open their hearts to understand Your grace. I will never cease to pray for them!! Fill them with the knowledge of Your will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding so they walk in a manner that is worthy of You, Lord. Stir up within their hearts a hunger and desire to be pleasing to You, to bear fruit in every good work and to increase in the knowledge of You. When the enemy comes to steal Your word, strengthened them with all power, according to your glorious might, to endure and be patience with joy, and to give thanks to you Father. It is only by Your grace that any of us are qualified to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. I praise you that you are working to deliver them from the domain of darkness and transfer them to the kingdom of Your beloved Son. Because of Your grace and mercy, open their eyes to Your love so that they cry out for redemption and the forgiveness of their sins.

-Darlene: My kids are: Olivia (23), Ryan (19), Wesley (16) and Riley (13). (A 3 year old picture of them are on our Google Map)

-Jason: Need prayer for my marriage. I need prayer that my wife will come to JESUS CHRIST and see HIM as her saviour. We are currently separated, she is also in another relationship. Please pray for my 2 stepdaughters for them to know and come to CHRIST. I pray for my 2 children to continually stay knowing CHRIST and loving CHRIST. I pray I can get a good paying job close to my family so that I can truly be Priest, provider & protector as GOD wills for my family. I pray for reunification of my family.

-Tim: -Jonathan (30) and Kara (24) will return to Jesus. They would say that they are Christians but are cynical about Jesus and show no desire to know Him.
-Praise God gor a glorious conference where Nickolay Revtov, from Ukraine, encouraged us to tell others about Jesus. It was SO good! Thanks for praying!
-I struggle with chronic fatigue. I bike and try to stay active but always feel tired. I do have neck pain constanlly from my paralyzing accident 20 years ago which I think is a huge factor.

-David: I’m afraid, I could really do with prayers as I’m struggling with my LAST assignment for my Lay Reader course which is due on 3rd April. It’s Doctrine 4-Source Model. I just cannot understand what is being asked and how doctrine fits into this particular model.

Also I’m finding that my antidepressants aren’t working as normal in that I’m having to fight back the tears at work, now as I write this post. Not sure if it’s this assignment or other factors like stress at work, home etc.

(Tim Ramey) #13

Linnie, I finished the Janet’s book the other day. It’s helpful just getting another’s perspective. That’s why I think with your experience, offer suggestions as sometimes we may not know what to ask. Please offer anything that you feel would be insightful.

I find that I bathe in what I’m memorizing. I undergo a struggle to memorize the exact words, in the exact order. Then, when the chapter comes together and I review it, I find that usually that is the time that I soak up more.

I’m amazed how chapters learned long ago, upon reviewing, come alive in a fresh, new way.

(Darlene Medford) #14

This was shared in our youth group at church:
if you picture your life as an empty cup. We fill the cup with worship, Bible study, and Bible memorization, and prayer time. Then we empty the cup in service to others - taking care of family, working, ministry, etc. And sometimes we are giving more from our cup than we are receiving. AND, the cup is empty. IT is hard to keep pouring out into others when our own cup is empty. - Give yourself the grace and time to refill. " . . . being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience."

(Tim Ramey) #15


Darlene, I wanted to first address you. Your post is so timely as it leads into something that I had wanted to mention. You have exemplified how the Scripture that we memorize is right there when an occasion arises. If you had not been memorizing Colossians 1, there is a good chance that you would not have had it at your hip, or rather your heart - but there it was. Way to go Sister!

Secondly, your post shows the value of memorized verses leading to prayer and worship.

I wanted to address the group at large - particularly those that are NOT memorizing but just following. Don’t mistakenly think that you have a Bible, why memorize? To have it in your heart is so different. Scripture is there when your Bible is not. when you are held up in traffic, waiting in a line or awake at night.

Also, don’t use the excuse that you are not good at it. I know that I probably have to work harder at it than most anyone. It’s a matter of choosing what is important.

Finally, to have a host of chapters in your heart, the Holy Spirit draws from it to guide you and to lead you in prayer for another. All of this is not said to lay a guilt trip on you but, as many others in this group can attest, my only regret is that I had not done this earlier.

(Tim Ramey) #16


Being a facilitator is a delicate position as decision need to be made that you hope, doesn’t turn anyone away so the reliance on the group’s input is essential. I need your response inn the area of proceeding forward with prayer.

Kelly & I covenanted long ago to pray for each other’s children. It evolved to including other situations as well as others who are part of the memorization group. As it is now, I post prayer on Wednesday that is needed as I hear from those of you wishing to do so. That post is used as a prayer guide for the following Monday’s prayer time at 2pm CST for Lakshmi, Donna, Kelly and myself and anyone else choosing to pray together at that time.

On April 10th, I leave for 6 weeks for the Philippines and asked Kelly if she could post the prayer portion of the thread. She gladly agreed but felt it was presumptuous of her to do so if another of you wished to do so. So that needs to be responded to.

Secondly, I felt it was a brilliant idea of hers to suggest that there being a corresponding thread to each week’s post. So this week for memorization, is Colossians 1:11-12. What would separate memorization from prayer rather than our bold Prayer would be a separate thread under the post Colossians 1:11-12 Prayer. That way those interested in the memorization piece could focus on that and prayer, in the corresponding week would come under the post with the same name but just have Prayer added to the name. any reply to that?

Thirdly, Kelly & I both agreed that rather having the prayer requests come in by Wednesday and then we wait for nearly a week before praying, why don’t we get the prayer needs to whoever is posting by week’s end and on Sunday or Monday, they would be posted? Thoughts?

Fourthly, since I am in the Philippines, Monday at 2pm CST would be 3am Tuesday morning for me. I think that we should keep it that way. Not that I’m anxious to set my alarm for 6 weeks to pray at that time, but I feel to jerk the timepiece around is not a good idea and the time has worked out great. So unless one of you joined that lived in that type of time zone. i think it best to keep it that way. Input?

Finally, totally off the subject as I’m bringing up the memorization piece, I can’t encourage you enough to get a game plan and do it. I would encourage you to go to Linnie with any help as she said:

What a gift each of you are!!

(Kathleen) #17

Hi, @Bible_Memorization_Group. I am loving how this group is growing and evolving! :slight_smile:

As a friendly word of caution on the heels of this, I just wanted to remind you all of the public nature of this forum. All prayer requests can be seen by anyone in the world, anywhere, anytime, so do please, for your and others’ privacy, be cautious about the personal nature of the requests.

I am so encouraged by how this community prays for and encourages one another, and I want everyone to know about it, but please do be aware of who could be reading it! :eyes:

(Tim Ramey) #18

Kathleen, thanks so much for the reminder. My first thought upon reading your reply was “Good, I hope everyone does see the requests because we can use all of the prayer we can get and everyone on the list knows that we are praying for them.” But your words are a good reminder for those whose request could jeopardize someone’s safety.

(David Cieszynski) #19

Hi Tim,

I think Kelly will excel in carrying on doing the prayer posts, it’s a sign of good leaders delegating responsibilities. And I would appreciate a sub-post for general discussions / reflections on the week’s verses being memorised.

(Donna Perry) #20

Kathleen, thank you for this insight. I’m not a computer person and didn’t know our comments could be viewed by anyone other than our group. I really appreciate your email and will be careful what I share and how I share it.
Thank you dear woman of God