Colossians 1:13-14

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Dearest Beloved,

Since I did not get much feedback about thoughts on these posts, I am shortening it by just giving the verses for the week in the ESV and the KJV. I don’t think anyone uses these verses from the post as you access your version from your own Bible or online site. The post serves as more of a reminder that we have 2 new verses for the week. I find that if I act, I get more feedback than just waiting for it. If you want other versions posted, let me know and I’ll do it.

Colossians has been so rich, One could virtually live off of this week’s verses if they were the only ones that we had access to. They are familiar to us as believers but can you imagine having someone tell you just these 2 verses if you never heard the Good News before? They are profound!

There was no response to Kelly and my thoughts about the prayer piece to our group so I am just going to do it and you tell me what you think. That way we can get it up and running before Kelly or another one of you keeps it going. You will receive that post separately where I will explain it. I hope I’m not being overly aggressive but this way you can say “Yah” or “Nay”.

Colossians 1:13 He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son,
Colossians 1:14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.(ESV)

Colossians 1:13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:
Colossians 1:14 In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins: (KJV)

Every week I am more convinced that Our Lord is moving mountains. At least He is in my life.

(Tim Ramey) #2


It’s timely that I share my story. Please bear with me…

Twenty-three years ago I ventured to an unnamed country where I committed an offense against the law of this third world country. I was not even sentenced but immediately thrown into a cell with a dimly lit bulb that faded the gruff faces of the other prisoners that packed my cell. Even in the pall, my white skin made me the focus of the haggard prisoners whose jeers and physical torment was the highlight of their day. Even the guard coughed up a wad of spit, hitting me, his target, much to the delight of the pathetic crowd that I was squeezed in with.

Weeping softly, I whimpered for Jesus’ mercy but that only fueled the deprecation of the tormented who now indulged in being the tormentors. I slunk to the floor and slid in the slime that was infested with urine and saliva. Yes, I was guilty but not of this. I didn’t care so much that I committed the atrocity that I did but only regretted in what it resulted with. This was unreal. It was if the pages of the books I had read were now moving only I was included.

Bowls of mush were slid through the bars where men- vultures groped for it while the guard laughed sadistically. As the insect laden slop was greedily sloshed into the hungry mouths, the timid began pecking hunks of it off the floor as if they were chickens and not men. The newcomer did not know the meal code as, before my eyes, the food had been scooped away instantly. Hungrily, I licked the bowl but one of the savages struck the bowl to my face with the back of his hand, bruising my face. My cry of pain was met with laughter.

Day rolled into the days like I had just experienced. Itching and starving, I curled in a corner - hopeless - just wanting to die. Death would be a gift - that is, until the day he came. “He” had no name but was equally shabby yet unusually clean and shaven yet was brutally shoved into cell with me. He seemed, well - humane. He told about how he was unjustly accused to the roar of laughter from the fellow prisoners who taunted him with, “Yeah - that’s what they all say…” “He” had no words of comfort but did ask what my crime was. I began telling him but I was drowned out by the mocking chorus of prisoners who sneered and sentenced the white man with their hate.

Finally, as the gloomy room darkened, save with the light from the single incandescent 40 watt bulb bulb, we could actually whisper a conversation over the snores and cursing of the convicts. Hope rose as we talked in civility. But just as soon as hope dawned, a guard came and dragged him away. The same scenario occurred every day. How I longed for the re-opening daily of the cell when he was manhandled back into the crowded mess.

His presence was so relieving that I neglected even to ask him why and where they took him every night. It didn’t matter as he was here and I could talk to a real person.

How I longed for the darkness because that meant the squalor would cease and I could begin a conversation in peace with him. On this given evening, after trading information about our backgrounds, I found myself describing in detail my crime and as I did so, remorse arose, not because of the filth, humiliation and starvation that I was going through but rather, a genuine contrition. He was a good listener. He had no advice for me only ears to hear. What was exceptionally unusual about this night is that he wasn’t taken away. We conversed all night. I wept silently as I recalled what I had done.

As the morning light began peering through the tiny window, the men began to rouse and the rising magnitude of their cursing drowned out my rumbling stomach that cried out for food. He heard it and peering straight at me, reached into his torn pocket and handed me an apple! A red, fresh, whole apple! I gasped at the sight of it and hesitantly, I reached for the jewel and grabbing it, held it to my breast as if it were my child.

Ugly, fierce growls erupted followed by angry, unending blows of varying degrees that plummeted my body as I clenched the protected prize cowering to the onslaught to take hold of my treasure. As I held it tightly to myself, my dazed and dizzying body jarred with blows unmercifully inflicted. Everything seemed to twirl as I heard, as if it were coming from an echo chamber, his voice yelling, “Stop, stop, stop… stop…”

Sunlight beaming on my face woke me up. Staring at the white ceiling, smelling the fresh breeze that softy waved the light blue curtains and feeling the satin blanket over me, I sat up in the bed stunned. As my mind began to spin with questions and wonderment, he walked in. His smile quelled my head full of wonderment.

Setting a smorgasbord of food on my lap, I opened my mouth questionably. As if he could read my mind, he only said, “Just eat - while I explain.” Time doesn’t permit me to tell you all that he conveyed but he shared with me that the President - The President of this country was his father. He participated in this regime of spending many of his days with the prisoners, never telling them who he was and determining, who, if any among them would actually confess to their crime and would genuinely be sorry, not because of the gangrene that they were subjected to but because they did wrong.

In my case, I was beaten into unconsciousness and was saved by him, who pulled me to my freedom, nurtured me and literally gave up his bed until I was well. All this was done, not because I was innocent but because I admitted my wrongdoing. When his father came in to greet me, I asked him if this is what he did for all the criminals in his country? He smiled, looked down at his beaming son and replied, “No, only for those who are truly sorry for the crime that they committed.” He then added, “You know, this was my sons’ idea, don’t you?”

I dressed in new cloths and thanked them profusely but said that I best be on my way. “Oh no” they adamantly said, “You’re not going anywhere. You are staying here with us - forever.”

Sorry you guys. I lied. This was a story that I made up and as it went through my head, I thought of Col 1:13 this week that says, “He has delivered us from the dominion of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son,” As pathetic as my story was, it evoked in me the shocking realization that, for no good of our own, we were saved by the Son “in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” (Col 1:14) The Lord says it so much more succinctly!

(Lindsay Brandt) #3

Sorry, Tim. I was struggling this past couple weeks just to stay connected here on Connect, because we have had a lot go on. I was working on trying to catch up with you guys since I came into the memorization of Colossians late, and I’m afraid that I have yet to catch up. I am working at my own pace, though, too, so that I can make sure the memorization sticks! Still working towards that!

Thanks for the posts, Tim!

(Linda Nikitin) #4

Sunday, March 24, 2019
Oh Lindsay,
THANKS SO MUCH for letting us know how you are.
Thanks SO MUCH for sharing! I will pray for you especially.
Your Friend,

(Darlene Medford) #5

Oh my goodness - you had me there with your story. So glad it was not literal but yet a picture of the Father and the Son coming to our rescue when we were without Christ and guilty.

Just think no power of my own, nothing I could do to earn it - but He delivered from the dominion of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of His beloved Son. . . . - :slight_smile:

(Tim Ramey) #6

Lindsay, don’t be burdened by God’s Word. You need discipline and a routine but don’t let what God itends to be peace and joy to make you beat yourself up. You’ll get there. Whatever you learn, you are that much more ahead of where you were.

Dearest Jesus, bless the Brandts with Your love, joy and peace. Thank you that Lindsay takes your Word seriously but please cause her to rejoice in you always and that You will be her teacher and guide. Praise You that we know You!

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(Lindsay Brandt) #7

Hi, Tim. Thank you for the concern…I’m not sure where I said I was feeling burdened by God’s Word, but rest assured, I am not. I’m sorry for the confusion. Yes, I said I was behind you guys and want to catch up, but that does not mean I am feeling burdened. I need God’s Word in my heart and mind and connection with Christian community now more than ever.

Our struggles came from spiritual warfare this past two weeks–something I did not pay much attention to until my husband and I stepped into further ministry in the church and decided we felt led for me to go forward with my credentialing. Too many things that happened to list here, but if you want to pray, please pray over that. I am not used to the types of things that have gone on (we are talking things like a homeless lady with her dog that I have never seen in my life shouting condemning things out at me in regard to things that were part of a private conversation at home between my husband and me…things only my husband and I would have known) and am working on verses in the Bible that will help me to not be shaken by these things. Things going wrong with billing on different utilities, people trying to break into our banking accounts, people trying to tell me my son is evil, insomnia and unusual comprehension issues etc, all within two weeks. I know this isn’t really the place to be putting this, but since you are praying anyway ;).

Thanks, Tim. Always appreciate concern and prayer!

@Linnie, thank you!

Colossians 1:13-14 Prayer
(Tim Ramey) #8

Lindsay, I feel so honored that you’d share this with me. Please don’t let my technical side of things interfere but we have a parallel post each week - one called by the name of the verses that we are memorizing for the week and the other with the exact same name only the word Prayer is added to it. Check it out. But for prayer there are 4 of us that are praying on Mondays at 2pm CST and any more who want to join us. Please post any concerns there.

But while I have you, I assume that you are reading Ephesians 6 but it is imperative that you have on the armor of God. You sound like you are dealing with some demonic stuff and the Lord will give you all you need to stand. So stand strong in Jesus and the group will add your prayer concerns to our list. In fact, I’m going to quote your post and put it under the prayer side.

Take heart Lindsay as the enemy would leave you alone if you weren’t making any ruffles. He hates what you are doing and is trying to discourage you. So in an odd kind of way, be encouraged that you are doing Kingdom work that the enemy hates. Make sure you read Ephesians 6.

(Tim Ramey) #9

The verses of the week comes clearly to me. Could you read the long second post above? The post pales in comparison to the verses but it helps me imagine the deliverance and transferring that has taken place. It’s not well written but it gives you a taste of these verses.

For those who have not been posted on the Google Map for all the memorizers, please do so. You can discover how under:

Also @spideyb, could you put the city and state that you live in on the map? It’d be fun to see how vast this group of 55 is! Spread out all over the world!

I’m glad that you are all aboard but I am curious as to how many are memorizing? Some of you have been here since the beginning. Are you still plowing ahead? I wish I could know just out of curiosity. Could you say “Yah” or “Nay”?

Anyone have questions or comments on Colossians?

(Tabitha Gallman) #10

Hey @Tim_Ramey, I so apologize for not sharing sooner, but I am working part-time as of recently (actually since Monday last week) and honestly have not been as focused as I should be on my memorization. My new job consists of a lot of driving (on the interstate which stresses me) and helping my employer (who is blind) load his vending machines.

I love this group, but I don’t think I will be able to follow as tightly to keep up, but I’m not giving up Bible memorization altogether.
Thanks for all you do Tim!

(Tim Ramey) #11

Oh Tabitha, don’t apologize. It’s so good just to hear from you again. The memorization is not meant to stress but these verses the last few weeks are life-giving. Thanks for hanging in there. We want to keep you with us!

(Lindsay Brandt) #12

Thanks, Tim!

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(Donna Perry) #13

Tim, that’s a great story. Part way through I wondered if it was really your story and yeah, the story is about each of us. It reminds me of a song that has the words - He took me out of the miry clay, He set my feet on a Rock to stay, He put a song in my heart today, a song of love, Hallelujah. What a great God we serve. The only Living God.

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(Tim Ramey) #14

Hey Donna, I just replied to you in last week’s thread! I can’t keep up with you!!

And Lindsay, prayer was really hard for me today. I must have gotten involved with your tussle which would be a real privilege if that is the case.

(David Cieszynski) #15

Nice post Tim, had me wondering for a while as I was trying to work dates out in my head.

On a serious note our son has not eaten for a week now as his anxiety makes him feel that he can’t swallow as he will choke to death, and last night he woke up at 3am screaming when we went in he was rocking on his bed sobbing something to do with snakes. It took us a good twenty minutes to settle him, that’s before we coaxed him into our room and he slept with my wife and I slept on the settee with the dog.

I got less than a week to get my last assignment in, and I’m struggling big-time. It’s doctrine and 4-source model which I do not understand at all.

Prayers and encouraging words will be very appreciated, especially as I can feel myself slipping into a dark place in my mind.

Sorry for yet another negative post, but I know everyone here is unbiased and will be straight with me.

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(Darlene Medford) #16

It seems to me - or maybe I am just more aware of struggles. Mine are teen age boys that drive too fast, feel like school and curfews are optional and girls are very interesting.Everyone has things that are so hard. I can get so discouraged. I am trying to make myself hum praise music through my day because we do worship a powerful God. He cares for all of our difficulties and the enemy knows that.

Praying for all of you.

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(Lindsay Brandt) #17

Sorry, Tim, did not see this until today. I have been praying for all of you, even as you pray for me, and I will continue to do so. Sometimes, when prayer is difficult for me, I will go to the psalms or even any one of Paul’s letters, and it helps. I also might start out writing to God in my journal. Sometimes that helps, too.

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(Tim Ramey) #18

Lindsay, keep us posted as to how we can pray. Could I mention that, because many didn’t want to be involved with prayer, we separated the prayer thread and the memory thread. The prayer thread has the word “prayer” added to the post and will appear each week as a new thread. So if you have an update, please let us know. I really am concerned how things are going for you!

(Lindsay Brandt) #19

Tim, yes, you told me that, but I was only responding to a post you posted here. If you’ll notice, you posted to me on here a couple days ago:

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(Tim Ramey) #20

Sorry Lindsay…