Colossians 1:15-16 Prayer


(Tim Ramey) #1


Hello again!

This is the thread where prayer requests that arise from this memorization group are posted here. If it is something that will need to be prayed for this coming week, please post to this thread before Monday morning as there are a team of memorizers who have covenanted to pray at 2pm CST every Monday. If your post is something that will need to be ongoing, it will be up to you to post it again next week under the new verses for that week’s prayer post.

So if you want prayer, please post in this thread. If there is still a prayer need or needs or there is an update, please post it under next week’s Colossians 1:17-18 Prayer post. If there are questions, please let us know as someone else probably has the same questions.

Saints, I think this part of our journey is huge. I cannot believe how hard last week’s prayer time was for so many I talked with. The enemy obviously does not want it and is trying to put a stop to it. I’m glad, in a funny sort of way, that there was opposition as I was tempted to wonder what good my prayer was doing but when the hit came, it was an "encouragement " to me that it is effective. So don’t be a dummy like me but take God at His Word!

**Please Pray for Tim:**That two of my children, Jonathan and Kara, will return to Jesus.
That the Lord will go before me as I get ready for my 6 weeks in the Philippines and that He will use me for His glory there.

(Kelly) #2

Wow, one thing Satan does not want is those of us who believe in God’s word to come together as one force in prayer. I had two very hard situations hit me between the eyes. Kind of knocked the wind out of me, but God in response provided me with some amazing teachings (from RZIM) and a YouTube that was just so amazing it took my focus off of the enemy and back on Him. Deep and sincere appreciation for all who are standing with me; and honored to stand with you. Here is my prayer request for Autumn and Lauren:

Sanctify Autumn and Lauren in the truth; your word is truth (John 17:17). Lead them in your truth and teach them, for you are the God of their salvation; let them long for you all the day long. (Psalm 25:5) Send out your light and your truth and your truth and light lead Autumn and Lauren; let your truth and light bring them to your holy hill and to your dwelling (Psalm 43:3)! Teach them your way, O LORD, that they may walk in your truth; unite their heart to fear your name (Psalm 86:11). Thank you Father!

Here is the link to the YouTube (hope if blesses you):

(Tim Ramey) #3

Kelly, thank you for the link that goes on for over 10 minutes just saying who Our Lord IS. Thank you. It sure helps to realize who He is when we go to prayer.

A side-note to His Names; many years ago I had to give our corporation a name. I chose to call it L Jireh, Inc. The reason was because Jehovah Jireh is our provider and I tweaked the name. The “Jireh” part is obvious but the “L” was because many time His Name is “El” and then, for example “Ohim” so it’s El Ohim. So rather than having El Jireh, I used the El to be just L. Thus L Jireh. You got the story whether you wanted it or not!

I would encourage everyone to watch Kelly’s link. It is so good.

I do praise you my Lord & Savior for truly being all of those “He Is” that I just heard. Who am I that I can pray to You - my great and Living God? Thank you for hearing our prayers; that they are saved in golden bowls as they are like incense to You. Lord, lead us in prayer by Your Holy Spirit. Lead others to join us in this wonderful privilege that You designed. We love You and want You to be glorified in everything. Thank you for the communion of saints!

(Tim Ramey) #4


Hello Team
Just a reminder for you to post requests for prayer here. Kelly & I are serious about it as well as Donna and Lakshmi who I would like to thank for standing with us. With the naked eye, nothing is happening but things are really going on. Last week I heard of so much opposition to prayer. It is what Jesus will use to wake up and to heal His people.

(Darlene Medford) #5

Hello everyone,

I am still praying for all of our needs. My schedule is off this week - I am at my dads because he had cataract surgery this morning. I have been busy with different things today.

Pray for my return trip home tomorrow - 4 hour drive so I can go to work on Wednesday. My kids still need your prayers:
My oldest son; is 19. He is an EMT and works on an ambulance. He called me really late Saturday night because they had 3 deaths - shook him up a bit. He sees miracles and sorrows -

And pray for the other kids in my family - I want them to be real Christians - pray for me not to hinder the work of the spirit in my home - I can get tired and discouraged and I know that can be sinful for me and it takes away from His work.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers - it encourages me. :heart:

(Donna Perry) #6

Thank you for praying with me. As you say Tim, we don’t always
see what the Hand of God is up to in the lives of our kids but the
word tells us God would have none perish and that He is mighty to
save - as we can see in the sacrifice of His Son. So may the Holy
Spirit hover over each one of our kids, stirring up thoughts of
conviction, wonder and purpose in their minds and hearts, and ever
drawing them to the way, truth and life in Christ.

He made them in His image for Himself so Lord God, we ask you go

after our kids and claim those which You created for your own.

Lord keep us faithful


Colossians 1:17-18 Prayer
(Tim Ramey) #7

I posted this under Colossians 1:17-8 Prayer. Hope that was OK… Someway or another, you replied to what I posted but I had it under this week and not last week. I think I did that some way last week too. I’m not sure how this is happening.