Colossians 1:19-20 Prayer


(Tim Ramey) #1


The activity regarding prayer has been so wonderful! Keep it up. How the church needs prayer. I will put in a plug for keeping up with your memory verses. I’m asking that our Jesus would take these verses this week and plant them and water them by the Holy Spirit in our children that have wandered from Him. I will be in prayer with you as always. Praying together, though I realize that all cannot, at 2pm CST on Monday afternoons is really powerful. It has been so good to pray together.

Pray -Tim and Nancy’s children, Jonathan and Kara (And the other 5 could use a swift kick, as well as the 23 grandchildren) will thirst for Jesus again.
-that my time with Jun & Regina is fruitful, especially as we head up to the mountains where Islam has been given part of the Island of Mindanao, where sharia law is the law. They are tired and work hard. That I can help and encourage them.

Just a footnote to tell you something. There is always opposition to my going to the Philippines but this year I really questioned why I was going. It’s long and arduous and all my belongings and bags, because I leave one suitcase of goods with them and then, have all my paraplegic supplies along etc, are stuffed. I travel alone and it’s hard and I wonder what good am I doing. It’s certainly a mistake. But once again, I see that the more i questioned why, the more certain that it is that the Lord had good plans. So it has happened again. Already our time has been amazing and I have been here only 24 hours.

I don’t intend to talk about me but you; when the going is rough for you, our enemy is sweating. Go for it with all of your hearts and don’t let our evil, hateful oppressor touch you.

(Tim Ramey) #2

Thank those of you who prayed for me today. I was going to talk on Colossians 1 but changed my mind at the last minute and did Philippians 4 instead. One reason why I did was because of your reference Kelly, to me writing about Philippines 4! I had to do that one! It went really well as His Word was so deep in my heart - it was so gratifying to talk about. Do you realize how fortunate we are to have His Word in our hearts?

(Tim Ramey) #3


Dear Pray-ers
I’m rare-in to go. Please give me prayer requests that I’ll set my alarm to join all at 2pm, Monday CST. Please keep going. Prayer often fizzles because we tire but this is when we need to put it in high gear. I’m not talking big - I need you dear saints to join together to finish the fight.

(Darlene Medford) #4

Dear Prayers,

Please especially pray for my son Wesley. He is 16. He thinks he is grown. Although, I do not have evidence - I sense that he is into mischief. And, I know ultimately, it is a matter of his heart. Pray that Jesus knocks loudly, and constantly on his heart. Also, pray for Brent, the father of my grand kids, he is an Army vet. He came home injured many years ago and lives with constant pain. He too, does not have a relationship with Jesus. Although, mine and his personalities clash - I feel called to show love to him and definitely - pray.

Thanks for all of you who pray. I so appreciate everyone.

(Kelly) #5

Morning prayer warriors,

Please pray for Autumn (and her boyfriend) and Lauren that they return to the Lord. Both have been wounded by the church (as have many), but prayers that the right laborers come into their lives.

Blessings to all. I will be praying for all.

(Tim Ramey) #6

Dear Darlene and Kelly

Thank you for your prayer requests. Kelly, I will pray for your daughters until they come back but it was heartening just to hear from both of you. I know that being in the Philippines has nothing to do with it but it seems like there is a slump with our memorization team.

A while back I viewed the link below by Nabeel. My children knew how much I loved him so I dared them to watch it because of his message and they could actually see why I thought so much of him. I sent it to you to to show your children as it would be interesting to see their come-backs as he does a thorough and honest job. Maybe you want to challenge Autumn & Lauren and Wesley & Brent. At any rate, I’ll be praying. I’m going to head to bed soon and set the alarm so I’m glad I heard from you now.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #7


  • For the salvation of my family and in- laws.
  • For our kid’s school decisions, protection, friendships and spiritual health.

Thank you for praying. I look forward to joining in prayer at 2.00. Brother Tim, encouraged to hear the updates of your trip. May God bless every prayer, every word and every step of faith in Jesus as you minister in the Philippines.

(Tim Ramey) #8

Dearest Pray-ers
Last night was special, praying in the middle of the night for your loved ones. Praying in the dark gave me a sense of how the ones that I lifted up live that way all of the time. They may have good moments but they don’t know what is like to live in the Light.

I assumed I was praying with Kelly, Lakshmi, Donna and even Darlene in spirit. Maybe Linnie or Tabitha? It is so good to be standing with you. Thank you how you have so blessed my life.

(Kelly) #9

It’s so heartening to know that we are all praying together. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it so hard to find people to pray with. I pray God richly bless and anoint our prayers and move powerfully through them!!! @Lakshmismehta - how old are your children (I’m sorry if I missed it)? @Tim_Ramey bless you for your continued fervent prayers for Autumn and Lauren!

God, exalt Yourself in the lives of each life lifted up today. Tear down the enemy’s plans and purposes. Soften hearts. Expose the lies and deceit. Guard and protect from evil influences and call to and draw those who will exemplify Your love and truth. Give wisdom and understanding to each of us. In Jesus name!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #10

Hi Kelly, I never mentioned specifically. Two boys in elementary school - 7 and 9. Thanks for praying.

(Tim Ramey) #11

Kelly, sometimes when you post, I think that you must be reading my mind. I have tried for so many years to get intercessors together and I cannot get anyone either. To know that both you and Lakshmi are praying together with me is empowering. I picture you sisters standing together with me, in our armor, commanding the evil one to get his hands off of our children and that our Lord would deliver them from the dominion of darkness and transfer them into the Kingdom of Hid Beloved Son.

Can any of you let us know if you are praying with us at that hour?

(Tim Ramey) #12

Hey Team, I was in touch with Tabitha and she was with her husband Jeff in the hospital. Please pray for him. He has pancreatitis. They may be home but please lift them up.

I’ll mention one here in the Philippines. A brother who was instrumental in the witness of Jesus to the his Tagakaulo people was set to help with the translation of the OT. Jun took him in to the doctors who think that he has stage 4 cancer throughout his body. Jun is really burdened by it. Gar is the name of the man who needs healing. Jun has talked much with the family who live in the mountains, He went there yesterday and I could not go because his pickup truck would have a lot of people to haul. They have no problem here having people hanging out of the back. In fact, they’ve thrown me in on my wheelchair. He has been subtle about it because he doesn’t want to advertise that I’m here regarding the militant Muslims in the area. Right now, on Good Friday here, I hear the Muslim call to prayer blaring.

Pray that I will be effectively used here. I thank Jesus that there is no condemnation in Him but being lame and in a wheelchair, I battle feeling worthless.

(Kelly) #13

Tim - The enemy is never more at work than when we are doing the Lord’s work and glorifying Him! May the peace and joy of the Lord keep and surround you. The longer I live, the more I realize how this life is truly not what we chase, but it’s the life to come that we live for. And, that is what you are doing. May His truth and His Word be your meditation. We will hold you up in prayer, and your wife as she loves on your children.