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Dear People of Prayer
Please notice that I have another thread going on prayer entitled “What Exactly Is Prayer?” I want to learn more about it. I desire to look at prayer from every angle. My sense is that I have much to learn and I’d love your input.

Here, we post people and situations to pray for. Please pray for:
-Part of why I started the " what exactly is prayer" thread is because I am puzzled by prayer. One area concerns this body of mine. It aches all over the areas that I can feel - from chest up always. I am so tired and foggy. This creates a situation where everything is a struggle and I am easily discouraged. If I push on, I pay for it. I never nap because it doesn’t help anyway. Apparently, because of my compromised lungs, I have a condition that I don’t get into a deep sleep stage The oxygen level is not there as I don’t expel the C02. It’s not sleep apnea. I forgot what the medical term is for it. I just can’t stand it as I push through day after day and it is the same. I handcycle but it is so I have a form of exercise. I’m sorry to complain but it feels more than I can handle every day.
-I need to take responsibility of what to do to manage the lodge as our Operations Manager has bought his own business. What do you want us to do Lord?
-Some of my children are home. Two that I’ve asked pray for are here. Kara is warming up to Jesus and is going to church now. Jonathan is as hard and sarcastic about Christianity as ever. He is such a great guy with a huge heart.


Bless your heart Tim. It must be so discouraging to have that constant pain and fatigue. Will continue to lift your request up in prayer :pray:


Hi, Tim. You and Nancy are in my prayers. After reading your prayer requests, I looked up your lodge and read the history of the lodge and the pieces of your story shared there. By some great mercy of God you are here encouraging others and helping share one another’s burdens.

On the prayer thing, the scripture comes to mind about bringing our burdens to the Lord, casting all our cares on Him because He cares for us. Just this weekend I was listening to a Just Thinking podcast from December 18th, “Ravi at John Hopkins University Q&A, Part 2,” in which Vince Vitale and Nubeel Qureshi talk about Jesus entering into our suffering in response to a question a lady in the audience raised who was dealing with escalating suffering. I hope this link works: [](

Be encouraged, brother. Jesus is with you. Listening, carrying, caring.


Leah, I know it sounds artificial to say that I do thank the Lord that He trusts me enough to have me endure suffering for unknown reasons and that He knew I wouldn’t leave Him. He trusts me more than I trust myself. Yet, there are times as we run the race, waiting to fall into His arms, I just feel like I can’t run another step. But when I was injured and became a paraplegic, I came to know the fellowship of suffering. As Nabeel said, I’m glad we don’t suffer alone and Nabeel came to know that personally. (I really miss that brother!) But for the question asker in the podcast, in our day to day lives, it all can seem too much.

I heard your words Leah and it was the voice of Jesus. Thank you for being so kind to me when I can whine so much!

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Your words didn’t sound like whining. They sounded honest. The day to day can get overwhelming. James 1:17 says, “Every good and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” With each sun up and sun down God is still true and faithful! No doubt you’ve found this to be true, how faithful God is and strong on your behalf day after day.

My father-in-law has remarked at times about how the Lord’s Prayer tells us to ask for our daily bread. I usually first think about food on that one, and I reckon it is about food. But it can be seen, too, as the provision that we need in other respects. Courage. Hope. Peace. Wisdom. Many many things we need the Lord to supply. Especially in hard, heavy times, it helps me to think about believing for for that day’s supply, that day’s daily bread. One day at a time.

You are strong, Tim, you and Nancy, through God. We’re never alone in our trials. God is a very present help to you in time of trouble. I hope you get some rest and the Lord lightens your load. May His peace be upon you and Nancy. Thanks for being an encouragement on Connect.


Tim, I’m not sure how or what to pray for your Hypercapnia or
COPD health problem because I don’t know how the Lord is using
this infirmity in your life for your blessing and His glory. But I
will ask our Father, that as your lungs take in the air He gives
you, to make your lungs and body work the way He created it to.
Thank you for sharing your health situation so we can all pray for

  I have been asking the Lord to give you and Nancy direction on

what is best for you to do concerning your lodge. I’m asking the
Lord to lay on yours and Nancy’s heart the same plan that He has
for you and then for you to move forward by His Spirit and

  I continue to pray for Kara and Jonathan just as you ask and

thank the Lord for what He is doing in their lives that might not
be evident to us at this time.

  God give you His strength, comfort and rest Tim while enveloping

you in His presence as you wait on the Lord for His answers and

** Prayer: for my son Mitch and daughter Sasha. That God will do
whatever it takes in their lives to bring them into a closer
relationship with Him.**

Praise God for His great sacrifice and love for us.


PS Tim, are you receiving my emails? I'm not sure if I'm still

connected with this prayer group.


@JasonWalker posted this in the thread that discussed what prayer is so I copied this to this thread on our prayer requests so they are all in one area:

Speaking of prayer, today is Monday so we are supposed to update on our prayer requests for our 2:30 EST prayer:

  • I still am praying for my wife to come to JESUS (she is still involved with the lesbian activity)
  • I am still praying for the oldest children to come to CHRIST.
  • I am still praying that the youngest children stay knowing and loving CHRIST.
  • I am still praying that I am in GOD’s purpose and rise to being priest for my family.
  • I am still praying for the unification of my family in peace and in GOD’s purpose
  • I am still praying that I will find a job and shelter near my family in such a manner that I have the resources to take care of all my family including my parents & In-Laws.
  • I am still praying that I am guided in GOD’s wisdom and guidance in all the above and all I do.

• For me to have the wisdom, guidance & strength to fulfil JESUS’ purposes for me, including being priest of my family.

• For my wife and I to be back together and no longer separated.

• For my entire family to be in the purpose of JESUS CHRIST

• For JESUS’ favour as HE sees fit.


  • For the protection & comfort JESUS has given in this time.
  • For the car operating more reliably (still a lot of work to be done, but more reliable)
  • For the opportunities to interact more and more with CHRIST followers.

@kelelek @Catherine @sig @Tim_Ramey @Lakshmismehta @David_Cieszynski @Billie @darlene


Dear friends,

My prayer requests are still somewhat the same this week.

  • Please pray for complete recovery from the surgery that my father went through recently, that his vision and ability to walk are completely restored to normal.
  • Please pray for continued gospel conversations with my Hindu friend who heard the gospel recently.
  • Please pray for salvation of my parents and sister.
  • Joel and Mary’s marriage.



I have a praise to report. I’m so thankful that Lakshmi made it back safely home with her two boys from India. She is reunited with her husband and I am so grateful for her father’s successful surgery (though more healing is needed) and that she was a shining light for Jesus!


Greetings Prayer Partners,

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

  • Prayers for Autumn (and boyfriend) and Lauren to know and live for Christ.
  • Prayers for KS and JL for deliverance from addictions

Much love. Kelly



Monday, December 30, 2019
Hullo Dear RZIM Connect Family,
My Dad, went home to be with Jesus on Sunday, December 22. We miss him, but know that Dad is free from pain in Heaven now. My Mom went into hospital yesterday. She has shingles and pneumonia and should come home on antibiotics later today. Please pray for her to get well soon. She is 84 and loves Jesus.
In The Fellowship of The Risen Christ,


I am so sorry about you dad but thankful he is with the Lord and that you will see him again. Lifting your mom up :pray:t3:


Thank you, Jason.
Continuing with you in prayer…
Thank you for point form…it makes it easier to draw up that list in my mind when praying.

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Linnie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, but rejoice that your Dad is now in the presence of Lord and Savior Christ Jesus! What a blessing to have a believing Mom. Prayers for a speedy recovery for her.

May God’s love and comfort surround you and your family.


Ahh Linnie.
I am sorry for your loss, while feeling thankful your have peace regarding your father’s going to be with the Lord.
Your poor mom! And this is all very hard on you as a daughter and caregiver.

Lord Jesus, please comfort and support Linnie as she grieves the loss of her father and tries to help her elderly unwell mother. Lord Jesus, please ease the suffering of her mom from the shingles virus and heal her lungs from pneumonia. Strengthen Linnie and her mom, Lord Jesus.


@Linnie, Sorry to hear about this news. May the happy memories with your father and the hope we have in Christ keep you and your family strong. Praying for the Lord’s healing mercies upon your mother that she may be restored to complete health soon. May you be strengthened in the steadfast love of our Lord Jesus that endures forever.


Agree with @Tim_Ramey, God has been faithful and He has watched over my father’s surgery. My father feels he has been given a second chance at life and he sends his thanks to everyone who prayed for him. Even before the surgery, a couple of unrelated friends had shared the same verse Isaiah 57:19 that God will heal him which I shared with my father even before the surgery. So, my father is thankful to Christ as well (in addition to his thankfulness to the god he worships). My prayer is that God will open new doors for my family to see the love of Christ and overcome the offense of the exclusivity of the gospel, since He chose to spare my father’s life. What I am learning is to rest in God’s timing and the work of God’s Spirit, standing firm in faith after we have done everything we know to do. Thank you all for the love and prayers for my family.

@JasonWalker, your requests were definitely more on my heart during my prayer time this Monday. May God give you His rest. God bless!


Linnie, as my heart grieves for you and your mom, my heart is lifted up as I see the outpouring of love from so many in this group. Do you notice that you’re loved? I am terribly sorry that your mom is battling emotional and physical pain. Shingles are no fun! But pneumonia and then her lifelong mate gone. Oh Linnie, Jesus has His loving arms around your mom but may she sense it as she goes through the valley.


Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Dear RZIM Connect Family,
Thank You With All My Heart for your prayers and loving, kind encouragement! The good news this morning is that my Mom doesn’t have pneumonia. What they saw was scar tissue from pneumonia in past years. Mom has a severe case of shingles on her face. They put Mom on stronger antibiotics and gave her medicine to help her sleep and rest. Mom is 84 years old and a retired nurse. Mom received The Lord Jesus into her life when she was 9 years old.

Always in The Fellowship of The Risen Christ,


Thank you for sharing so honestly, it’s actually encouraging because even the strongest of believers have real physical, mental, and emotional struggles. I think how we push back and trust Him makes all the difference. Will be praying for you, and continue praying for you family too.