Colossians 1:21-22 Prayer

(Tim Ramey) #1


Dear Compassionate Pray-ers
Here is where we post any needs to pray for this week. I will probably add to this but I would like to list the following:
-my wife Nancy is in CA with Kara & Jonathan this week, as well as with 2 other of my children and some of my grandchildren. She beams with the love of Jesus. May Jonathan & Kara step into the light.
-that the Lord anoints my words that I share with the Tagakaulo in Dimuluk this Easter Sunday
-for Gar, a precious Tagakaulo believer who has stage 4 cancer in the liver, pancreas and intestines. We want not only to keep him but he is vital in the Tagakaulo Old Testament translation.

Amy cain
(Linda Nikitin) #2


Good Friday, April 19, 2019
Dear Precious Colossians Group,
Thank You SO MUCH for your prayers for me. I am getting
better slowly. I am taking my Shaklee vitamins and eating and drinking lots of orange juice
and Vernors Ginger Ale. Still fighting coughing jags.

I am stressed to be well again, especially because company is coming some time next week.
Thankfully, our company is not staying with us. I don’t want to pass my cough to them. They are staying with our cousins 20 minutes away.

I am comforted knowing that you are praying for me.

Thanks SO MUCH for praying,

(Kelly) #3


Blessings to all -
I know I post weekly about my daughters, but they are heavy on my heart. I have family who are working against my prayers. I so desire to see them set free and be lights to these individuals (as I am also praying for them). Lauren is starting a new job. May the Lord use the wicked to cause her to desire the Lord and that only true believers befriend her. Autumn and her boyfriend. May they come across truth. I think of the Samaritan woman. She went to get water; she wasn’t going to find truth…yet truth found her.

Also, I will be calling on a not-yet-Christian as she is open to doing a Bible study and learn more about Christ. Please pray that God lead and guide me as I truly want to be a blessing and shine Christ to her. Her name is Jamie.

Tim - God’s blessing on every word you speak!! Linnie - so glad you’re feeling better. Continuing to pray until you are back to 100%! (Had the same stuff - terrible) Thank you!!

(Darlene Medford) #4

Kelly -praying for your precious daughters - I so understand how you feel. I love that you mentioned the woman at the well and that she was not hunting for the truth and yet truth came to her. And, the relationships that our children makes. These new people in their lives forever changes them. Praying for Jesus to pursue them and draw them to himself.

Linnie - I pray that you will continue to heal and feel better. So glad you can see and improvement. I do hope the company will bring you joy as they visit.

Tim - I am praying for your sermon; for the Spirit to use every word to minister to those who hear. May His presence be so near to you. For your wife, Nancy as she visits with your children. May His spirit draw Jonathan and Kara to himself. And, for your dear friend Gar.

Thanks for all of you that pray for me and my kids. I am learning that I need to be quiet and trust in Jesus and the work of His Spirit.

Blessing to you all - dear praying friends.

(Tim Ramey) #5

Donna, I read this on the other thread so I am posting it under the prayer thread for these verses. Thanks Sister. I just want to put all of the prayer requests on the same page.

DonnaDonna PerryAcademy Alum



Tim, no pressure felt and I do appreciate comparing. May God
hold you as you are traveling through mountains with the gospel
and encouraging God’s people in the faith. Thank you for answering
God’s call on your life.

** PRAYER: For my son, Mitch and daughter Sasha. Both asked Jesus
into their hearts in their teens and so will say they are
Christians. Praise God they have memorized some Bible verses but
they don’t have time in their busy lives for Jesus. Please ask
the Lord to claim their hearts that were given to Him in faith
some years ago. Isn’t it great to know that to God 1000 years is
as a day.**

May the hope of Christ grow deep in us all.

(Tim Ramey) #6

Patricia. Bless your dear heart. I am posting this under the prayer thread connected with those verses. Thank you so very, very much for praying Patricia!!!

RoysmomPatricia CrewsAcademy Alum


I’m new to posting on Connect. But I saw your post and wanted you to know I’ve prayed for your children.
I have one too who was saved but doesn’t make time for Jesus. I’m thankful that tomorrow she will come to Easter services with her husband and our family.

I know God hears the prayers of those who earnestly seek Him.

(Tim Ramey) #7


Dear Beloved Prayer Group,
I need to tell you an item for praise. I just returned from Dimuluk in the mountains of Mindanao. What a wonderful, blessed time it was.

I arrived up there on Saturday afternoon and was told that, not only did they want me to speak on Sunday, but they were gathering for a special meeting that night and I was to speak then as well and they would have questions as I went along.

Two of the older precious toothless sisters had never seen a white person before, much less one in a wheelchair! Two firsts for them. Oh, I wanted to squeeze them but they were so slight, I think I would have broke them in two.

Because of my previous memory verses, I felt prepared and shared from 2 Corinthians 5. The bamboo church held about 60 people but there were as many outside peering in. I wanted to talk about the ministry of reconciliation but I didn’t get that far in the chapter as we talked about what the fear of the Lord is, what it is to not be concerned about a man’s position but his heart. And what is meant by being controlled by the love of Christ. I can’t go into detail or I’d have a post a mile long.

We slept in a woman’s small bamboo house with two rooms. Jun & I shared a double bed but it worked out. Then Jun was sitting up in bed at 3 am because he always gets up at that time for about an hour to pray. So for me to get up Tuesday morning at that time is nothing compared to him doing this every day. Jun is 20 years younger than I am and is such an encouragement to me as he loves the people selflessly.

On Easter, I shared Colossians 3 with them as I have that one memorized from long ago. Brothers and sisters, I didn’t prepare anything as it was so last minute, but the memorized word of God is so fresh in my life that it was very easy to be led by the Spirit to speak on these Words that wanted to blast out of my heart.

After I spoke, I had pictures taken with the whole church gradually, I think. The precious older women wept as I hugged them and kissed them on the cheek. Some of the younger group hung out with me and we had a great time and talk. They didn’t want us to go as I didn’t either. When I came here 6 years ago, Jun never had a day off. This is another long story but now he takes Mondays off so he will be off tomorrow. I wanted him to have that family time that he didn’t have for so many years.

The people that we visited are Tagakaulo and almost all of them could not speak English. I know some Visayan and between their desire to learn English, we communicated. Jun, who is Tagakaulo, is a fluent English speaker so he helps out too. In fact, he translated my talks. He is such a dear brother. He’s closer than my siblings who don’t know Jesus. I shared at church that I don’t know what I’d do without Jesus in my life.

I can’t tell you what it is like to worship with a people whose language I do not know but we “speak” the same language worshiping Jesus. Oh dear believers, thank you for praying for Jun and me. We have the same heart for Jesus. We just want Him to be glorified.

I’ll see you Monday at 2 pm, CST !!!

(Lakshmi Mehta) #8

So happy to hear about your message at the church. Praise God! Word of God is so powerful to cross the barriers of culture! Thank you for updating us.

Prayer Request

  • Wisdom and love for conversations with family members, especially on spiritual matters
  • Kids school decisions, health and spiritual growth.
(Tim Ramey) #9

Ding-dong, ding-dong. Just 8 more hours before anyone who wants to join us in prayer. Look over this list on this thread and join us. We meet at 2 pm CST on Monday afternoon. See ya there!!!

(Tim Ramey) #10


Keep praying…

I was really struck and very upset last night as I realized how many of our children have received teaching on the ways of the Lord but have either gone the other way or are apathetic. The spirit of this age has really pulled a fast one. Where is the crack that he has snuck in?

Prayer is needed now more than ever. You faithful pray-ers, don’t give up now. Let’s keep together and have him go back to where he belongs.

Father, guide us how to be effective intercessors with the ones that You have entrusted us with. For Your glory!

(Darlene Medford) #11

You know I have puzzled over this very thing. And I agree - that the most important thing is prayer to draw them to the faith of their childhood. I feel like our children are in such dangerous times and they are clueless to their daily need of Jesus. But, all of their physical needs are met and they have life pretty easy as it should be as children and there is nothing about a Christian walk that looks attractive to them. A rigid list of do’s and dont’s and - I have tried to tell them it is a relationship not rules.

When children leave home, - they have to make their faith their own. And, if they have no difficulties - and can answer their own prayers, their dependence on Jesus is in word only. I think - in my case, I had to face hard times to see that I needed Him and at that point my faith began to grow and I began to walk with Him daily. BUT, in my early 20s I had no clue. I was 30 something when I truly realized that it is a daily relationship. I have seen this in me, my kids, my friends kids. - What do you think? Is it a maturity thing? Do we have to face difficulties? I know one minister said that I had not truly became a christian as a child - and that really bothered me. Because, I can remember being relieved after responding to an altar call in a revival when I was 10. I truly do not remember what I prayed - but I was sincere knowing full well that i was a sinner and I need forgiveness. I would love to read what you all think.

Praying for all of our kids. Blessing to you all.

(Tim Ramey) #12

You should have been bothered by that minister’s comment as it goes against what Jesus says as He tells us to come to Him as a little child. A child is very relational and Darlene, you hit the nail on the head talking about relationship.

It’s all about relationship. It what Christianity so unique - it’s the only one that depends on relationship and our Jesus thought of it, not us.

(Donna Perry) #13

Thank you Tim for your encouragement to us to continue in prayer.
When Jesus went up into heaven His apostles and disciples, even
Paul, it seems expected the Lord’s return at any time. In these
days we still believe His return could be at any time. The Lord’s
promise is He will not lose one sheep but even so, faithful,
fervent prayer is urgent for our kids and grandkids. Satan’s webs
of deceit that draw our kids away from the truth and a lying
foothold in our kids lives demand we pray.

Thank you all so much for joining together in prayer for our kids.

May the Lord hear our heart’s cries for them.

(Tim Ramey) #14


Dear Donna
You are a very unusual woman. Why? Because it’s hard to find people that have a heart for prayer like you do. Kelly and I slogged together alone because no one wanted to commit to pray. But you do and so do a few others saints. There aren’t many Donna Perrys around and probably even less Donnas who pray. Bless your dear heart!

(Donna Perry) #15

Brother Tim, thank you for your kindness and encouragement to
never give up praying. The Lord doesn’t call many of us to be
evangelists, prophets or teachers but He does call us all to pray
fervent, sincere prayers. And isn’t it an honor to pray for our
families, our brothers and sisters and the beloved who hold to the
truth and faith in Christ while enduring persecution I know
nothing of. 2 Thess. 3:1

Lord bless the ministry He has entrusted to you. By His Spirit you

are faithfully building up the kingdom.

God be with you and protect you from evil.

(Sieglinde) #16

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.

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(Tim Ramey) #17

Thank you, dear sister in Jesus!