Colossians 1:23-24 Prayer

(Tim Ramey) #1


This is the thread that we use weekly to pray for each other. Could you do me a huge favor? Could you post earlier than usual because we are leaving Sunday afternoon for the mountains which will be the equivalent of the middle of the night - like 3 am on Sunday morning. So if you could post before that time, I will receive your prayer requests before we go to the mountains because there is no staying in touch up there. Thank you so very much!

Pray Nancy, my wife, is in the process of visiting all of our 7 children and 23 grandchildren while I’m in the Philippines. She just returned from California. Please pray that the Holy Spirit, that resides in my wife, will fall on my children and that Kara and Jonathan will return to Jesus and the rest of the children/grandchildren will have a renewed passion for Jesus - like Samuel coming to Saul and the Spirit came upon him and they began to prophesy. .

Pray That I would be attentive to how Jesus wants to use me here.

PrayFor a sister in the Lord that I have come to know through an RZIM Core Module class whose husband is filing for divorce. Pray for Rachel in Australia and that Sophal’s heart would soften. Her daughters, particularly Jade, is very angry. Pray for the protection for those children.

I could deluge you with prayer requests but I’ll quit there.

(Kelly) #2

Isaiah 54:13 All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.

“Lord Jesus, you have promised your people that my children shall be taught by the Lord. Please do this! Please reveal yourself to my children and bring each one into peace with you through your blood.”

Blessings to everyone this week!

(Tim Ramey) #3

Lord Jesus, You are the only one that we are to turn to. Your Word if full of rebellious living where the people were drawn to the false gods of the world. So our children are drawn in by the lies of this world. I stand with my sister for our children, Lord Jesus.

(Donna Perry) #4

Tim, like David, you are a man after God’s own heart. God’s
grace, strength and wisdom be with you as you trek up mountains to
carry His gospel. And I will be praying you hear that inner voice
of Jesus and follow His lead in word and action.

  Tim, I will be in prayer for your wife, kids and grandchildren.

May all that pleases and glorifies Christ Jesus be done in their
lives. And may they have a loving, rich joy filled time together.
I believe after salvation God’s greatest gift to us is family and
that He rejoices when we are thankful and blessed by our families.

  Thank you for sharing your friend's name in Australia. I have

been praying for her and her husband.

** Prayer: for our Great God to create in Mitch and Sasha or
bring into their lives whatever is needed for them to return to
the Lord they gave their heart to.**

God’s strength, grace and wisdom be with you Tim

(Tim Ramey) #5

Donna, you are always there praying. I’m sure glad that I have the privilege to have you in my life. I am humbled by your spirit of prayer.

Could I ask the group at large, I know that most of you pray but how many pray at 2 pm CST? I am aware of Lakshima, Kelly and myself. How about you Donna or Linnie? Anyone else for that matter? I know that you can’t during that hour Darlene but you are a faithful pray-er.

I must confess that I love to be in Connect with the thousands of interactors, but I so do appreciate this small, intimate fellowship. Thank you Jesus. Lord, I don’t know what I’d do without You in my life. I am forever grateful!!!

(Kelly) #6

I found something I’d written a while back when I was reading through Genesis. I thought I’d share with those of us who are praying for our children. "And the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. Then God said … Gen 1:2-3a I wrote a prayer based on this scripture that I will have with me during prayer tomorrow.

God you are the Lord and by Your word you bring life and light where there is none. I ask that You bring light where there is darkness and meaning where there is a void in our lives.

"You place and move and set boundaries. You create, fill and bring life. You give authority and bring order. And it is good. Gen 1

Prayer: You O Lord have given us a free will, yet You can place the right people, events and circumstances that can draw us to You. Draw us, Father, for You are good!

May God richly bless and multiple our prayers!

(Sieglinde) #7

My most cherished scripture :heart:
“In the beginning.”—BERASHITH— God’s Light, Jesus Christ “turned OFF the dark.”
Praying :pray:t3:

(Darlene Medford) #8

Thanks for sharing that - what an encouragement. Just wonderful.

(Darlene Medford) #9

Dear Fellow Brothers and Sisters that pray,

I pray early in the morning at 4:30 am EST - so sorry that i can not join in the afternoon.

I was reading in the book “Prayers for Prodigals” by James Banks and I read about how prayers are timeless. Prayers my mother and Grandmother prayed for me and my children are still before the Father and still being answered. No expiration on our prayers. For some reason, I had felt like once they left me and reached His ears - they were like a mist and gone. But no, . . .no expiration on a prayer. Isn’t that the most precious thing to realize. And, forgive me if I have already posted this - but I am in awe of how great this is because my grandmother called my name every night in prayer.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #10

Same prayer points as before for me:

  1. For unsaved loved ones in the family
  2. Wisdom for school decisions for our two boys and for their spiritual growth.

Thank you for praying!

(Tim Ramey) #11

Dear Praying Group
I so appreciated the posts that were entered after I left for the mountains. Kelly, you are amazing. And Sig, you are right up there!

Darlene, I know that you are a woman of prayer. It was a good reminder what you wrote. Not only are our prayers timeless, they are stored in heavenly bowls by the Lord!

Lakshmi, how do you feel about both sets of parents being strong Hindus? What kind of a question is that, you must think? Let me re-phrase it. Do you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, or disappointed that there has been more movement towards the Truth by either side of the family?

It was an interesting time of prayer last night. I set the alarm and I woke up and it was one minute before 3 (that’ my time to join you). It was so cool to be awakened at just the right time.But along with that comes a confession. I was on a roll when, suddenly, I fell asleep. We had a late meeting which was so good. But it takes me a long time to get into bed by myself and make sure that I have everything to get up the next day. So I was tired but I just lost it after I’m not sure how long. I had prayed for everyone but I wasn’t through - at least I didn’t think so! Sorry! That’ll help me make sure that it doesn’t happen next time.

Bless your dear hearts. I was in the mountains, worshiping with people who don’t speak my language but it is truly worshipful. We are singing together and praying, even though most of them cannot make out a word that I am praying.

Thank you all for seeing the importance of prayer.

(Sieglinde) #12

Last night I had dinner with my two grandchildren. One is 15 the other six. I have been praying how to reach them. After we prayed over dinner I asked them if there was any question they could ask God or someone else what would it be? I am still rejoicing over the outcome of that conversation. Both of them asked very deep questions.
I want my limited time with them to be meaningful and it was!
We both have busy schedules but I have vowed to do this once or twice a month so please pray that I honor that commitment.
Landon and Aiden are their names. Please lift them up in prayer along with their blended family. Pray for peace amongst the adults so the children don’t have to worry so much.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #13

Hi brother Tim,

It is very encouraging to see you keeping up with the prayers of this group when you are far off in another country. Praising God for all the worshipful moments you got to enjoy in the mountains with the tribal people even though you didn’t know their language. That connection can’t be explained but only experienced as it is made possible through the Holy Spirit through common faith in Christ.To answer your question, the hardest part on this side of heaven is the longing for a deep connection with family members whom we love and yet have difficulty enjoying that love when we differ in faith. It hurts but I am hopeful by God’s grace. It makes me more appreciative of the family I have in Christ who pray and build my hope for my own family’s salvation.

(Tim Ramey) #14

Sig and Lakshmi, this is what we are here for.

My wife Nancy, treked across the country to visit all of our 7 children and 23 grandchildren while I am in the Philippines. She is wanting those moments with the grandchildren, like you are doing, Sig. We will be in prayer for Landon and Aiden.

Lakshmi, I asked you that question primarily because I wondered if there were hurts and potential misunderstandings and blockage in conveying your love for them. Thanks for your honesty Sister!