Colossians 1:27-28 Prayer

(Tim Ramey) #1


The overwhelming response to my plea for Jun here in the Philippines was simply amazing. I can’t tell you how moved I was but more importantly, Jun is on the mend but has a long way too go. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Today we were to go to Pastor Eddie’s funeral in the mountains, which was a huge deal for him. He stayed behind with a heavy heart.

Please post your prayer requests. I get to uphold you in Cebu this “Monday”. For the aware, please be patient with redundancy but for those who think Monday is an insider only deal, it’s not. We pray all week but on Monday at 2 pm CST, if you adjust your time zone to join us at that hour, many of us pray where we live but together - at the same time. So in the Philippines it’s 3 am but I get to be with others then. If you can make it, be there!

PraiseFor Jun’s pneumatic state he is stronger.
For healing Linnie. See her post last week.
Pray For my daughter Kara and son Jonathan who once walked with Jesus
For my time at the Children Shelter of Cebu next week
For Jun’s healing - physically and emotionally
For Rachel who was in my Core Module years ago. Her husband’s insistence of a
divorce has created hurt in her and anger in daughter Jade. They live in Australia

(Carol Nagy) #2

Please pray for Phil, a new Christian who is dying in the late stages of cancer. He is in pain, and being harassed by doctors to stop treatment of his cancer. He is depressed and is having a hard time believing that Jesus loves him. We have been praying for him fervently and as of now don’t know God’s plans for him. I only feel that Jesus is not done with him. Also pray for my pastor, having to stand against doctors and social agencies unwilling to care for someone with no finances. Thank you all. I don’t know your names yet, but I recognize the spirit in which you respond to Jun and the other pastors in the Philippines: the love that comes from God.

(Tim Ramey) #3

We will pray dear sister! How do you know Phil?

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(Lakshmi Mehta) #4

How wonderful to hear that Jun is on the mend! Praising God for the work He has begun in healing Jun. Carol, we will definitely be praying for Phil’s cancer and the pastor helping him.

Prayer requests

  • Salvation for my parents and parents-in-law and for God’s blessing on our conversations with them. Requesting special prayers for my sister’s salvation as she has been the primary influencer in leading many in my family into the Hare Krishna movement.
  • Please continue to pray for our children Amit and Nithin for their growth in the Lord, for a hunger for God’s word and for their schooling decisions.
(Sieglinde) #5

Bless his heart, I pray Phil feels the nearness and warmth of Jesus’s arms wrapped around him. I pray his pain will be aleviated so he can think rightly. It’s hard to think right when you are in such pain but Jesus can hear his groaning. I am so sorry for your friend, my heart goes out to him and you.
I pray your pastor has a break through in his dealings with the doctors and social agencies. Somehow God will provide.

(Kelly) #6

So awesome to hear praises and see God’s love. I have go echo Tim’s statement that it’s an amazing thing to see such love and concern on an on-line community!! Looking forward to agreeing in prayer with all for these requests.

I also have two daughters who once walked with God and are now very far from Him. One daughter is with a boyfriend who is anti-theist. Would appreciate prayers for both of them. He seems to be a really wonderful man, except for his lack of faith. They are both very intellectual and I can see them really enjoying a forum such as this once their eyes have been opened.

My other daughter has become tangled up with a bad group of friends. Along with restoration, please pray for her physical safety. She is currently in a place to select a new job. I’m praying God open and close doors.

Blessings to all!!

(Tim Ramey) #7

We need Darlene to organize our list again. Great list. My eyes have been opened to how much I’ve just accepted. How we need the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom how to pray. What is great about this is one of you is praying for an angle say for Lauren which I would never have thought it. His body is precious.

Kelly, Colossians 1 was sure full of He is… wasn’t there? He is everything but lowly enough to make us understand Him.

(Tim Ramey) #8

By the way, I wrote Colossians 1:11-12 for Jun to read as it cam to me as I was praying for him. He’s not a crybaby but he wept. I still remember when it came up and Kelly, you put out there exclaiming what a verse!

(Carol Nagy) #9

Phil is one of the new Christians we have been discipling in my church. We are a tiny church and are very close to each other. We are now all he has.

(Tim Ramey) #10

Happy Mother’s Day to you precious mothers! Thanks Carol for letting us know about Phil.

(Darlene Medford) #11

My dear praying friends -

Brother Tim -here goes my list gathered from what I have read:
Mr Mush - thank you for sharing with Jun
Jun - for continued healing - praising the Lord for his improvement
Mr Eddie’s family
Mr Gar’s family
Brother Tim - travels to Cebu, ministering at the Children’s shelter
Jonathan, Kara
Rachel - and daughter Jade - going through divorce
Carol’s friend Phil who has cancer and low finances - for his church family and their minister
Lakshmi’s parents and parents in laws and her sister to know Jesus
For Amit, and Nithin - school choice
Kelly’s daughters -
Linnie - dentist appointment

My kids - Brent, Olivia, Ryan, Wesley, and Riley - for a real, daily, relationship with Jesus -

I hope I didn’t miss anyone. All of these concerns are near and dear to our Heavenly Father - may His peace and presence be with us all today.

Happy Mother’s Day - friends.

(Tim Ramey) #12

If you want to have a well run group, you need a Darlene! Nice to go Pal! By the way, I wondered if you were serious so I thought I better let you in on something. I’m Mr Mush! I mean how I’m always so mushy so I said Mr Mush here! It cracks me up but how would you know otherwise. Did the others of you think Mr Mush was, well a Mr Mush?

Thanks for organizing things. Darlene would love to pray at 2 but is anyone else but Kelly, Lakshmi and me on board? Could you let us know if you are. I suspect that a few more will add some prayer requests but I take off early tomorrow morning (night for most of you) so thanks for the list Darlene!

This is wonderful. Hit the memory verses and then pray for each other, Wow!

(Carol Nagy) #13

I’m planning on praying this week. Next week I have a doctor’s appointment I can’t change, but after that I will try to avoid 3 pm EST for anything else. And I am praying through the rest of the week as well, as I think of it.

I kind of like the ‘Mr Mush’ designation, by the way.

(Catherine Keffer) #14

I am committed to praying as well. Sorry for the late reply. I do have a couple prayer requests if anyone sees this in time.

  1. That my daughter Kylie comes to know Jesus. Praying for undeniable encounters with Him, praying that she invites Jesus into her heart.
  2. Prayers for my Sister’s in Christ (Tosha, Lolita, Kim, Tracey, Diana, Azsure, Lavonder, Jennifer) whom I currently live with. Praying for the Unity and Oneness of Jesus to work through all of us by the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Please pray for divine guidance, endurance and protection to continue building a 24/7 house of prayer.

Thank you to everyone here that is so committed to staying on the wall. My belief in Jesus and subsequent salvation is evidence that prayer truly changes lives. I didn’t call on God but people were praying for me anyway, one of those people is @Linnie and I am truly grateful for their prayers and that our Lord Jesus Christ is so very gracious and merciful. Praises!!!

Lamentations 2:18-19 (NIV)
“The hearts of the people
cry out to the Lord.
O wall of the Daughter of Zion,
let your tears flow like a river
day and night;
give yourself no relief,
your eyes no rest.
Arise, cry out in the night,
as the watches of the night begin;
pour out your heart like water
in the presence of the Lord.
Lift up your hands to him
for the lives of your children,
who faint from hunger
at the head of every street.”

(Darlene Medford) #15

Thank you so much for sharing this. It is so encouraging. All of my sons were together yesterday and they were in another room talking and I could hear. They were laughing and talking about something on social media. It was not wholesome or good and it just made me sad and feel like the answer of my prayers are far away. Your post revives my heart in the hope of our precious Savior.
Definitely - praying for your daughter and friends -
Blessings to you all

(Darlene Medford) #16

Boy - I missed that one . . .lol. And I prayed for Mr Mush and I was so thankful that Jun had a friend.

(Kelly) #17

Amen Catherine! What a great scripture. Thanks for praying. Also, please don’t hesitate to add a prayer, even late in the game. For those who can, we all meet at 2:00 pm CST on Monday’s, but prayer requests are prayed for during the week as well!

Very interested about the 24/7 house of prayer. Can you share more on that?! :slight_smile:

(Catherine Keffer) #18

@darlene and thank you so very much for sharing as well. I live in a Christian women’s home and considering your struggles in your home and your family has given me a new perspective. Just as you have to continue to believe God for your own children even when it looks like the enemy is winning, we have to trust God, know that we already have the victory, and wait on His deliverance and salvation for every soul that God has placed around us. In our ministry we are dedicated to the restoration of drug addicts and sometimes we want people to be further along in their walk than where God has them, so we have to step back and ask God to just help us love unconditionally and to show the love of Jesus to all, with patience, forbearance and longsuffering for real. Be encouraged in Christ Jesus!!! Much Love!

(Carol Nagy) #19

Wow, @Catherine, and the group – Again I am overwhelmed by the depth of love for those for whom we are praying, whether for unbelieving family members, friends, people to whom we’re ministering, and for those people we’ve never met. I remember a verse from 2 Timothy 1:12, “…for I know whom I have believed and I am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day.” NASB I have gone to this verse time and again when praying for those I love, especially when it seems they are no nearer to following Jesus. I love the verse because it bases my confidence on my knowledge of who Jesus is, of what I have seen of him in my life. It seems this group is not only for memorizing Scripture, and for prayer, but also a support group for those faithful in walking in the Spirit. I thank God for you all, and praise him for his work in our hearts.

(Tim Ramey) #20

This will be short because I’m in Cebu. (Do I hear hallelujah) Can you see the body of Christ just within this group? I am amazed at how He has gifted you all so uniquely. Praise Jesus!!! Oh yeah, prayer was so good with you that gathered with me. Thanks.