Colossians 1:5-6


Dear Saints

Saints - I like calling you that for that is what you are - undeserved but precious in Jesus’ sight.

How is the memorizing going all? I’m not trying to exaggerate but as I go over my verses, I don’t have a day that something doesn’t grab my heart - either for the first time or in a fresh new way. As time goes on, it makes more sense as a whole. It’s so interesting to me that as the chapters encompass my verses that I learned long ago in isolation from the rest of the chapter, they don’t stand up alone as they used to because the verses around them empower them and give me a better explanation about what the verses are saying.

Thanks is a word that shows up often. In the first 6 verses that we have now to memorize in Colossians, it appears 3 times. I’m thankful that we know the Truth. Truth is another one that pops up twice in the verses of the week. If you knew me, you’d realize that it is not due to intelligence that we know Jesus. Someway or another, the Holy Spirit penetrated these selfish hearts and feeds them with Truth. That is one thing that I do thank Jesus for almost daily - that I know Him and want to know Him with everything that I have. This is not my own doing, because of Jesus, I am a new creation that thinks differently than I would have otherwise. I rejoice - another prominent word occurring 7 times in the book of Philippians that we just moved on from.

I hope you realize I don’t say these things because I am a Christian and I have to. I do say it from the heart. On to theses wonderful verses of the week:

Colossians 1:5 the faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven and about which you have already heard in the true message of the gospel
Colossians 1:6 that has come to you. In the same way, the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world—just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace. (NIV)

Colossians 1:5 because of the hope laid up for you in heaven. Of this you have heard before in the word of the truth, the gospel,
Colossians 1:6 which has come to you, as indeed in the whole world it is bearing fruit and increasing—as it also does among you, since the day you heard it and understood the grace of God in truth, (ESV)

Colossians 1:5 because of the hope which is laid up for you in heaven, of which you heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel,
Colossians 1:6 which has come to you, as it has also in all the world, and is bringing forth fruit, as it is also among you since the day you heard and knew the grace of God in truth; (NKJV)

As you memorize these, may Jesus use these exact verses to speak to you sometime in the days ahead.



Please excuse me for not adding the name of the link if you read the post and want to join. I’ll plan on adding it at the end of each post every week so anyone new who would like to come along will have all of the information. The link is:
How and Why to Memorize Scripture

The grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

Dear Saint Tim

  Thank you for encouraging our memorization/prayer group with such

gracious words, I’m sure from the Holy Spirit. I have been
following all the posts and in prayer for those of us who have
kids that have stepped away from the Lord. I have adult kids now
and they assure me they are Christians and gave their hearts to
Jesus when they were young. But life is busy and it seems there’s
no time for Jesus right now. So I pray, ‘Jesus, claim what’s
yours. Mitch and Sasha gave their hearts to you when they were
young and since then the enemy has gained a foothold in their
lives. Tear down any thing that holds them back from You, speak to
them tenderly and draw them back to the path and purpose you
planned for them.’ And I have specific Bible verses I pray over
them. I keep a daily and monthly prayer journal and have a great
group of pray-ers. Together we pray for our families and I will
include those of us in this group that request prayer for their

  My memorization is coming along. But I will have to separate

verses 5 and 6 into three parts. I’m carrying cards with the
verses on them where I go - does anyone have other methods of
memorization that’s working well for you? I could use some

  I did ask two of the pastors from my church if anyone would like

to join us - so many people at my church (over 800 people) listen
to and follow Ravi Zacharias but no one I know of or any of the
small groups has responded.

  While memorizing, my thoughts have often went to Acts 9:15 where

the Lord told Ananias what His will was for Paul. Paul took hold
of the gospel and the Lord’s will for him. Paul never took his
faithful hand from the plow, he never looked back. I love how now
in the words Paul wrote, the Lord is teaching us to pray these
living words over each other.

God’s blessings on you Tim for this ministry the Lord has given you.


PS - I can't seem to post replies to everyone in our group. Tim will

you put this message on our group page please?


reading these two new verses “… faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven…” It remains me that faith and love doesn’t exist in an vacuum. It is the hope we have in Jesus. The hope for eternal life. The hope for being with God forever. The hope of all these and more concerning God for us to build our faith upon and be able to love others. It is so much easier to love others especially our enemy as we know this life is temporary and quit short really. Especially you are living in Atlanta and need to drive on I285 all the time. Just saying. Anyway, all the mean things others do to you (family, friends and enemy all alike), we can forgive them and move on. Knowing they have one less day to be mean to me as each day pass. I just keep on doing the right thing.

Have a bless week.


Thanks @Tim_Ramey for your encouragement. I’m moving forward, but I admit that I have had distractions this week and haven’t got to spend as much time looking ahead, but today is a better day. I couldn’t imagine the stress of having to drive on I285 like you do @joyce_yung. That would wreak havoc with my mind and body. I hope you all here in this group have a good week.



Donna, when you reply, it goes to the thread so I did not post what you wrote but you can see that it did come up. So remember that you only need to reply and to the thread that you reply to, it will show up there. Not to belabor my point but if you had the same post but replied under last week’s verses, your post would be there. I only write @Bible_Memorization_Group so those who are in the group but do not get posts unless they are addressed to them will then receive them. You can use that address by just putting it in and it goes to everyone.

Donna, I think we should have concerted prayer for Mitch & Sasha. Please remember David’s prayer needs as well as Darlene’s children and my two, Jonathan and Kara who slipped away. I do know two others that are part of the memorization group who I pray for but if they want to mention their needs, I will leave it to them. Darlene, would you mind telling us your children’s names?

Thank you for sharing your dear heart Donna. Hopefully, some from the church will sign in with the group.

Joyce, your words brought the verse to life. If I memorized that verse, that I don’t have down yet, it probably would have went right over my head. Perhaps later, after I had it down, that would show itself but maybe not. It really is an example of how we need each other. Joyce, you are very wise. Someday, when I’m again in the Atlanta area, it’d be fun to meet you.

Tabitha, have you and Joyce ever hooked up yet? There are so many of you scholars and dear believers in the Atlanta area. Nancy & I went down there a few years back just to go to RZIM (in the old building) and we went to meet a brother that I had in my Core Module. We did a lot with him and his wife.

Michele and David, what ever happened to our video hangout? I’d sure love to meet all of you. Are any of you like me where you so appreciate meeting who you are dealing with face-to-face? It helps when I pray for you when I can hear your voice and see your face. I have an image in my mind when I pray and it so helps to have a live face with it!

Just a reminder for anyone new especially, we’d love to include you on the Google map of our memorizers! And please keep comments coming…

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Hi Joyce

  Thank you for sharing how faith and love from our hope in eternal

life brought joy to your heart. Its a blessing for me too, what a
loving God we have. He puts His love in our hearts for Him and for
others. And you are right, that love makes it easier for us to
forgive. Joyce, I don’t live in Atlanta. I’m way up north in
Edmonton, Alberta Canada. And let me tell you, its been really
cold up here for the past three weeks - with the windchill there
have been days it was -22F but today is a little warmer at -8F.
Great days to stay in and memorize!

God’s grace and peace on you sister


To Brother Tim and fellow memory friends,

My children are: Olivia (mom of 6 month old twins - Charlene and Sterling) - their dad -Brent. Ryan (19), Wesley (16), and Riley (13). Thank you so much for your prayers - it means the world to me. I am struggling a bit learning my verses because I am so busy with life in general - but I will not give up. And, I will continue to pray for you all during my prayer time.

Thanks for the encouragement from you all.


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Tim, thank you for suggesting concerted prayer for those in our
group that ask for us to pray for our kids, and I have remembered
David’s prayer request. Awhile back I read, “His Word in my Heart”
by Janet Pope. Linne in our Bible Memorization prayer group is a
friend of Janet’s. Janet has memorized 90 chapters of scripture
and 11 NT books. Encouraging and I so appreciate Janet’s love for
the word of God but I’ll be blessed to just memorize Colossians.

  One thing I have really taken to heart from this book is Janet

writing about how memorizing scripture changed her prayer life.
And there’s lots in her book about praying scripture. I really
agree that in all circumstances we keep seeking God with all our
heart and walk in surrender to Him and that includes prayer. As
an example, when we are asked to pray for health-related problems
Janet suggests we pray in this manner: That God would use their
infirmity to draw them closer to Him; That they would learn
steadfastness in suffering; That others would see Christ in them
and so want to know Him; That whatever the outcome, God would be
honored and His kingdom furthered.

  I appreciate each one of you in this group. May we glorify God by

tucking His word in our hearts and praying those living words out
over our family, friends and each person God brings to our minds
for prayer.

Grace and peace brothers and sisters

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It’s so much fun being part of a group that is excited about memorizing scripture. I share in your struggles to memorize. Whew my brain feels very rusty and I wonder at how many times I have to go over and over before it begins to sink in. Reading through these posts, however, helps me keep going! I would like to be included in the prayer for our children. I have two daughters who have walked away from the faith (Autumn and Lauren).

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Hi Donna

I remember many years ago when I visited the US colleges information office in Hong Kong, the first thing I told them was that I didn’t like cold weather. I ended up in Alabama. More power to all of you living in cold area. I know it won’t take long for me to loose my nose and than my toes from the cold if I were living in cold places. Stay warm.

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Joyce made me think of this because of two posts that she made. One was to this thread. The other was to a topic called “Prayer & Updates.” It’s a spot where anyone in Connect could go to with a prayer request and we talked about how updates were important because we are often left hanging after someone asks for prayer.

I wanted to ask all of you something in regards to this. We had “Prayer & Updates” with this exact title because often prayer requests can be all over the place. I still would suggest keeping it. However, I wondered about within this group, if you would advise keeping prayer needs posted by one of us in this area under the biblememorization tag which is where we will be posting our Colossians verses for quite some time now?

The reason I ask this is because we are not a group that has frequent interaction from those outside this group. I’m not aiming to be exclusive but it does seem that the posts are usually from a memorizer. The other reason I wondered about doing so was because in many of Paul’s writings, prayer and saints went hand-in-hand. Again, I don’t mean to imply that this group has the authentic Christians but God’s Word and prayer seem to go together. So should we do what I’m wondering or should we do it the way Joyce did it according to the way we understood doing it?

It is important to me because, quite frankly, except for an occasional situation that comes up in Connect at large, I find that it is this group that I tend to regularly pray for, with some of you that I do on virtually a daily basis.We would be apt to notice it. Would you mind commenting on it?

@Tim_Ramey, Since we now have the Christian Growth category that has a “Prayer and Praise” subsection, I wonder if we can post all prayer requests that can be viewed by the whole Connect community in this section.

However, we may also have certain prayer requests related to the memorization that we want to limit to this group. We could do that by sending a private message just to the Bible memorization group. It could allow for more connectedness among the Bible memorization group members.


keep them separate!
But if those who choose to post prayer request here, please do so.

Why make things complicated. Let this Biblememorization be Bible memorization group. Let the “Prayer and Update” group be the prayer and update.

When I come to this group, I look for new insight and encouragement from memorization the Bible. I will sure do some praying for others if something catch my attention. When I go to the “Prayer and Update” group, I need someone to pray for me and I want to pray for others.

When things get too complicate, my level of participation will decrease. Just saying.

That would be my preference.

Have a blessed week.


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To Tim and My fellow memory friends,

My personal preference is to see prayer request from within our group posted here. This is the only Connect group that I follow simply don’t have time to follow other things - I am a single mom with 4 kids, a full time job and I home school my youngest at night . . . All of that to say I would lose knowing this piece of you all if I had to check and follow another Connect group.

During my prayer time this morning, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed because I have no visual progress from my kids of a visible relationship with Jesus. And, I realized that I should not forget to PRAISE - He says - He would not have any to perish. He is on our side and He is God. As Ravi says He can make dead people live. -

Thanks so much for this Connect group. I am working on my verses and whatever is decided about where the prayer request are posted it fine. I will continue to pray, and memorize.



Darlene, Wow! Raising four kids and a full time job…may God’s strength and wisdom fill you! I love to plant. I anxiously watch day to day for something to pop out of the ground. Sometimes I begin to wonder if my seeds are bad…and then, Praises!!! my little seeds show themselves above ground. That’s how I see God’s working in my kids and for those whom I pray.

This is just a thought since there are different schools of thought of the posting of prayer requests. Would it be possible to post a prayer request within this thread, and for those who are only interested in the memorization posts to simply scroll past (kind of like Facebook - lol). To help keep it from being confusing, maybe the comments could always being with “Memorization:” or “Prayer:”. That way, if your focus is on the memorization comments or the prayer comments or both, it is easy to identify what the comment is regarding. ??

Just a thought. I really have no preference! I do post in the praise and prayer section, and I posted here. This is an awesome group and I am praying that the enemy brings no division. Blessings to all!!!

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I tend to lean toward what @Lakshmismehta is saying only because I tend to get overwhelmed easily and it’s generally hard for me to focus these days (as that might be a prayer request for this group).

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This group is well interconnected because of our shared goals and with that we are able to have suffers and struggles in an intimate setting that will only build up our personal connections with each other as well as strengthen our resolve to continue in this group and continue memorization. It all works hand-in-hand.

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Hey Linne, aren’t you friends with Janet Pope? I’m not familiar with her other than she’s an author/speaker who has memorized some 90 chapters in the Bible. I have two questions that maybe you could ask her or that you may already know.

First, I have a system that works for me to memorize by developing a routine. Does she have anything to say that would help all of us to develop a routine? Many give up because we think that we are not good at it but really, it is a matter of developing a system that works for each one of us.

Secondly is an area that I am personally concerned about. I have memorized around 20 chapters but as I keep increasing the quantity of chapters that I memorized and keeping up with reviewing past memorized chapters, I’m concerned about losing what I’ve memorized. So far so good but as I get to 50 chapters and beyond, how does she retain so many. As we’re going over Colossians, it’s still “easy” for me to review the other chapters by doing 4-5 of them everyday so that within the week I’ve reviewed the old chapters one to two times per week. Any thoughts as I think any ideas would help all of us.



I started the above post last night and finished this morning. After posting, I see responses to my question about how prayer and memorization may or may not fit. I must admit, I could use clarification as, to date, I see the responses like this:

Lakshmi: Keep them separate but post something for prayer if it pertains to memorization.
Joyce: Keep them separate or memorization will become less focused and be confusing.
Darlene: Have both here as time doesn’t allow for involvement in Connect beyond this group…
Kelly: Have a prayer thread within the memorization group that you may or may not want to go to.
Tabitha: Keep them separate.
Kyle: I agree with all of the above. (Sorry Kyle, as you can see that I’m not getting what you are saying.)

So Team, forgive me truly, if I threw an idea out there that makes for confusion and loosens the cohesion that we have in this group. I’m not the boss, only a facilitator. So given the choices, could you give your feedback and this is not only asked of those who graciously responded but to anyone within the group, which by the way, consists of 44 of us?

I don’t want the enemy to take what we have going only to try to break us up. Let’s work together to make things work out. Two reason I even brought it up was because one, I have such a heart for you that I want to pray for you as it is underscored by Paul’s words to the church.

Secondly, it is for the Darlene’s out there (Sorry, Darlene, I’m not singling you out though seemingly I am but only for illustration purposes.) who not only have time as a factor, but obstacles of life that try to interfere with her memorization. In a way, this fellowship is like a church and often, within a church, emotional struggles are ignored. I want the Word not only to feed you, but personally I want to be there for you, as I detect others feel that way.

Your thoughts…