Colossians 1:5-6

I apologize for the confusion from my opening line. I was reading only the most recent responses to the post I replied to and those posts indicated that they wanted to include prayer in this group thread–to that I was agreeing. To dissect the rest of my own response, I attempting to make the connection between prayer and the intimacy among believers. While it is good to have a global thread specifically devoted to prayer and prayer requests, as we are all followers of Christ, this specific group for memorization shares an especially intimate connection because of the shared task that we have–a task that is exceptionally unifying. To ask for prayer of one another within this group specifically carries a lot of value because of our connection with one another. In short, I would like to encourage prayer requests within this group.


I think, it is best to just let the chip fall where it may. Let people post what they want, where they want that they feel led at that time. Too much structure may cause more confusion.
Tim, you do start a new thread each week, that would help clean up the threads anyway. Let those like me who like structure stick to the original thread.

God bless


I am new to this group and want to go along with what has worked best for everyone. Definitely don’t want reduced participation and make things cumbersome for those who are really busy. I would love to pray for the needs of those in Bible memorization group whether they are related to memorization or not. I think suggestion from @kelelek, allows for some separation while keeping it all under one thread. If the prayer requests are clearly labeled, they can be prayed for and not missed when scrolling through.


Thursday, February 28, 2019
Hullo Tim and Nancy and everybody in our wonderful Colossians group,

Janet Pope has a system for memorizing and reviewing in her book, His Word in My Heart by Janet Pope. It will help everybody develop a system of memorizing and reviewing that works. It is available as an ebook and as a paperback on Amazon at
I know that Janet reviews different books of The Bible on different days. Janet has now memorized 17 books of The Bible.
You may also want to visit Janet’s website at

May I share with you, dear friends, from my heart to yours? I will use our memorizing of Colossians as my example. Yesterday, I said Colossians 1:1-2:3 to our baby parakeet, Winnie. She loved it! I realized that Colossians 2:2 wasn’t completely correct so I looked at it again. It is fine now.

I try to say our Colossians verses aloud very day. But I am not trusting the fact that I try to say them every day as the guarantee that I will remember them. I am trusting The Lord Jesus to remember them FOR ME. The Lord Jesus said in John 15:5, “I am the vine; you are the branches… apart from me you can do nothing.” (1984 New International Version Bible)
Because I am trusting The Lord Jesus to remember our verses for me, the strain of learning the verses, and reviewing and remembering them is GONE. I can relax knowing that when I want to say the verses, they will fill my mind and come out my mouth because The Lord Jesus is keeping them safe for me, moment by moment, day by day.

Thank You for the joy and privilege to be part of our group!

May I pray for us?
Prayer … “Lord Jesus, we are sinners every moment we breathe. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that you died for us - in our place. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that you took all our punishment for our sins so there is no punishment left for us. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that you rose again from the dead for us. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that you ascended to Heaven for us and that you are sitting at your Father’s Right Hand for us, as we pray.

Lord Jesus, please put the words of Colossians into our minds and help them to come out our mouths every day for your honor and glory and for your kingdom. Please keep Colossians safe for us. We know we can do nothing apart from you. You have all the power. Lord Jesus, We Love You. Colossians is our gift of love to you. We give it to you with love, gratitude and thankfulness in our hearts today because we love you, we worship you, and we praise you that you are The Way, The Truth, and The Life and that no one comes to The Father except through you.
We pray in Your Holy Name, Lord Jesus,



Thank you all for your responses/ Kyle, I’m sorry that you felt that you had to apologize - I’m just slow sometimes. You articulated such a tender, loving reply. All of you did for that matter. What I didn’t want to do was to have you feel like you had to take on something else that you didn’t sign on to do but it was slipped in. It seems like the consensus is tweaking Kelly’s idea by incorporating any prayer needs for each other here. Maybe we could do something like Pray: and put in the need or update. That way prayer concerns are listed as such and those interested in praying for each other can do so and not feel obligated to take on more. Is that OK?

If anyone should apologize it is me for adding my wishes to the whole group. You have to know that I genuinely do care for you and as I said, you don’t realize how I desire the Lord to be feeding you as you memorize His Word. It takes work but it will really pay off. I just came back from biking (in the snow like you have Donna!) and as I do it’s memorization and review time. Jesus ministers to my heart so richly that it is beyond description. He breathes His life into me as He does to you.

Keep up the good work dearest saints! All for Jesus…


OTim the way you care for all of us is absolutely amazing, thank you. Your response here is another example

This week something happened on this platform made me begin to think that this platform (RZIM connect) was not for me but just seeing this post reminded me that just because there might be some who do not exhibit such capacity, there are some who do. Thank you for being someone who exhibits such care, dignity and respect.

Thank you @Tim_Ramey, GOD bless you


Thanks @Linnie for the prayer and for the link. I just went to Janet Pope’s website and it is very encouraging. Although I am not working right now, it’s like someone mentioned about the lack of discipline when you are at home. Sometimes I have so many open-ended projects going on that I lose my focus on God’s word (just like this week). I am just now writing out verses 5&6 to hang on by bathroom mirror and above my kitchen sink (like Mrs. Pope suggest as well) and I have gotten behind.

Thanks again and I hope you have a good day in Christ!



Friday, March 1, 2019
Hullo Tabitha,
I’m SO HAPPY that you were able to get to Janet Pope’s website. You may want to put her name in the search box at too. There is an interview there and some video clips that I saw yesterday.

Blessings In Jesus,
Linnie :hibiscus:



Bless your dear heart Jason. If those in the group understood what you have gone through like I do, they would come around you, warming your heart from the verses that they memorized. I feel like prayer, when we talk about love, is putting our money where our mouth is. I’m guilty of not praying for you nearly as much as I should. It is interesting that most of my prayer for you has risen to the surface when I am memorizing.

You are love, brother and we want only the Lord’s best for your wife and children!

@Linnie @tabby68

Dear Sisters,
I didn’t know how to make my reply to both of you as it only selects one person at a time. I just have to tell you Tabitha that your tenaciousness really encourages me. Consider getting Janet’s book as we need all the help that we can get from this pro! I ordered it from the library. (I do that so I can read it first and then purchase it if it is one to pass around. My wife loves books so we have a library at home!)

Linnie, when I went to the Amazon site with regarding Janet’s book, there was a comment by someone who wished that they could meet Janet because of what the book meant to them.

Linnie, I mostly wanted to mention one thing to you. Yesterday, after I posted to this thread, I read your post followed up with prayer. Linnie, I wanted to write another post but there is a point where people get tired of this guy who seems to run at the mouth. I wanted to respond to your post but more so to your prayer. I know that you have posted and prayed before but this time it really did something to me. I don’t think this in a legalistic way, but I thought that we should do that more often

Can anyone who reads this see why we need each other? We all have something to offer that would not be there if you weren’t. Never hesitate to make a comment on our verses. I should include Joyce here because what she mentioned about hope has really impacted me as I memorize that verse.

Dear Jesus, I really mean it, Dearest Friend, thank you for your body that you gave up so willingly so that we can share in your body of believers. Thank you that even the verses of the week refer to heaven but that, by your Holy Spirit, you use your Word to instruct us for today. We want to truly live today for the praise of Your glory!


Joining! I have had issues with memory ever since my earlier days in college (it’s a long story), and I got frustrated because though I tried over and over again, I could not memorize things like Scripture. But I found an app (I don’t usually like apps or being tied to my phone–I am not really a tech person) that has been helping me. For some reason, the way the app does things helps greatly with memorization, and so far I’ve got 16 verses memorized, and it keeps bringing them up for review. It’s called ScriptureTyper in case anyone is interested.
Lindsay Brandt


Friday, March 1, 2019
Hullo Lindsay,
I have been using ScriptureTyper since December 2013. I have it on my Apple IPad 9.7 and my Apple IPod Touch. Now it is called Bible Memory App. Same App. New Name.
Welcome to Connect and to our Colossians group. So Happy you’ve joined us!



Yes Lindsay, welcome. Please check out the post: How and Why to Memorize Scripture

Also, Lindsay & Linnie, I tried looking at the app but do you know if one can get the app if you don’t have an Apple product?

Thank you @Tim_Ramey - Tim, I may get behind, but will try to keep on going. I have to admit that I tend to start things and don’t ever finish or follow through (I am self diagnosed as ADD, lol) , but if it helps I may look for Janet’s book at my local library too.

Welcome @psalm151ls - Lindsay! I just joined the group about a week or so ago and everyone is so very nice here.

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That’s great! My app that I got is actually still called ScriptureTyper. I wonder how I found it then. The name is exactly that, too. Curious!

Thanks, Linnie!


Perhaps try the one Linnie is talking about: Bible Memory App. Let us know if you find that one.

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Hi, tabby68, and thank you. Yes, RZIM Connect is a great platform for people who want to communicate with each other about meaningful things. They really have done a wonderful job with it. Looking forward to working on this together!



The Scripture Typer App seems to have access to it in android. We live in a remote area so our cellphone doesn’t get reception unless we travel. I contacted them to see if the app works on Kindle and computers. Scripture Typer is under the website name of

Hey Tabitha, please don’t despair. You can do it. I’m wrestling with verse 6 as it seems a bit disjointed to me but when I get them down, it really flows. I cannot tell you how it has impacted my life. My wife even sees it! But Tabitha, try your best to prioritize it because if it is another thing, it can easily get dropped. Besides the book, I just looked into Scripture Typer or and will check out their aids that Linnie and Lindsay has high marks for.

Tabitha (do you go by Tabby as in your @name?), what also helps me is I say it out loud. When I bike I do, at night when I’m awake, I whisper it and to Nancy, my wife, I give the whole chapter to and she reviews it as I recite it to the point where I am.

I’m not trying to beat the point over your head but remember that the enemy doesn’t like you to have God’s Word in your heart!

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Sorry for such a late response but I have been thinking and praying about praying and memorizing together. I attend a very praying, Bible based church and am in a prayer group there, also in my Bible Study Fellowship we have a prayer group, I’m in a group of sisters in Christ that pray for our families, I am a pray-er for a Freedom Session group and have a personal, solid prayer journal divided into daily, weekly and monthly prayers. What I will add to my journal is names of your children or adult kids for prayer. I’m hesitant to take on more prayer requests than that because I want to be faithful in prayer, not give up and not become overwhelmed. The worldwide Bible Study Fellowship based out of San Antonio is a very intensive Bible study. We study one book of the Bible for 9 months every year. The weekly questions, lecture and 6 pages of notes take time too. I do pray for our memorization group, that God would truly bless us as we tuck His word into our hearts and live it out in our lives for His glory. I don’t think I answered the question. Tim, when you send out our verses on Saturday could prayer requests from our group be added? Then before starting to memorize our next verses we could pray for each request?
Blessings - and Tim, hope you had a fun bike ride in the snow! Its -23 here today so I won’t be out riding!