Colossians 2:1-2 Prayer

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Just a thought - but as we go to the Lord with all of these needs that He wants us to tell Him about, it’s good to make sure that we are praising the One we can come to and that He loves us so much that nothing is too small for Him. After all, He created atoms so He knows about small things. I’m so glad that I know that One that created each of us uniquely and specially.

-I still feel terrible. I think it’s viral pneumonia but I try to keep going forward. But as I think of how I’d love relief from this, it is nothing compared to people who are not whole because they don’t know Jesus. My heart is that my children would be on fire for Him and to encourage this group to keep loving Jesus when things seem hopeless.
-Jun’s work not diminish in the Philippines as he still is battling pneumonia.
–for Rachel, my old Core Module buddy in Australia who is being divorced and needs to deal with angry daughters, especially Jade. That Rachel’s love for Jesus will not diminish but actually increase. His ways are not ours - Praise God!

(Sally Alexander) #2

@Tim_Ramey People in my family have also been battling respiratory challenges. We have found videos by Barbara O’Neill, a Christian in natural health care, to be very helpful.
This one is a good start: at 18:29 she describes studies showing garlic to be more effective than antibiotics. She continues with a recipe that can be used to help fight pneumonia.
You may also want to look for her videos on using water therapy and/or castor oil compress to relieve congestion in the lungs / pneumonia.
In one of her videos, she shares that chopped onion or a slice of onion on the bottom of one foot, wrapped in plastic, with a sock over it to keep it in place, can be helpful. I have found this to be of great help in breathing easier.

You and Jun are in my prayers. May you quickly return to health and strength and ministry, as is Rachel and the children. May He be with you.

(Sieglinde) #3

Oh man, I was hoping you felt better. Still praying for complete recovery. I hope you are getting proper rest :sleeping:

(Kelly) #4


Thanks for posting the link! It looks like she has a wealth of information.

(Sally Alexander) #8

Hi Kelly @kelelek , thanks. I replied by email, but I don’t see it showing up here - still learning how all this works. There is another youtube channel on natural healing I also refer to; youtube took down (he is appealing). If you find something helpful that you would like to keep for reference, I would suggest taking good notes or downloading, just in case.

(Brian Weeks) #9

Hi everyone! First, I wanted to say that I’m sincerely grateful for your kind and compassionate hearts as they seek to help alleviate some of Tim’s pain he’s shared about here.

I also wanted to ask that, moving forward, we avoid sharing medical recommendations, as helpful as we might have found them to be in our own personal experiences. Even though these sorts of recommendations are most certainly motivated by a heart of compassion, they are outside of the scope of the purpose of this forum.

Again, I’m thankful for your thoughtfulness and I’m looking forward to continuing to support one another in prayer.

(Kelly) #10

Prayer Partners, Happy Monday! I went to the list from last week, so will be in prayer for those requests. My requests haven’t changed. I pray that my daughters come to know the love of the Father and use their gifts and talents for His kingdom and that I walk in His wisdom.

Last week I did ask for wisdom and I had a couple of neat encounters with my youngest. It wasn’t much, but it was a little more than what I’d seen in a while so Thank You!

(Tim Ramey) #11

Thanks Kelly as a few of us pray together at 2 pm today. So any me needs, please send our way.

Meet you at prayer!

(Darlene Medford) #12

Good morning everyone,

I was able to pray for all our needs this morning. Brother Tim I hope you are feeling better each day.

I do have a praise. As we were riding home from church yesterday, my youngest son; Riley (13 years old) asked me if God had ever spoken to me. And, I was a little slow at what he was talking about. But, we talked. And as we talked I realized that the Holy Spirit was drawing him to Jesus. I talked and he listened. He didn’t say much in response to my explanations but . . . . the seeds are there… Please continue to pray for him to accept Jesus. Thank you so much for praying for me and my kids.

(Sieglinde) #13

Very encouraging @darlene! Just the lift we needed to engage more in prayer before the Lord! Thank you :heart: We don’t see what is going on in the spiritual realm but we know this…
—Romans 8:34 }Who is the one who condemns? Christ Jesus is the One who died, but even more, has been raised; He also is at the right hand of God and intercedes for us.”

(Tim Ramey) #14

I agree Sig. It is so encouraging to see a glimmer of life that the Spirit brings in questions like Riley’s small encounters with Lauren. Thank you ever so much Jesus!

(Tim Ramey) #15

@Linnie @Sal
Dear Linnie and Sally
I can appreciate Connect’s policy but it sure was kind of you to be so thoughtful. We kept in mind what you said. Thank you both so much!

(Linda Nikitin) #16

Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Thanks SO MUCH Tim and Nancy, for your kind message.
My desire is only to help, encourage and lift people up and point them to The Lord Jesus.

Linnie :hibiscus:

(Tim Ramey) #17

Linnie, it is obvious that you like helping people. Your life certainly points them to Jesus which is what you want - to give Him the glory. Thanks again, Linnie!

(Tim Ramey) #18


I felt led to share with you about my recent memorization.

In the beginning, I wrote a post called “A Dare” challenging everyone to memorize, speaking of how you can do it if you have a routine and you add time for review. Rather than holding up the banner that if I can do it, so can you, I want to hold another banner up. That banner is, I have proved my point to myself, not as a victor but as a struggler.

You see, my time in the Philippines was 6 weeks. My days were nothing like here so I had no routine. i did what many of you I’m sure have done and hence failed, and that was to memorize when I could. I’d pound it for a length of time, get called away and then hit it again whenever. I never got it down but I will catch up the next week with the two new verses. Is that what took place? Rather, I got further behind. Finally, at the end, I got down a routine and stayed up but with the previous verses amiss, I still was behind.

Now add to that the many chapters that I’ve memorized with no review. Oh, I’ve got those down but after a month of not reviewing, I am realizing that, unless I get down with my review routine, those will slip right through my memory and I’d virtually have to start over again.

The reason for this post is to see what results the same person gets depending on a time that is determined to be memory time. It does not have to be in addition to anything but a way that works for you to include what you already do. Some have the verses posted all over their house. Some have it in their car. Some put it on their cell phone. The above works for some and not others. In fact some who do the above are finding that it is not working for them.

The effort is primarily in figuring out what works for you. Try your theory out. If it doesn’t work, think of something else. Keep trying until it clicks. You’ll find it. I have read many theories on memorization but If I write a book about it, I will be writing to those who only think like I do, which is a small percentage of you. God created you uniquely. use that uniqueness to come up with a system that is yours. Keep review in the mix.

So I write to you with a spirit of, I can do it if I keep to a routine and review. But if I don’t, I can’t rely on my innate ability to memorize because I don’t have that ability. In me, you can see victory and defeat. I will catch up and maintain what I’ve memorized because I am faithful to my routine. What more would Our Lord love than for you to get His Word inside of you? It is not my thing; it is His thing and He will and is glorified through it. For those of you who know that you should do it, get on it. It won’t just happen. And don’t believe the lie that if you learn a chapter, your mind is so full that you can’t learn another. Hogwash. These minds are not tapping into what they’re capable of, especially in this technological world.

Consider it and get to it. My life has been radically changed as I gently see the need to repent, what to say in a situation, how to pray for another but probably what is most important is it evokes praise to the One who I have got to know better through His living Word.

(Carol Nagy) #19

Thanks, @Tim_Ramey for this post. It is true that I can’t memorize Scripture by trying to squeeze time in among all the ‘important’ things I do. It doesn’t work that way. Maybe this is an example of seeking the Kingdom of God first, and everything else will fit in just fine (Mt. 6:33, my revision). I just remember how easy it was for me to memorize chapters of the Bible when I was in my 20s and 30s, when Bible memorization was another brick in my Wall of Good Works keeping me from a real relationship with Jesus. So now, in my 60s I have the privilege of working for it, and this is the stuff that lets me know the mind of God, and it changes my life. See, already I’m writing sentences like Paul’s!

(Tim Ramey) #20

Carol, everything you said is so true. I am in my 60’s as well but I will do everything I can to keep this mind sharp and to memorize is good exercise for it and the Word is good food for it. I smiled when you said that you are beginning to write sentences like Paul. I find that the Scripture is so in there that it comes out when I write but I also am guilty of running off long sentences like him!

(Sally Alexander) #21

@Tim_Ramey Where would we find the prayer list to pray on Monday at 2pm?

(Tim Ramey) #22

Sally, you’d gather it right on this thread. I don’t want to be presumptuous but Darlene often goes through all of the posts and pools them together so as to have it all on one page. That’s why if you have a prayer request that is the same as last week’s, we ask you to post it again so we only have to gather the list from this thread rather than rolling over weeks back and wonder what has become of some of those prayer requests. This way it forces us to give updates, even if nothing has seemingly changed, we put down the same thing.

Will you be joining those of us who pray at 2 on Monday? We pray all week and if something comes up after Monday, it’s not as if it’s too late. It’ll just be too late for the group prayer.

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(Tim Ramey) #23

Sally - wrong! Don’t go to this thread but the new one called Colossians 2:3-4 Prayer. Every week will be a new thread posted on Saturday. Sorry…

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