Colossians 2:1-2 Prayer

Hi all. Hope everyone is well.

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Hello everyone !!! I have missed all of you. I was away on vacation and away from a computer and email. Thanks for all of your prayers last week, I returned home to my boys and a tidy house. They had made a banner to welcome me back with balloons (as I looked closer - my balloons said "Congratulations Graduate and Happy Father’s Day - I had to laugh.)

I am struggling to get back on schedule with work, being mom and everything that goes with it -

This is the first time that I have been able to sit and read everyones’ post and not re-read several times from being distracted. Carol - I loved your post about memorization being another brick in your wall of goodness . . . . I sure have lived in that world. I must confess - memorization is very hard. I started off well - and was proud of myself. Then - the next set of verses knocked that out of me. It was like the words just twisted into a ball of rubber bands and seized up - and I realized that I was looking at it as a task and not a privilege. I am going to carve out time to do this - - -
Brother Tim - I like your post. They are not too wordy - please keep posting them.



Welcome home, Darlene. You were missed. I had to actually go in and write down the prayer requests on a sheet of paper MYSELF. What was my first thought? Where’s Darlene? Honestly, that’s not said to make you the official list maker but I did miss my Monday without you.

I do commend you to have to be Mrs Everything. I don’t know how you do it but it is evident that your children sure love you. Keep up the good work, Sister!