Colossians 2:1-23 Prayer


Dear Praying Lovers of Jesus

Hey - you found it. This is the thread where we pray. So that we don’t post a prayer and that is the final time that we hear about it, if you want us to pray for you this week, please post your prayer item. To pray beyond this week, you would need to post it again next week. That way we get updates etc. Prayer often is requested and we never know if the prayer was answered, did the person die, what? Since we began this, I have had virtually the same post regarding two of my children every week.

I’d like to mention another aspect to praying together as well. Every Monday, at 2 pm CDT, some of us pray “together.” Since we live all over the world, we come together at that time. To join us, you’d adjust the time zones to fit accordingly. So if you live in EDT zone, you’d join us at 3pm your time, which is 2pm CDT, 1pm MDT, 12pm PDT, 3am in the Philippines, etc

We could get another together time going as well. I have so appreciated praying with others at the same time.There is nothing magic about only having one time as a possibility. Speak up and propose another if you are so moved.

If you are signed up in Bible memory group, you already heard this but we have a Google map of all who wanted to put themselves on the map so we get a view of how we are from all over the world. Here is the site link if you want to be included:

Please pray:
-For two of our children, Kara and Jonathan to come back to Jesus.
-For wisdom about what to do about our lodge that we’ve run for 40 years. Should we sell, hang in there, wait for some of our children who are unable to do so now, to come through?
-I am 68. What does Jesus want Nancy & I to do? Should I continue going to the Philippines without Nancy? There are so many variables and so many possibilities but the bottom line is: Jesus - I am yours - use me wherever You want.


Dear prayer warriors: I again ask prayer for my pastor and his wife Janna, who are discouraged, overwhelmed, exhausted. Sunday they returned from their vacation, and we had a joyful worship service, with everyone praising God and amazed that the sermon dealt with exactly what we had been facing all week. Then, Monday, we heard of a new diagnosis of liver cancer in the wife of a man coming to our church. She died Friday, and most of the family couldn’t care less about following Jesus. In this we have an open field for testifying about who Jesus really is, since Bill (the husband) insists that Jeff preach a sermon of salvation. And for those who have been praying for me, I have to say that you are AWESOME! Most of the week I have been praising God, and have spent most of the last few days singing. Thanks to all.


Greetings!! It’s been an interesting week. It started out with what seemed to be some wins, only to turn around later in the week. Nevertheless, I post this as a praise, as it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen even a smidgen of what I would call a win. :slight_smile:

  • Prayer that Autumn and Lauren to be drawn to the love and goodness of God. Right now they do not believe these things of Him. May God bring the right people and circumstances into their lives so that the lies of the enemy are exposed and destroyed.
  • Prayer for my job.

Blessings to you all.


Good Morning dear friends,

Riley was baptized yesterday!!! It was a sweet service. Wesley was asked to play his guitar in the worship band - he participated but you can tell he has no joy in the things of the Lord. There is conflict in his soul. So - a joy, praise and things to pray for.

Please pray for the salvation of Brent, Olivia, Wesley. I am not sure of Ryan’s salvation - he says he asked Jesus in his heart when he was young but I see only fleeting visible proof of it - perhaps he needed to be mentored -

Praying for all of these request that are listed. My prayer is that as we wait for answers that we will not be discouraged because we know that our God is good and faithful and came to seek and save those who are lost.

Blessings to you all,



Sorry I am a little late in putting my prayer requests down. They are all the same:

  1. Salvation for extended family members by now you know - parents, in laws and grandmother
  2. Adjustment to new school routines for both children - Amit and Nithin
  3. Please continue to lift up Joel and Mary to turn to the Lord as they experience strain in marriage

Thank you all. Will be joining you in prayer. This morning has passed by rather soon for me!


Prayers for all! For some reason I’m having a hard time figuring out how groups work in this app. But in any case all of a sudden I’m getting emails that led to this thread. Sorry for my late prayer request as well. Please pray for:
-salvation for my brother Shannon and healing for his nerve damage
-healing & restoration for my mother, Genia’s, cognitive decline
-healing for my husband, Larry, who is experiencing a horrible cold and having vomiting and stomach pain
Thank you!


Leah, thanks for mentioning the items that you want prayer for. You came to the right place as there are so many tender hearts here and folks that do pray, which isn’t easy to find these days.

Hey Leah, can I ask where you live in northern Minnesota? I hope that I haven’t already asked you and forgot! My wife and I live in Grand Marais and we have one of our sons up here as well as one of our daughters in Duluth.


Thanks for your encouragement regarding this group. I live in Duluth. Small world!