Colossians 2:11-12 Prayer


Here is you opportunity to bring before this group of the 80 of us someone or something that is on your heart that you wish all of us to pray for you in the upcoming week. They can be posted all week and as late as Friday but the disadvantage to that is that the longer in the week that you wait to post, the less days that it is prayed for before you would have to post it again for the thread for the week that begins on Saturday.

I will post mine later but do keep Lakshmi in mind as she is at a wedding that is her husband’s side of the family. Vinay’s parents are from India but he was raised in Canada. Lakshmi’s in-laws do not know Jesus but are not strong Hindus but more nominal. Please be in prayer for them when you read this as they are in New Jersey at the wedding now.



Dear Praying Memorizers (What a 1-2 punch!)

If no one else needs prayer, I need a lot! This is only the beginning but if there are not many posts, I’ll add more.

-What the Lord would want regarding our lodge that we’ve operated for 40 years. That then brings up the issue of confirmation for direction in my life.
-Kara & Jonathan coming to love Jesus with all of their hearts.
-That I would love Jesus with my everything and would be exposed to any area that I would be deceitful.I want my every breath used for His glory.


Happy Monday!!

Prayer Requests

  • My two daughters to hunger and thirst for truth and righteousness. Both to return to the Lord their God.
  • Situation where truth needs to be brought to light.
  • Co-worker’s husband. He has chronic pain and doctors can’t seem to figure out what is wrong.

Thanks and have a blessed day!


Good morning :sun_with_face:
Pray that the " choroidal nevus behind my left eye has not grown since 2009. I just had it remeasured last month. I was able to get the Dr.'s office I visited in '09 -'10 to pull my records out of the “dungeon” and they are mailing the measurements to me. It measures 3.50 millimeters now, so that’s what we’re shooting for :slightly_smiling_face:
Also, a major decision is taking place this week concerning our business. Pray the transition goes smooth without too many hiccups.
I will lift the prayer request up this morning. I don’t always join in at 2 but I do pray daily.


Good morning everyone,

I have been at my dad’s for the the past holiday and it has no internet - I have thought often about you all.

I will certainly pray for all of our children - to return to the Jesus. For the soil of their hearts to become fertile places for the seeds of faith on Jesus to grow - not rocky and hard not a tangle of thorns but warm fertile soil.

Praying for Lakshmi’s trip and her family, for Sig’s eye, and decisions about her business, for Brother’s Tim’s lodge and their future and his kids, for Kelly’s daughters and her husbands co-worker.

  • Riley got the nerve up and talked to our pastor about his decision to become a christian. I was so excited that Riley started the conversation with the pastor on his own. (I did not drag him to it although I wanted to.) - When I started praying last October - it has been my prayer to know, that I know, that I know that my kids truly have given their hearts to Jesus. So, now I definitely know that my youngest has. Praises to Jesus. Please pray for Olivia, Brent, Wesley, and Ryan that Jesus will be real in their lives and that they too will know Him.

Thank you for praying together -


Wow, that is definitely a praise!!! So happy for Riley, I know that makes your heart smile :heart::slightly_smiling_face:


Dear Darlene
Riley is not only uncovering his treasure, but you and the rest of us rejoice with him. When the timing is right, let him know how we all impact each other and as his decision has encouraged all of us who wait patiently for our “Rileys.”


Sorry that I had not read all of the posts before I posted so I’m breaking the rules.

It’s so nice to hear from you Sig. I didn’t know whatchoroidal nevus was so I looked it up and they refer to it as a freckle in the eye. Does it create a blind spot? By the way, 2 is not a huge deal but it is for me because I feel almost standing with an army of God’s people when I realize someone else is standing with me.

Kelly, our lives are so different but seem to have issues that run in parallel. See you at 2?


Hi praying friends!

Thank you for praying for me as I was away on a short trip. It was a great to catch up with some relatives there and was able to have a deeper conversation on spiritual matters with one extended family member, whom I met for the first time . Yet have to share the gospel with this family member.

Prayer requests

  1. For good use of time spiritually this week as I prepare to leave for India for next 4 weeks.
  2. For joy of the Lord and for being a good witness for Christ in thoughts and words when visiting family in India.
  3. For salvation for parents and grandmother.
  4. For protection from sickness for kids during travel.
  5. Pray for God’s comfort for the extended family member, Bharati from the wedding.

I will be praying for you and join you all in prayer at 2.00 today. Thank you!


Lakshmi, I just emailed you and got this. I’m so interested in your time in NJ. I bet your beat.

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Hi Tim,
I am here and following group activity from time to time. Currently reading through the Bible with my daughter in law and foster parenting and working…
I was not sure how to reply to the group, but yes I have a few prayer requests.

My 13 year old foster daughter would want to go to church camp
My husband would have desire to grow in his walk with Jesus
I would use my time wisely (to be able to fit it bible memorization! Etc.)


Donna, thanks for the post. You will be prayed for by more than me. Thanks for making us aware Donna. You are in good hands - with believers who will handle you with the hands of Jesus. We are so blessed to have Jesus to turn to. Otherwise, we’d sit and worry for each. Big help that would be!


Hi @Tim_Ramey! Yes, freckle, that “could” turn in to a malignant melanoma. I think they are pretty common and for the most part nothing to worry about. It’s the size and curvature of mine that concerns the Dr. so they want to measure it every 3 months.
When I get my results from the other Dr. and see that it has not grown, then I am not going back to have it measured because it’s very expensive. No growth or even shrinkage :joy: (not sure if that’s possible) is what I’m looking for.
Won’t always make the 2pm mark but praying now :pray:


Sig, thanks for clarifying that for all of us. To pray for a freckle doesn’t quite cut it in prayer! Bless your dear heart Sig, as I see you are one to so many joining Connect. I’m glad you take prayer seriously!

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Hey, Bible memory/prayer group: God bless you every one! I find I am praying through the week mostly for our children, to be strengthened in their lives in Jesus, or to come to Jesus fully and freely. I myself have no DNA kids, yet I have those I hope to consider spiritual kids, and I live that yearning for them to belong to Jesus not only daily but also
many times through the day. I see that in praying for them, and in praying for y’all, I am strengthened in my walk with Jesus. Yet only occasionally do I see signs of the Spirit working in them; it is 90% trusting that what is deeply longed-for in my heart is also a big deal to him. So when I read in Acts 26:14 in Paul’s conversion narrative, he is asked by
Jesus, “Why are you persecuting me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.” I think (maybe I’m wrong in this) that Jesus had sent many before Paul that spoke the truth to him and provided an opportunity for him to come to Jesus as the Hope of Israel that he kept praying for. So even if I don’t see results in any interaction or prayer leading them to fully understand Jesus and accept his death and resurrection as life-giving, I can rest knowing that the same Jesus who called me can call them also. As I take them in prayer over and over, I am coming to understand the character and nature of the Father more and more. Also, as I read these posts I rejoice to see the depth of relationships with Jesus in those posting, and have gleaned a greater understanding of prayer from the ramblings of Tim. So please be encouraged, group: even when I don’t post y’all are never far from me.


Carol, what an encouraging post! I’m sure I speak for all of us with children when I say that there is great comfort in knowing you are faithful in prayer for these wanderers. I still have you on my prayer list for strength in ministry.

Couldn’t agree more about the depth of relationships, even in this on-line venue. It truly feels like a family.

Heart-felt thanks and God’s blessings! May He move mightily and be greatly exalted. :grinning:


Prayer time! @Bible_Memorization_Group