Colossians 2:17-18 Prayer


This thread is exemplary fellowship as it takes verses that we learn personally and results in crying out to other believers on the behalf of another - yourself or someone else. It then weaves that admonition to fellowship in with the command to pray. Woven in that is our the obedience to love the Lord which results in love for one another.

What a gift to have you as brothers and sisters. We are all in differences places and stages in our walks but we have one common aspect - we all love Jesus. I praise my Lord for you! Keep loving Him and if you are struggling, here is where you need to lay those struggles down so we care share them with you.

I’d appreciate prayer:

  • For two of my seven children to come back to Jesus and for all 7 children and the 23 grandchildren to love Jesus with all of their hearts. Four children and 17 grandchildren will be visiting us this week.
  • For the Lord’s leading regarding what direction He has for my wife Nancy and I.
  • For our weekly dinner and Bible study on Tuesday nights with our staff, mostly international students.

PRAYERS for you and your family!


Dear Bible Memorization Group – Thanks so much for your prayers, particularly for me and my Pastor and his wife Janna. While the stress has not lifted, there have been some remarkable conversations this past week, with incredible opportunity to minister God’s word to new or non-Christians. Being in a place to see the Holy Spirit speak to someone is infinitely greater than being completely stress-free, which is what I thought I wanted. Again, thanks. The three of us usually feel so inadequate in resources and experience, yet people hungry for God keep showing up. Please pray for Tim, who came late to our Friday night Game night sobbing because he had been rudely rejected in telling someone about Jesus. This young man is on fire for Jesus, but is schizophrenic so is very difficult to talk to at times. We need lots of wisdom, discernment, and trust in the Holy Spirit working in him, since sometimes even we don’t know what is read and what is delusion. But we feel God has led him here, and what other church in our area would take him in? Maybe he will turn out to be like the Mr Mush Tim. ; )


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Leslie, I’m writing this to you because if you hit reply and then state your prayer request, it will post on the prayer site that I am referring to. Thanks Tim

Carol, super news but we will follow through in prayer. Everyone who reads this, please band together for these prayer requests! Thanks so very much Carol. I’ve thought a lot about your post from last week and sure appreciate it even more than when I expressed that I did! Thanks! Tim the Musher


Dear Bible memorization group,

I am so thankful to all of you for praying. The trip to India has gone great so far with everyone in good health, family showering their love on us and opportunities to share the message of Christ. Grandmother actually joined me in prayer and asked me to pray to Jesus for forgiveness of her sins. She has yet to accept Jesus as her only Lord. The amount of openness though was incredible for a devout hindu! Also had opportunity to strike some conversations with my parents and uncle. There is a lot of misconception about Christ and Christianity here which need to be cleared up.

  1. Please pray for fruitful spiritual conversations with hindu families and friends leading to the knowledge of truth of Jesus.
  2. Good health, staying strong in the Lord for our family
  3. Saving marriage of a couple named Joel and Mary

Good to hear the updates on prayer requests from others. Praise God!


So encouraged by the good reports that have been shared!

  • Continued prayer for Autumn and Lauren that Christ be lifted up and draw them to Himself.
  • Prayer for our home group to really focus on Christ and see God move powerfully. Have a new person joining us this next meeting. Prayers that God’s love move powerfully. Her husband is a new believer and isn’t coming but want to be encouraging for her. May His peace and presence be found when people walk through our door.

Blessings to everyone this week. May we walk in His strength and power!!


Will pray :pray: without ceasing


Plz pray for our daughter who is living a sinful lifestyle and has shunned her family. She seems to be away from the Lord too. Thx


Dear Leslie, we are praying for you and family without ceasing🙏


Please forgive me if I act like I am the apostle Paul but I feel like him as I read the needs that are the cry of your hearts. In Colossians 2 he says that you have not seen my face, which is like my situation, but he goes to pray for encouraged hearts. That is the chapter we are memorizing so for those of you who just hopped aboard, please read that chapter!

Leslie, we weep with you. Please know that there are others in this group with similar relationships. How we need Jesus. There is no where else to go and that is comforting knowing that we are going to the right One.

Daniel, thanks for praying with us. Please let us know anything you want us to pray for this week.

Just as a reminder, especially to those maybe not aware, but this thread is a weekly prayer thread coinciding with the 2 verses that we are memorizing for the week. I think Kelly, Lakshmi and I have posted the same thing weekly and we will continue to bring it before the Throne until we need to no longer.


Any other prayer needs before many of us gather at 2 for prayer today (Monday)?