Colossians 2:19-20 Prayer


This week I will be biking with two of my siblings down in Illinois. We go every year and they don’t know Jesus. I so love to be with the Body of Christ but I think it is imperative that we get out into the world and rub shoulders with unbelievers, especially family.

Many of the prayers we bring forth deal with family - children, siblings etc. Oh how I long to see some reviving work. May Jesus be glorified!

-Please pray for my son Jonathan who will be coming home from LA next week as well as my daughter Kara who is currently unemployed. Both need Jesus.
-For wisdom about what Nancy and I are to do about our lodge as we are getting to the point that after 40 years, we just can’t keep doing it. What does Jesus want?
-For my time with a brother and sister all week as we bike. Lakshmi and Kelly, it could be the first time that I will not be alone joining you at 2pm on Monday.
-That my prayer life would intensify. I’m a lot of talk and this strong prayer warrior is actually a wimp!


My prayer requests are much the same as last week and dont have much in terms of new updates. I praise God that kids and I continue to be in good health despite much travel in India. We have one more trip to the north of India remaining. Please continue to pray for -

  • Salvation of parents and parents in law
  • Safety as we travel
  • Pray for a couple, Joel and Mary who are contemplating divorce.
  • To walk in humility, gentleness and speak truth in love with family here in India.

Brother Tim, may the Lord bring to remembrance a word in season as you visit with your family and may He prepare their hearts to receive this word. Wish you a time of rest and bonding with family.


Dear Praying Friends,

I have been reading Francis Chan’s book “Letters to the Churches”. In the book we are drawn to realize what God had in mind in regards to the church. God emphasized that we are to “bear one another burdens” and be zealous for the salvation of others. This made me smile and think of my friends here on Connect. We are doing both, and memorizing scripture.

My request are
my children -Olivia, Brent, Ryan and Wesley, my neighbor - Patricia, my lab mate - Mike. All of these people are in need of a Savior. May I be obedient in prayer for them.

Praying for all of your request dear friends.



Apologizes for such a long delay in response. I’m behind some on the memorization but know you are in my prayer journal and I do pray for you and your families. A few messages ago Tim you mentioned with a heavy, caring heart about losing our youth. My church takes prayer very seriously and I just want to share a couple of short stories. One young high school graduate was preparing to move in with a boyfriend. We prayed, the family laid hands on this young woman and for a year we continued to pray. We asked the Lord to stir up in her a troubled heart and spirit when considering wrong life choices and friends, give a discerning spirit and claim a life that was once given to Him. Answer to prayer and by the Lord’s hand, this girl left last month for missionary training. We also had a young man in our church leave a destructive life of drug addiction and return to Jesus and our church community. When it is not possible to lay hands on people who need salvation or a call back to Jesus, we call out to God for their souls, lay hands on their names and pictures,remind God He said He is mighty to save and that He would have none perish. We pray scripture over them. RZIM has a wonderful online ‘Praying Scripture’ article that I’ve found helpful and Stormie Omartian’s ‘Prayer Warrior’ book is also excellent. Your prayer requests are copied, pasted & printed in my prayer journal. Many of the prayers in Colossians, and other prayers from Paul for His beloved ones are a blessing to pray over, hands on names that represent a human brother & sister made in the image of God. My church has a 1 1/2 hour prayer time the last Sunday of every month. Intermittently, we also have a weekend of fasting and praying. Youth bring their sleeping bags and pray. Adults, in small groups, read through the entire Bible during this time some reading a full book others just chapters in a book. These have proved to be powerful weekends with answers to prayer. One last thing I would like to share is a few years ago we had people write their true God stories. We had two books published from Central Baptist Church called, “Choose Twelve Stones, volumes 1 and 2”. These stories made a great impact, not just on youth but we are a 900 church community and these stories really drew us together. Now we share stories by video - gotta keep up with the times. Sorry to go on so long but like you all, I’m heavy hearted for future generations. Please share with me what you and your churches are doing to reach out to our youth and keep them in the sheepfold. You all are probably aware of The Barna Group and a book called, “You Lost Me.” We have one Pastor who is our Generational Pastor and is strongly connected to Barna Group, he travels to Ventura, CA taking advantage of their training and all they have to offer because we believe its so imperative we fight for our kids now and in upcoming generations. The enemy wants them but they belong to God and we need to do all we can by His guidance and Spirit to take back ground Satan is gaining a foothold in on their behalf. Praying for you, God’s beloved, in this group. Praise and thanks to God and you Tim for your leadership.
Thank you for your prayers
God’s grace and peace, He is faithful.


ILove all the encouraging posts, as well as the requests. Thanks for prayers for home group last week. It was probably once of the most productive groups we’ve had.

-Continued prayer for Autumn and Lauren to return to the Lord and truly know Him and be willing to lay down their lives for Him. Very concerned for Lauren. May God’s truth penetrate through the lies!!!
-Considering starting a weekly prayer group as facilitator. Wisdom and guidance.

Thank you!!



Thank you for sharing!! What great encouragement.


Thank you for sharing this:)


Dear praying friends,

I would like to ask for a double prayer request for salvation of my parents today. I have been talking with my parents for the last 3 hours about my own experience of coming to Jesus, the truth of His resurrection and the problems I saw with karma. My parents are able to accept me following Jesus as a way to God but say that they are not personally attracted to Jesus. My father mentioned it’s too late in life for him to consider a change of path though he didn’t disagree with me. He said that he is not closed off to Jesus but God would need to do a miracle for him to accept Jesus. I am just asking you to pray for a miracle this Monday afternoon. Thank you friends.


Dear Bible Memorization/Prayer Group – Again I need to thank you guys for praying, and praise God for his sweet answers to prayer. I have asked prayer for my pastor Jeff, his wife Janna, and me, discouraged and exhausted. Yesterday we got a whopper of a sermon, which I saw resonated with many, even me, about forgiveness for sins we still are wrapped up in, and trusting the Spirit to change us. Today both Jeff and Janna are on vacation for two weeks, so I expect that the Spirit will call me to ‘boot camp’ to deal with issues I still have not yet surrendered to him. Please pray for me, as I need to have my ears washed out with soap! (Mouth is washed with soap for using bad language, ears need to be washed with soap for listening to and acting on the lies of the Enemy.) This post would be pages long if I reported the ways the Spirit has moved in this past week. So maybe I can catch up on memorizing…


Praying for all @Bible_Memorization_Group


In prayer for your Mom and Dad. What a blessing to read their hearts and minds were open to you, a dear daughter, honoring her parents by sharing the gospel for 3 hours. Praise God, His word does not return void. May our gracious Father reveal His love and truth in a miraculous way to your Dad.


I was at work but I have been praying and singing praise to Jesus under my breath - every praise song I could think of went through my head - I know our Heavenly Father through his spirit can draw your sweet mom and dad to himself. He would not have any to perish.

Blessings to you - Lakshmismehta


Yes Lakshmi!!! I’m praying. You just wait and see sister!!!


Thank you all for praying. I am now following up my conversation with my parents with prayer and notes from discussions I had with Sean on Connect. I wish I have a story of victory to share one day. With God all things are possible!


Lakshmi - Such encouraging news! God’s word never returns void so it will be exciting to see God’s increase in your efforts. Continue to pray and stand with you.


I am late in my reply but I do have them on my list and have prayed daily. Bless your heart. I will continue to pray. At least they are thinking Lakshmi. Praying now :pray:


Thank you Sig. Continuing conversations again today. Thankful to God for the opportunity for discussion.


Prayers for your father


Lakshmi, I have been praying that the Lord speaks to your parents at night. That Jesus shows them that now is better than not dealing with the truth. I’m so excited. You just can’t believe it! I also had a wild thought about you and Kelly that I’ll mention later.

Praise God for what he’s doing that you can and can’t see.
In Jesus