Colossians 2:23 Prayer


The intention is not to steal Lakshmi’s thunder nor a post from her, but let’s praise our precious Jesus for emboldening her to diligently spreading the Gospel in India. Pray for our tired sister who just got home with her husband and two boys.

I am constantly being tempted to believe that prayer is a huge waste of time. Much of the body of Christ, unfortunately, have bought into that lie. It is so critical that it is the reason the enemy never gives up trying to have us give up.

When the enemy throws it on me, one of his techniques is for him to tell me that you only have to look around and see the results of my many prayers. What has changed? What’s different? Wouldn’t have everything been this way if I had taken the time that I spent praying and substituted it with doing something that will give me immediate satisfaction? Sometimes this so called prayer warrior says, “Yeah, you have a good point there.”

Christians aren’t to live in la la land, i.e. we believe in only what we can’t see. You tell me you see the sun is out but the Lord told me it is raining so I take that by faith. No! A thousand times no! But the Holy Spirit does often tell us to put our trust in that which does not perish or temporal things but to believe in what is going on in the heavenlies. Not because we invent it, but because He tells us it’s true. That’s why His Word is imperative because we need that to guide our thinking.

You can read the last verses of II Corinthians 4 or even the verse we had this past week about things that all perish when they are used and we see how temporary this home is. We need to pray and ask Him what He wants and believe Him for it. He wants many to come to Him and those lives will be eternal.

Please pray:
-We’re still directionless about our lodge and future direction.
-Please pray that Jesus would be real to Jonathan and Kara. Jonathan is home this week but seems so apathetic to what is our Everything!
-My unknown cause for my fatigue sure does cloud my thinking.
-Here’s a biggie - for revival…


To those who lift up our sisters and brothers in prayer: please pray for me this week, for a heart to praise my God. I am so stubborn and hard-hearted. Thanks so much.


@Tim_Ramey: Amen to your prayer for revival, and I am praying for your requests. Just don’t think that prayer is a waste of time. Unless it’s like a long list of requests from the ‘Santa Claus in the Sky’, even if we don’t see change doesn’t mean that prayer is ineffective. Think of Revelation 5:8, “…the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each holding a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.” and Revelation 8:3-5, where the prayers of the saints (us) were offered before God by an angel, who then threw the censer filled with fire from the heavenly altar and the incense/prayers of the saints to earth, starting the judgment of God. Plus, one of the verses that hits me every time I read it: Ezekiel 22:30, “And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none.” We are so immersed in the sin and filth of this age that most of the time we act and react as if we had no God; we need to immerse ourselves more in his presence, and a big part of that is prayer. Please don’t give up.


Oh Carol, you have such a tender heart. I’m not giving up. I’m just confessing where the enemy whacks me all of the time. When the enemy keep whaling away at me, it can backfire and actually help me to realize how important that it is.

Where I do have a hard time praying is for your stubborn and hard heart! It’s hard to pray for a problem that you cannot imagine is a problem! As my first line says, I feel that there is no one in this group with a more tender heart but if you say so, I will pray. I’m not making light of it Carol for you know better.


Dear praying friends,

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for praying for my trip to India to visit family. Though I never attended church in the five weeks I was there, I felt very connected with the body of Christ, including many of you whom I have not seen face to face, just as Paul says in Col 2. Thank you for praying and the words of encouragement. I believe the bowls of prayer in heaven are filling up and it will soon be time for them to be fully answered! The Lord did provide a few opportunities to talk about Him with my grandma, parents, uncle and cousins. I wish I could report that I have family members turning to the Lord from Hinduism. All I can say is that everyone to my surprise seemed more open this time than before to hear out what I had to say. I praise the Lord for giving me another opportunity to wrap up the conversations I started with my Dad about Jesus in answer to last week’s request. Whereas previously my parents requested me to stop sharing about Jesus, this time my Dad responded, “I am open and will listen. Let us see what happens in future”. Even though I dont see the answer yet as I want, I am trusting that God’s ways are higher than our ways and that His will is not for anyone to perish.

@carolsong88, appreciate your honest and humble request for prayer for more praise for the Lord. It’s a great thing that you want to praise Him more. That is a sign of tenderness and not stubbornness but I understand your request. May the praise and love of the Lord fill your heart, soul and mind as you rest in Him.

Prayer requests:

  1. Prayer for new school year for kids Amit and Nithin. For blessings spiritually, socially and academically.
  2. Salvation of parents, parents-in-laws, grandma
  3. Wisdom in parenting

Be blessed in Jesus!


Looking forward to lifting these requests before the Lord, as well as the praises! So many verses in Colossians that remind us of HIS power over all principalities. Knowing that He hears our prayers because He has made us holy, blameless and above reproach before emboldens me to pray with confidence.

-I feel as if I am looking at impossible circumstances, but ask for prayer for me to keep my eyes on Him…because nothing is impossible with Him.
-So discouraged by what looks like losing ground with Autumn and Lauren. Prayers for wisdom in discussions. Appreciate prayers for God to create a hunger for truth within them and bring His truth to light.
-My closest friend from High School and I reconnected recently. She spoke of the Old Testament and how she could not reconcile some of the stories there with a loving God. I must admit, it is a challenge for me as well. But I had listened to an awesome teaching on the OT. The speaker began with “Concede the problem…” Meaning there are many things in the OT that are hard to understand. Yet, he spoke to many of these stories leaving you with more confidence in the goodness of God even though all stories could not be explained. Since we just reconnected, I grappled with sending her the link…but finally decided to send it yesterday (8/18). Please pray this open doors for more discussions! Her name is Rochelle.

Blessings for God’s goodness to surround us and protect us as we pray for one another.


Please see this post from a Sister who has asked for prayer. I recommended that she post it here as well but it didn’t happen so I thought you’d want to see it for those especially who gather at 2 today to pray:



My name is Saravanan. I’m 35 years old I’m from India. I was born in hindu family.
Because of my immoral life i came to Indonesia 4 years ago. I continue to stay here without proper documents. 2 years ago i came to know christ through a Philippine woman. She had sent me a Bible. I started to read the Bible. At first i did not understand. After that I searched bible study in YouTube. I learned that I’m a sinner. Before i came to Christ i was a person who act like a innocent outside but inside of my heart I’m a very very dirty person. Few months ago while i was bible study in YouTube i saw Ravi Zacharias sermon video. I started to listen his sermon. His sermons help me to grow strong in my faith in Christ. Especially in this Muslim country. I learned many things from his Q&A programs. I have wasted my 20’s and now almost 30’s. Now I’m trying to go back to India and tell to my family and people about how JESUS has changed my life. I’m fighting against my fear. Please pray for me.


Oh @carolsong88 I stumbled upon your post and found it so incredibly encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing these reasons that prayer is worthwhile. I really needed to hear all that you had to say here! Many blessings to you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!


Tara, it’s so encouraging to hear how encouraged you were by Carol’s remarks. It seems odd I know, but it blesses me that her words blessed you as well. Sometimes I think we yawn and say, “Oh, that was nice” but to hear how it blessed you as well did my heart good.


@kelelek, your post touched my heart, especially about Autumn and Lauren. I remember not so long ago feeling as if none of the people I was praying for and none of the things I was praying for saw any results. At the same time I had an avocado pit I was growing on the window sill, and it up and died. I felt I should write a book “Knowing When to Stop Watering a Dead Plant”. Yet several weeks later, the dead plant grew another shoot. The Spirit knows how to comfort and encourage us in our despair. And now suddenly you have that friend from high school just waiting to hear about Jesus!! It is so hard to be the one sowing the seed sometimes, because we aren’t guaranteed that we’ll see any results. And yet there is something so deeply satisfying about sharing the testimony and knowledge we have that we can say with Jesus, “I have meat to eat that you don’t know about.” (from John 4).


Thank you sister. God bless you


@carolsong88 Thank you for your post, Carol. I’m so glad you’re apart of this thread…your faithfulness to prayer is such a blessing to us. Love the title for your book “Knowing When to Stop Watering a Dead Plant”. Lol - so like life! I believe this would be a top seller. How many examples in life could God bring your way to fill those pages. My prayer is that every one of us with requests are part of that story!! Many blessings to you.


@tpauls8 – I read your post and remembered what attracted me to this group, even before the Bible memorization group: a heart-felt plea for prayer from Tim for Pastor Jun in the Philippines, and the responses of people praying. This is what we do in the church: we pray for each other and support each other and learn from each other. There’s no comparison with anything else!


Hey Saravanan, please excuse me as I referred to you as a sister in Jesus and Lakshmi said that your name usually meant a male. Then your picture appeared and I had it wrong. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I thought that your name was a woman’s name. Probably because the Sara part is a female name. Who know but I am sorry, brother!

I’ll buy one of Carol’s books!

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It’s okay no problem sister. Don’t say sorry for it. Thank you for your kind words. God bless you sister

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