Colossians 2:3-4


Dear Beloved Fellow Servants
I think I hear some shortness of breath out there. You can do it because look what a breeze this week’s verses are. How were the end of one verse determined and the beginning of another? Some are short, “Jesus wept” and other are very long. How was all of that determined? Anyone know?

I shouldn’t be smashing the long verses because they are so rich. The other day, I said to my wife, “Listen to this” and I read to her Colossians 2:2. (It’s true, i hadn’t had it down yet so i read it to her!)

For those who are memorizing, yes it is work, but the returns are priceless. I need a lot of changing but Jesus has really changed me with His Word. I’m so grateful all of this came about and now many of you are marching forward into territory you never thought existed.Here are our verses:

Colossians 2:3 In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
Colossians 2:4 And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words.(KJV)

Colossians 2:3 in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
Colossians 2:4 I say this in order that no one may delude you with plausible arguments. (ESV)

To be honest, I notice a lack of people even turning to this post. Am I too wordy? Should I do anything different? I’m certainly open.

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Brother Tim, to answer a concern in your post, I don’t think people aren’t reading the posts because of something you are doing. I think it is a discipline issue. When the first excitement wears off and memorizing Scripture becomes work, it is harder to want to follow through. Add to that the guilt of not having memorized the previous verses, and it is like trying to slide up a sliding board. But our God is gracious and merciful, and rewards those who, like me, are weak and not very faithful in simply doing what we said we were going to do. So I can face the fact that I didn’t memorize the last two verses, ask God to help with these next two verses, and rejoice in a God who wants to help me do this. Not to mention the cool stuff that I understand better with thinking over the verses.


Tim, for me, it is not you! I really appreciate the posts you share and your heart. I just joined about a week ago. It seems you may be memorizing the book of Colossians? It is such a great book! How do I find the start of this project so I can catch up?


Carol, what you said was so helpful. I t was also said with a blessed spirit of humility. To see Jesus right there blessed me so much. Carol, on your own you would want the world to know all that you’ve accomplished but the Jesus within you is humble,and you know Carol, the Jesus within you is so beautiful. We are so blessed to see Jesus through each other.

Sally, I’m glad that you are with us as you have been so involved already. Sally, to learn about the very beginning, you might want to click on How and Why to Memorize Scripture

However the short version is that we memorize 2 verses/week. We are in the second week of memorizing Colossians 2, memorizing Colossians 1 before that, 2 verses/week. If you do read the above, you can read about ways that might work for memorizing. We will continue right on through to the end of Colossians 2 and then begin doing Colossians 3 the same way. Did I lose you?

Sally, you will be amazed at how blessed you will to have Scripture in your heart. I talked with someone today who felt that they were not capable of learning a whole chapter. I didn’t either but 2 verses per week is not too hard for anyone. It is vital to have a way that you review what you’ve learned. I have memorized many, many chapters and it is so much easier to keep up on them than to start over again!

I have never realized the beauty in God’s Word before memorizing it. Thanks for joining us Sally! Please, don’t hesitate to ask any questions!


Prayer: No, didn’t get lost, got your instructions, thanks.
Memorizing: My mother started having us memorize a verse a week each summer. When I was in college and shortly after, I started memorizing chapters. I drove a fair amount, several hours at a time. In the privacy of the car, He would give me so much insight into what I had been memorizing. It was like He was a human being sitting next to me and we were having a conversation. Sometimes I would get so excited I could hardly drive - some of the best times of my life.
Being a first year teacher, newly-wed, then little ones and life crowded out the memorization of new passages (not completely), but the old ones had been there for so long that they stayed with me, until I had the brain injury. I lost most of what I memorized and have not been able to memorize since then. Perhaps this can be a new start. Looking forward to it!


Oh Sally, what an encouraging story with a sad ending but let’s pray that memorizing will help heal the brain injury. I so relate with you when you became so excited about what was revealed in His Word to you. I can’t believe I did not do this earlier. My brain was bashed when I was paralyzed and I was suppose to be brain-dead (so I can always pull that out of my pocket when it’s handy!) but I do feel, as I mentioned about healing for your brain, that even physiologically memorization would is a healthy exercise for the brain but considering it it His Word, it has brought a great amount of healing to me. It will for you. I’m sure of it.

Bless you Sally and I’m so glad to be with you in your new start. You may also have suggestions for all of us as to how you learned chapters previously.



I have a question and comment.

When I am memorizing, I have used the RSV version which is similar to the ESV as I believe, the ESV was the upgrade from the RSV. Anyway, in verse 29 of Colossians 1, the RSV says, “For this I toil, striving with all the energy which he mightily inspires within me.” The word “inspires” is one that I love in its context. To have the energy inspired within me is very special. However, no other version uses that word and they don’t even seem to be close to meaning the same. Though I really like the use of the word, I’m not sure how the RSV concluded the use of inspires. Can anyone see how they could come up with that word, based on the Strong’s meaning and the word used in other versions?

Just a comment about verse 3 that we are memorizing this week. Consider that it is saying in Jesus are hid ALL of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Think of that! All wisdom and knowledge are found in Jesus. That’s almost incomprehensible!



Dear Beloved
I was on my way to bed, going over Colossions 2 to date, and I got thinking about hearing from many of you that the memorization is stumbling along and one time I was excited about it but now it’s a chore etc. There are 71 of us who are involved with memorization. 71! I remember when there was 5 of us. But the numbers aren’t important but the memorization is. This post is not to lay a guilt trip on anyone but something came to me that I thought could be helpful.

Of the 71 of us, i wondered how many are actively memorizing. Reasons that I can’t begin to imagine come up in our lives and the going gets hard. Bu here is where the whip is not effective at all. Rather, my emphasis is to incorporate memorization into your day so it is not another thing you have to do but can fit in with what you already do. So far, nothing too new or enlightening. But here it is…

What do you find yourself thinking about many times per day? Who are we going to get to paint the house? How are we going to make ends meet? Why isn’t my spouse more thoughtful? How can I stand it another day st work with the boss I have? The list is 71 items long. We all think about different things many times per day. How about, when you ruminate again the trillionth time about the situation, take that as a reminder to memorize your verses. See, God’s Word is more than words, it’s prayer. Pray the verses over the situation that is consuming you and use it as a time to both memorize but pray over the situation or person. In so doing, when your not focused on the problem but truth, God’s way or answer begins to final dawn on us. If we can waste so much of our day, thinking about “the problem” the solution giver can do so as we are focused on Him. If you memorize instead of repeating the old problem again, you’ll have tons of time to memorize. Please try it.


So true Tim :heart:


@CarsonWeitnauer posted this yesterday in case anyone didn’t see it. Keep this in your prayers throughout the day :pray:t3:
Thursday, June 13th, RZIM is hosting the EveryCampus National Livestream from 7-9pm ET. You can learn more about the event at our website:

Would you join me in praying for the event?

In particular, would you pray that our brothers and sisters in Christ would gain the courage and the desire to prayer walk a nearby college campus?

That we could pray on campus, “Your kingdom come, your will be done” and see what God does through our willingness to step out in faith?

That the church would be awakened and mobilized to take action to demonstrate and speak about the love of God to the next generation?

I’m excited and filled with anticipation for how God will move through this unique event. I hope you’ll watch the free livestream with others - and ask God how you might respond!


@Tim_Ramey you’re consistency and commitment actually serves as a beautiful example of what we are all striving for. I am encouraged by your posts. I do not always respond, even when I intend to, because of my own lacking in the area of discipline as well as a tendency to overly complicate my responses. I could list a variety of seemingly valid reasons of busyness, but as we often say in our ministry, “those are good excuses, but you’re still not excused”. I see this as an opportunity to build our character by continuing to keep trying, no matter the obstacles or difficulties.

I am making a continual effort to memorize Colossians 2 together with the team. Colossians1 I was reading along but not really trying to memorize. It truly does help to know I am not the only person with this desire to memorize God’s Word. We have all made a commitment and God is helping us to fulfill that commitment. So grateful for the Unity we share through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Tim, thank you for aligning memorization and prayer. I have been doing this already and it really is helping. As I continue in this walk with Our Lord, more and more am I seeing how valuable and powerful God’s WORD is to destroy any and all strongholds in our minds. The best way to combat any form of oppression is to build up, set yourself as an example of what you are hoping for for others. Just as God spoke everything into existence, we truly do frame our world with our words. If we know God’s Word and speak God’s Word than we must be building His Kingdom in the sphere of reality that He has given us possession of. God IS Faithful!

May Jesus continue to reign in all of our lives! Much Love to ALL of you. Hallelujah!!!


Sig, I will learn more about Carson’s post and thanks for reminding us about it. I can say that I will be in prayer but right now but I have to learn about what I’ll be praying for!

Catherine, you sure are gifted in so many ways. Right off the top, I see that you are always encouraging but backing your words up with deep and concisely expressed responses. And my response to you is not intended as a mutual admiration club but is said with deep sincerity. I can’t tell you how I appreciate the body of Christ so what you offer to it makes for a wholeness that would be lacking if you were not there.

An example for my post last night was this morning in my devotions as I was lifting up various people to the Lord I prayed the truths of Colossians 1 over them, as well as what I’ve learned in Colossians 2 thus far. But I could have taken my Bible out and read it and that would be wonderful. But instead, it sprung from my heart and it blessed me more than the ones that I was praying for I’m sure. Just like I want everyone to know my Jesus, i so want those, who it is intended for, to know how memorizing the Word of God has been used to profoundly and continually used to change me.

You always rejoice in Jesus. Right on Sister as we have everything to rejoice about though our bodies may be wasting away or our world has offered us distress, we have the gift of life within and It will never go away!


Hi Tim! Your post today was such an encouragement to me. Thank you. I spent time yesterday talking with a sweet woman who is discipling me and we were discussing “Praying Scripture”. I have been a Christian for about 28 years, and have never focused on “praying scripture”. It’s crazy to me that we can go so far in our faith walk and miss something so important and powerful. I feel excited though, because I feel like I’ve “tapped into” something great. Something you would think would be a “given” being a Christian, yet, it hasn’t been. I’m just now reading over the thread here… I’m not exactly sure how all of this works on RZIM connect yet… and how the separate groups function… but I’m excited to learn! I saw that you posted something above on “How and Why to Memorize Scripture”… I will start there! :slightly_smiling_face: Again, just wanted to thank you for your post and your encouragement. Have a great day!
:sunny: Lisa Vermaak


I do not think you are too wordy @Tim_Ramey @Bible_Memorization_Group


@JasonWalker Jason, thanks for your kind words. I think that I’m more grateful to see you up and about again. I’ve missed you!

@LisaVermaak Your words were so encouraging and humbling to me as well. Many times I get haunted by what I post and most of the time it is the enemy trying to tell me “what a dumb thing to say.” But as I headed out on my bike today that post came up and I was thinking about what I mentioned but then blessed Jesus and said, "I can’t lose because if it is stupid, they will know me better, but if it is of you, all glory to You because I would not only have ever though of it but they aren’t even my words that I’m praying, I’m praying God’s Word! So you can see why I genuinely appreciated the timing of your words because the enemy tried to bash me with it and then you come along and said how it helps. I am very humbled because I get the credit but it is Jesus in me who thought of it.

Lisa, if you ever have a question or comment, have at it because I love to engage with those who really want to grow in Jesus. I have learned so much from this group.


Hi Tim,

I work at memorization every day! I know that I, like, Paul do not always do what I want to do and I hate what I do BUT thanks be to God - the more my mind is full of what Scripture says, the more I am prepared for what the day holds. . . And, if you are too wordy, yay! I am too! :slight_smile:


Wow - like a punch in the face - “those are good excuses, but you’re still not excused.” Thank you for your post.


They need these events on every campus! Love what RZIM is about and their loving spirit…not just knowledge. I saw that this is available to watch so hope to get to it today. What a tremendous ministry.


I so appreciate the interaction that we have. Just look back and look at the posts and there are 10 different ones of us interacting. The more we hear from all of you, the more we gain. It’s so good to hear from three in this thread that we have never heard from before - welcome Sally, Lisa and Lara. Thanks so much.

Lara, you’re wordy? Look at the size of your post and compare them with the length and number of mine! Please get wordier!