Colossians 2:5-6 Prayer


Isn’t this a gift to have all that we have with Connect so that we are able to do all of this with memorization and prayer as a team? I thank all of you, such as Carson and the others, who have put this together to work out so well for us.

Please post your prayer requests this week, even if they are the same as last week’s. Sustained prayer is what we are going for.

I’d like to add a comment about prayer that I am realizing. In many of our memorized chapters and even in many chapters we haven’t, the aspect of not ceasing to pray and to be constant in prayer is repeated. Now a book could be written on the subject but I’d like to share just one thought regarding it.

How can I be praying for you constantly? If I do, how about them? How can I do my job if I am praying unceasingly?

Jesus often went up alone to pray. Usually the result of those times was receiving from the Father things like assigning His 12 apostles or walking on water or being tempted in the wilderness. It was also a time of deep communion. But Jesus went down among the people. Why didn’t He just stay on the hill and pray - unceasingly?

I believe when He prayed on the hills it was what we call devotions. But then He got up and did things. Now here is where I think the unceasing prayer is vital. Jesus,lived with an attitude of prayer. In other words, an attitude is that we don’t say, “Well. I got my prayer time in for the day” and dive into the day. Rather, we ask the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us as Jesus did when He prayed for guidance from the Father.

What does that look like? I feel that it is the same as you being with your most beloved friend all day and night - just being with each other. Sometimes neither of you are saying anything, but you are conscious of each other’s presence. As friends, it may be that you say why don’t we do such and such? The bottom line is that you aren’t friends just when you have a conversation but you are active friends all day. You know each other so well and move about accordingly. I am doing a pathetic job of communicating what I am thinking.

Our day should be one long prayer where we trust the Holy Spirit to lead and guide our every move. As we go into the day with that attitude, I feel that it speaks of unceasing prayer. We are always available to the Spirit’s prompting.

I didn’t mean to sermonize, only share a thought. Your feedback is very welcomed even if it isn’t affirming.


I actually think you communicated this quite eloquently, and for that, you get a :+1: and a :heart:, :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Sig but :blush: and the :+1:was nice but if I didn’t get a :heart: I would have been heart-broken! By the way Sig, I listened to EveryCampus and thought it was good but I’m surprised I’ve not seen a ppep about it on Connecat. Maybe I’m blind!:nerd_face:


Brothers and sisters: I find that during the day I think of group members who have asked prayer for family, and pray for the family as well as the one asking for prayer. By praying for others, even those I have never seen face to face, I have come to see how precious you are in the sight of our God.


Hey @Tim_Ramey, I agree with what you are saying. Would fellowship or communion with God be the same as prayer? And that’s only possible through the Holy Spirit. I was just thinking about how sad it is that I can go a whole day (aside from my morning Bible Study time/prayer and worship and Sunday School at church and praying over my food) without mentioning God. It’s almost like I’m in a “bubble” here on RZIM Connect and at church as well.

I enjoy reading your posts. They are very inspiring and make me see things in a new way.

I am so very thankful for this Bible Memorization and prayer group. I am still in Colossians 1 and may never catch up, but I do ask for your prayers as I struggle with neck and shoulder pain.

Love to you all,



Phillipians 4:19 My God shall supply all Your needs according to His abounding riches in Christ Jesus! Praying God’s will be done! I’m not apart of this group “yet” looking forward to joining. Thinking of Paul’s prayer for the Colossians and The supremacy of Christ! God’s will WILL BE DONE!


With those thoughts in mind from Brother Tim - I find that when any of you come to my mind -I pray.

So I looked back and found these prayer requests -

Brother Tim:
his complete recovery from strep throat, and pneumonia and his mission trip
his wife, Nancy’s struggle with balance - Are you and Nancy better; improving?
Jonathan, and Kara to be brought into a close relationship with Jesus
Rachel - his friend in Australia who is going through a divorce
For Rachel’s kids that are struggling with anger about the family situation - esp Jade.
Jun - continues recovery
Carol Phil’s family - that they will come to know Jesus
Kelly For her daughters - Lauren and Autumn to return to God with all their hearts (Kelly - I really love how that was worded) and Kelly request for wisdom and faith to perservere.
Lakshmi - Salvation for family members - in laws, parents, and sister. Lakshmi also request that *" As I prepare to see my family in India this summer please pray for God’s guidance and for me to grow in love in the Spirit as we read in Colossians.

And from this week - Tabitha has pain in her neck and shoulder.

Please pray for my kids - Olivia, Ryan, Wesley and Riley. Brent is Olivia’s boy friend. They are not married but have twins together. He served in the Iraq war - had lots of injuries and left the military because of them. He lives with a lot of pain. Pray for his salvation - and for pain management and healing.

I apologize if I missed something.

Praying for you all. I am so glad for this group.


Sweet Darlene! Not only does she compile the list but I hadn’t put in my prayer request but the thoughtful girl did it for me. Bless your heart Darlene. Thanks! I would just add this:
PraiseStrep throats gone as well as pneumonia. I have a UTI but am on antibiotics and I feel much better.

PrayerNot an addition but an emphasis regarding Rachel under my prayer requests. She loves Jesus but iss having a time holding on.


Sorry, another addition:
Prayer Tabitha struggles with neck and shoulder pain. It is hard for her even to memorize because it aches so much.


Love reading through all of these posts. It’s been a really though week, so I have found the thoughts and comments very encouraging. Tim you seem to come up with some very profound thoughts. Thanks for always being willing to share!

Thank you Darlene for adding my prayer request and for putting all requests in a nice list! It’s such a help.


Good day. Thank you for this opportunity to pray with all of you. @Bible_Memorization_Group

Here are my prayer requests:

For Brother Tim:
his complete recovery from strep throat, and pneumonia and his mission trip
his wife, Nancy’s struggle with balance

For my children Nalubaale and Mosiah who just got baptised may JESUS keep on revealing HIMSELF to them and they stay loving JESUS and JESUS keeps revealing himself to them.

That my wife and my step children come to know and love JESUS and they decide to to make HIM their saviour.

That I get a good paying job near my family and that I am in GOD’s purpose as provider, priest and protector of my family. Also I am in GOD’s purpose in all things.



Thanks for checking in Jason. You have a lot going on in your life. We will lift you up to Jesus, brother!

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Thank you Tim

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Prayed for you and your requests Jason. Have a lovely day!


Brother Tim…thank you for this illustration of communion with God. To talk to God consistently throughout each and every day has always been what I’m striving for. Well, ever since I found out that God is real. I still remember when I first started talking to God, not really knowing what was going to happen, thinking I might just be talking in vain, but He took that little bit of Faith that I had, to consider God as a possibility after so many years of actively denying His existence. Thank God for the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

I definitely cherish the time that is set aside to really get on my knees and cry out to Our Father, yet I regularly declare my awareness of God’s Presence and express my desire and desperate need to stay connected. Sometimes I just say “Thank you Jesus” or “I trust you Jesus”. I consider that Jesus is constantly interceding on our behalf, and I’m not really sure what that could possibly look like, still, I desire to look like Jesus, to live like Jesus and to pray like Jesus.

I believe we are called to live a lifestyle of fasting, praying, and being open to receive from God. To receive what??? Divine instruction. His Word to lead us in paths of righteousness in our minds. It’s all by the Grace of God, this priceless gift promised to us through the blood of Jesus.

So, in hopes of being more open, in hopes of growing relationships within the body of Christ,
in hopes of seeing God move through our relationships even more than He already has. Here are my prayer requests:

  1. Healing in my body and the faith to trust God to give me strength to endure whatever He is leading me through. I was diagnosed with hepatitis c in my addiction, by the Grace of God I just started taking the medication to cure it. I do not feel very well but I put no confidence in my flesh, it’s not me that lives, it’s Christ in me! Amen.
  2. Salvation for my natural family. Especially my mom and my daughter. I am encouraged by the testimonies of others families receiving Christ miraculously since it is sometimes hard to see what I know God can do in my own family. Familiarity breeds contempt and whatever I think it looks like is not God’s reality. No matter what it looks like, God is able!!!
  3. For our hearts to be knit together in Love! That the anointing of the Holy Spirit would cause us all to be in Unity. Lifting up the Body of Christ!

Love you all!! Though we are absent in body, we are present by the Spirit. With you all in prayer! We love you Jesus!!!


Thank you @LisaVermaak! I pray for you and all in the group @Bible_Memorization_Group

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This is a notice to all, especially those praying together today at 2 pm CST. (Less than an hour). Please take note that there have been more requests made since Darlene graciously made up our prayer list.

It’s so nice to have you along Lisa! And Catherine, besides your prayer requests, your posts always contain so much meat that I could munch on it for a long time. However, I think you summed up my desire and nailed what we should be about when you said pray:


@Bible_Memorization_Group hence 3pm EST and 12 noon PT


Praying for you @Catherine


You have it right Jason. We just pray together wherever we are.