Colossians 2:5-6


Dear Precious Friends in Jesus
To compare myself with Paul would be a sacrilege, but I can so identify with him as he writes his epistles. Last week he wrote to you, Laodicia, and to those who had not seen his face. So though he did not live in this technological world in which, I have never seen any of you in person, save one of you via Skype, he also wrote to people that he never saw. Yet, what comes through is the part where I identify with him and that is his love for those he has never seen.

Our world would says that is impossible. I would join Paul in understanding that it is a very real, yet mysterious reality, I find that I have the same feelings for you. I really care for you. We have those within this group that are very active and verbal, which I so appreciate. We also have those who want to check in and glean from what is going on, and that too, is great. I just care that you are being fed by the Holy Spirit in all of this. Period. And I know that this is what Jesus wants for each - I mean that - EACH of you. There are now 74 in this group. He loves each one of you - the loud mouth like me and the quiet, shy one who is just as adamant in growing in Jesus as I am. Jesus will meet us to the measure that we desire Him.

Colossians 2:5 For though I am absent in body, yet I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good order and the firmness of your faith in Christ.
Colossians 2:6 Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, (ESV)

Colossians 2:5 For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the stedfastness of your faith in Christ.
Colossians 2:6 As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: (KJV)

Keep going. I find that I don’t always have each verse down perfectly, but as I learn new ones and review the old, it comes together. Please just stay in His Word!


As I consider these 2 verses, a couple of thoughts/questions come up for me, wanted to share with the group.

Side note: Please know that the type of ministry I am called to requires a lot of daily time (to whom much is given, much is required), and some days I simply do not get online at all, so whenever I do get some time, I just pour out whatever has been growing in me through the Word.

Like Brother Tim had mentioned in last weeks’ thread, I often over analyze my posts and at the end of the day I just pray that whatever I am sharing is receivable, and if it’s not, that it’s still useful for healthy growth and maturation. Realizing more and more that the greatest deliverance we can receive from God is to be delivered from our own opinions and whatever we think other people’s opinions are. We know that God always delivers us from something, to something, in this case, we hope to be delivered to God’s Truth having dominance over our thoughts).

In Colossians 2:5 I am really focusing on the last half, where Paul touches on the reward of seeing others walking in a way that is orderly and true to the faith we all share in Christ. I can’t help but wonder what everyone’s experiences have been in any similar situation. Surely we’ve all had someone we have encouraged or discipled, someone we’ve desired to see grow closer to God and had the Joy of actually experiencing our prayers and our sowing come to fruition in another person’s life. Or maybe we were the one’s needing guidance in The Way. What was it like to begin to know you were walking “worthy of your calling in Christ”??

In my own walk, I am so very blessed to see my Sisters and Brothers in Christ come to a place of repentance and choose to live a better lifestyle. A lifestyle free of every addiction and rooted in Love. I share in Paul’s rejoicing when even just one Sister chooses to live for Jesus instead of giving in to the temptations of that old sinful lifestyle which so easily ensnares our soul.

We are daily destroying so many strongholds by simply choosing not to go back from where He brought us out of, choosing to live and not to die, choosing to believe God over what the world has been telling us for so long. I am so grateful to have leaders and sisters that loved me through all of my doubt and resistance. I seemed like a hopeless mess even to myself, but they had the Faith to see what God promised He would do and they simply walked in it, believing God for me until I had the Faith to believe for myself. Oh how amazing is Our God!!! Jesus, Our Savior and Our friend. When I consider how much I didn’t deserve this gift of salvation, I am so humbled and enlightened all at the same time.

So this post is long…yet I have one more thing to share. I have been praying that the Lord would give me clarity about what He would have me to do in this walk. I ask for divine guidance. I ask that He would speak to me in my dreams so that my own thoughts don’t confuse the message He is giving me. So early this morning, right before I woke up, I heard Jesus tell me this:
"The only question you need to be asking is, ‘How can I be a better Sister?’ "
It was so clear and straightforward. It cut right to my heart and set me free in so many ways. Bless Him…Jesus keeps us Focused!!!

May God continue to bless you all!!!


@Catherine, thank you for sharing this. It seems as though your ministry is like the one Jesus has called my church to. The new people coming are so needy in many ways, and the evangelizing and discipling takes a chunk of time, energy, and faith. And yet, I have seen that each one of them has taught me so much, and ministering to them manages to make me grow so much. For me it is a big struggle sometimes as I don’t see change or understanding for a L O N G time, and think everything I do/pray is useless. Yet every time I want to give up and ‘go back to Egypt’, Jesus helps me with the next step. I am still devastated by Phil’s death, I wanted so much to see him physically and spiritually whole before he went home. Then I remembered that some of the little-known evangelizing of D L Moody was for him going out onto the battlefield after the battle and praying with the dying to receive Jesus before they died. He worked ‘a yard from the gate of hell’, as some of us are called to do. What a strength and encouragement there is in Scripture!! I want to give your post an extra heart: :heart:


@carolsong88 @Catherine
Catherine and Carol, both of your posts were so very good. That is said not complimenting you because I should. Rather, it is very truly meant as it is interesting how he Lord encourages our hearts when we read the truth. Both of you are such precious yet uniquely different Sisters. So I’m not slapping you on the back and intend for this to be a pep talk but both posts, coming from such different places, melted my heart. I think behind it I see two sisters who are serious about Jesus.

Right here represent 3 miracles. How did Jesus win over our independent hearts whose whole goal was to have the world revolve around us. I am daily grateful that I know Him and that you two do as well. This is the best place to be, with others who love Him and did not receive Him into their lives and that was the end of the story. Rather, it is just the beginning. I so appreciate having Sisters like you.


Carol, what an encouraging word! Thank you for sharing.

“I seemed like a hopeless mess even to myself, but they had the Faith to see what God promised He would do and they simply walked in it, believing God for me until I had the Faith to believe for myself. Oh how amazing is Our God!!! Jesus, Our Savior and Our friend. When I consider how much I didn’t deserve this gift of salvation, I am so humbled and enlightened all at the same time.”

The above spoke to me deeply as I am watching my precious niece fall back into drugs and alcohol once more. I have to admit, I was beginning to feel like I just can’t go there again…and her mom is so discouraged. But as you say, it’s God and through His power and strength, I am called to walk in faith while she is blind and to be an encouragement to her mom. What a great reminder and testimony. Between my devotions this morning that spoke of a God who can humble the most arrogant of hearts and bring them to a place of worship (ole Nebby) and your post, I have put my eyes back where they belong…and that is on our God who is merciful and forgiving!


What does it look like for us, as Christians, to have an orderly life spoken of in the 5th verse? Catherine, you touched on it in a post above. What does it mean that our lives are in order? I looked it up in the Greek and it is used 9 times in the NT and 6 of the times speak of “after the order of Melchizedek.”

There’s probably a bubble in my brain but I just can’t get my mind to wrap around it.