Colossians 2:7-8 Prayer


To have many interacting is so rich! We have never heard from many of you. As I mentioned another time, if you want to just observe, so be it. But don’t ever consider it an exclusive club that is run by those of us who post a lot. It’s been super, but we may be operating without one arm in the Body of Christ. When you’re ready, we could really grow by hearing from you.

I did have a thought and that can be dangerous. But as we post for prayer and we gather the list together, how would it be, if every week, we prayed for all listed but highlighted someone’s request that week? Then the next week, the person who received the attention would assign someone else in our group and focus on that individual’s prayer requests. The new picked cannot be the one that selected them.

Here’s an example and actually what I’d suggest if all of you so feel that it would be a good idea. This week, I would like to all pray for everyone on the list, but have us focus on Kelly’s daughters. Let’s really spend time before the Lord regarding them. Then, next week Kelly would assign someone else’s situation for the focus of the week but she could not assign me, because i chose her. Make sense? I’d also love to coordinate Lakshmi’s focus during the time that she is in India in July. But if I assigned Kelly, I can’t be telling everyone what to do. It’d be Kelly’s job etc. Some feedback is appreciated or I don’t know if you are cool to the idea or have a “whatever” reply.

-Jonathan and Kara would come back with all of their hearts to Jesus.
-Rachel in Australia would exercise her mind of Christ as she struggles with her potential divorce and
her upset children.
-Healing for Nancy’s balance, headaches and neuropathy.


Prayer request for me: for my pastor, Janna, and I grieving after having two of our ‘guys’ die in the past two months. The work is heavy and right now we are discouraged and broken. Thank you, Bible Memory and Prayer group. You guys are awesome!


@carolsong88 Very sorry for your losses. Prayers that God’s comfort and strength surround you!


@Tim_Ramey. Everyone has their method for remembering people in prayer. Mine is to consolidate and write the requests and pray through the list so that nothing gets missed. (Though I sincerely appreciate when @darlene has had time to create the list. Thank you!!) There are times when I have felt compelled to pray for something specific and jumped ahead, or stayed on a request or moved back a few. Since I don’t know each person or situation personally, I could not “select” the next person as each and every request posted is a heartfelt request. I am more than happy to pray for all requests, and have a focus request each week if that is a consensus among the group… as long as I don’t have to select. :wink: That’s just my thoughts. Appreciate your faithfulness and your love for this group!


I agree with Carol, that this is an awesome group!! I’m really looking for God’s hand to move and we all are encouraged and God is glorified. My prayer requests are

  • that both my daughters return to the Lord and that they love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and that they bring many of their friends with them!!!
  • my current job is going to be phased out or restructured, so I have been given the option to select from three other ares to which I could be moved. Not life or death, but certainly bills paid or bills not paid situation. Direction from God.

I think I agree with @kelelek I would like to pray for all requests, I also do not know all members so choosing would be difficult for me. @Bible_Memorization_Group


Carol, I can relate for their need for prayer after Jun had lost his 2 brothers in Jesus when I qa in the Philippines.

Kelly, I think that your thought are good ones. The Holy Spirit will do that in His way and I don’t need to build on that. Let’s just do it the way each feel comfortable. Maybe it was good that I put you down first as, if it had been someone else, you’d have probably felt conscientious about saying something as it would appear that you didn’t want to focus on them. You are so full of wisdom! Thanks for sharing that.


Darlene, I hope you don’t mind but I am moving your post to this week’s section. Thanks!

Dear Friends,

This morning the text for our sermon was Mark 9:14-29 about the boy who was demon possessed and the disciples had tried to cast them out but couldn’t. And the father answers Jesus’s question - with “I believe help my unbelief.” So we were challenged to write down the thing that troubled us. The thing that we didn’t quite believe that God could take care of. In the idea - I believe help my unbelief. And let God handle it. So, my thing is my children and their relationship with Jesus. I want to know that I know they are at peace with God and living for Him. So, I believe Jesus will pursue them earnestly (searching as for the sheep that was lost) so they have every opportunity to choose Jesus.

Just thought I would share this.

I will be praying for you all on Monday.

My request:
Brent and Olivia
Me - to have more energy

Thanks for all of your prayers.



Okay, group, a praise here. Thank you all for praying. This morning I took a long walk before worship service and laid down before the Lord weight of the grief and apparent failure of ministry to ‘our guys’ to bring real change into their lives. I said I just wanted to be obedient. So today’s sermon was on surrendering everything gladly. I was looking for comfort, and got much more: He is not done with us or the people we’re ministering to.
This hope is so completely transforming! Again, thanks.


@Tim_Ramey, I agree with praying for all requests every week and highlighting a particular request as the Holy Spirit leads. I dont leave for India until mid-July but I greatly appreciate prayers for that trip. Thanks so much for suggesting that. @carolsong88, really sorry to hear about the loss of the the two brothers. We will continue to pray for comfort, encouragement and wisdom for this situation.

Prayer requests:

  1. Continued prayer for a friend’s daughter who tried to commit suicide.
  2. Pray for a woman named Uma who is open to Jesus but struggles with exclusivity of the gospel.
  3. Pray for salvation for my parents, in-laws, sister
  4. For our kids, Amit and Nithin to grow in faith and love for Jesus.

Thank you all!


Carol, thanks for the praise! Your post was about as encouraging as any sermon could be. Isn’t it true, the key is that He is not done with us yet and the backdrop is, as you said, complete surrender.

What I so appreciate about this group is that there is such a prevalent attitude of loving Jesus more and more!


Lifting everyone up in prayer this am. @kelelek, @JasonWalker, @carolsong88, so sad for your loss but thankful for God lifting your spirit and for His transforming power. @Tim_Ramey, thank you for your diligence, @Lakshmismehta, @darlene and anyone I have not mentioned but I have the request written down.
Pray for our men and women in blue who risk their lives every day to serve and protect. Just heard of a female rookie shot and killed trying to help in a domestic dispute.
Pray for our leaders to seek God for wisdom.
Pray for our churches to uphold the truth, in love and without compromise, myself included.
I pray for forgiveness in our country, individually and globally. That we exercise love by the way we treat each other.
I lost it yesterday. I got so angry with a loved one and lost my temper. All was forgiven but my heart is still heavy over it this morning.
I pray we all “overcome evil with good” ~—Romans 12:17-21


I’m praying for you all (more this week than usual as my boss is away on vacation). My boss could also use your prayers while he is traveling with his children. He is visually impaired, but gets by better than most who see. I worry more about Him not knowing Christ.

I pray for Tim as he leads this group. I pray that God would continue to bless Tim with the daily strength and wisdom to continue being the leader that God wants him to be. I pray for @Lakshmismehta for her upcoming trip to India that God would use her in a mighty way. She has a big heart for God and God’s people. I feel that about her as she has always made me feel like part of the family here and her convictions come through in her posts. I pray that her parents would come to know Christ as she does, and that her children would continue to grow in Christ. I pray for Uma with her struggles to believe the Truth. I pray for the friend’s daughter that she would begin to feel the sustaining joy and hope that only Christ can give.

I pray for sweet and lively @sig and her convictions. I can relate to the anger issue and it does seem to be present more around loved ones and maybe because our emotions are so invested in them. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I also have been feeling a need to pray for our leaders. It seems that we are headed for times ahead that will test our faith as well as our perception of what the Truth really is.

I am praying for all of you and your requests, and like your thoughts about writing down the names/requests because I will forget someone if I don’t do that.

Please continue to pray for me to learn to balance my life, and to be a good steward of all that God has given me. I tend to get hyper-focused on one area of my life and can neglect other parts of my life to a fault, and that’s not good for anyone.

Also, thank you for prayers for my Dad’s foot. He actually got the dates for his MRI mixed up and his MRI is this Friday the 28th instead of last Friday. Please pray that his foot is healing and not getting worse.

Please lift up my husband’s name: Jeff when you pray. He has an upcoming youth trip he is going on. He is always a trooper going 3 years in a row.

Love to you all,



Tabitha, it always refreshing to hear your sweet posts. I liken it to getting up in the morning and hearing the birds singing. Your posts are liking sitting down and talking with you. Thanks. I’m always so grateful when we hear from you and we will be in prayer for you.

To everyone, I was going to post this but I find it not at all surprising that that prayer thread to our memorization group has more activity than memorization thread itself. It appears to me indicative that, if you are not memorizing His Word, you are taking it seriously because just as the thread was born out of that, I feel that prayer is a result of taking God at His Word.


@tabby68, it is so heartwarming to see your note and prayer. Thank you! Your love for the Lord and your sincere desire to know Him more comes forth in your posts as well. May the Lord’s wisdom guide you in all your responsibilities and may the Lord bless your time in the Word bringing deep nourishment in your spirit. Will keep Jeff’s trip and your Dad’s surgery in prayer as well.


A sincere thanks to all for prayers! There is comfort and reassurance knowing I am not standing alone in battle! I am standing with all of you in your requests as well. Such an amazing community. :star_struck:


I echo your sentiments Kelly. It is an amazing community that I love and appreciate so much. It hit me again this morning, Colossians 2:1 where Paul is striving for “all who have not seen my face.” In other words, he was burdened for many whom he had never met. Sounds familiar as we have never met each other in person.

I need to add that if Paul, or if any of us, have a face like your emoji Kelly, it’s to our advantage that they hadn’t ever seen our face!

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There’s a million of 'em! hahahaha

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