Colossians 2:9-10 Prayer


As we see our word and even many situations close to our lives melt down, we hopelessly wonder what we can do about it. We can pray because as we do, I believe three things happen.

First, we are impacting the situation as the Lord commands us to pray and we, well, we don’t change a thing. But He does and sometimes when it is situations that are close to home, He may call us to take some action.

Secondly, He changes us. Try praying and continue in prayer when you see no change. A common thought, at least it is with me is, what good is it doing? Should we quit? Muscle up and believe in our prayers? Or grow in our faith in Him as our eyes see nothing happening but He says to our hearts, “But will you still believe me.” So we are changed as our faith in Him grows.

Third, we bless Him. We can actually bring joy to our Maker. He is so happy when we believe Him as He is not narcissistic but know His best is our best. It is like a parent is so happy when their child believes and obeys you and you well up with joy - not simply they obeyed you, but it is for their best when they obeyed.

As we list our prayers for the week, please keep these points in mind. It is why I posted them, because I will be the first to doubt them as the enemy will fire away as he hates prayer and has done a good job at keeping Christians at bay.


Ah Tim… always such thoughts-provoking words of encouragement.

My prayer requests have not changed. I’d like to give a deadline of when something needs to happen, but this is simply not on my timeline…it’s on God’s. Blessings to all as we persevere and bless our Heavenly Father by trusting Him and calling out to Him!

-Prayers for both daughters that they know His goodness and are delivered from the domain of darkness to the kingdom of His beloved Son!!
-Co worker’s husband is having surgery Monday. It’s literally a life or death surgery so appreciate prayers!

I was reading through 1 Peter and it referenced the following scripture: Psalm 34:15 “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, And His ears are open to their cry.” Then I thought of one of our memory verses - Col 21-22 “And you, who once were alienated and hostile in mind, doing evil deeds, he has now reconciled in his body of flesh by his death, in order to present you holy and blameless and above reproach before him…” :heart: We can be assured that He is hearing our cries because we are righteous because of what He has done. So amazing!! It just never gets old. lol


Kelly, my heart breaks when I read your post. Then I think, shouldn’t it? After all, we are to rejoice and weep accordingly. When we are given that command in Romans 12, I no longer see it that way - as a command. I see it as an outworking of the Holy Spirit in our lives so it’s not a command but a reminder how things should be unless we are out of sync with the Spirit. I am not grieving with you because I’m commanded to; it’s because I just naturally do as it is the result of love in Jesus for my sister.

At the risk of sounding like Mr Unselfish, but I find that those of you that I’ve prayed for regularly, I seem to have more of a heart for than my own requests. It’s as if you are bearing my burdens and I’m bearing yours.

I’m not implying Kelly, that you are selfish crying buckets as I am convicted by your dear heart that lays down your life for your daughters. Maybe I’m copping out with entrusting to others what I should be grieving over like you. At any rate, I wanted to let you know that it was not intended to be directed at you sideways.

-Jonathan & Kara, two of my children. They both are living in LA, both hate their jobs, are unfulfilled. They would call themselves Christians but have no regard for anything Christian.
-The sale of our lodge after 40 years and the direction needed as Nancy and I seem to head down different paths.

Praise Jun’s recovery


@Tim_Ramey, I love the three points you share about praying even when we dont feel anything.

  • The Lord could be impacting a situation even when we dont see it
  • The Lord is changing us to have more faith and take steps of faith
  • The Lord is being glorified in our prayer

Causes me to pray for whoever is presently struggling with the seeming hiddenness of God.

@kelelek, thanks for the encouraging verse.

@tabby68, I hope everything went well with the procedure on Fri.

My prayer requests:

  1. Pray for Connect members who may have not had their prayers answered for a while and are barely hanging on in faith.
  2. Pray for my trip to India mid-July to mid Aug so that I can be a good witness for Christ with or without words.
  3. Pray for salvation of family members- parents, parents-in-law, sister
  4. Wisdom for parenting and greater knowledge of love of the Lord for our kids Amit and Nithin

Thankful for the prayers!


I’d like Lakshmi’s first prayer request added to my list! Very astute, Lakshmi!

I would also like to add Jun for prayer. He’s my national Tagakaulo brother in the Philippines. I’m not a “devil behind every tree” guy but the enemy is so obvious in his life. He was heading to the mountains for a pastor’s seminar when his car began smoking. He lifted the hood and a short had caused a fire. Fortunately, there was a bucket of water on the roadside and he put it out. A guy drove by that was able to keep the car moving slowly. He needs that 4 wheel as the picture shows a nice cement road but further along, he crosses rivers and rutted roads that I did not think he’d get through but he did. When he had pneumonia and was still traveling about, he had a new problem with the vehicle everyday. He has taken it in and no one can rectify the problem.

Jun is the one standing back further from the car; I’m sure praying.


Good Monday morning to everyone,

I have a praise. My youngest son Riley, who was asking questions as we came home from church 2 weeks ago - - came to my room at bed time Thursday night. He says, Mom, I just asked Jesus into my heart. :slight_smile: I could tell he was very happy and has been happier ever since. He did say to me - Mom, I want to keep it on the “down low” right now. So, . . . I have told only 2 of my closest friends who have been praying for him. He goes to camp in 2 weeks with the youth from our church - pray that he will feel free to share his good news with his friends at church. This is an amazing thing.

I have prayed for some people for years - for their salvation with no response so this is huge to me. With this in mind - and the points well said by Brother Tim about waiting and praying, I will continue to pray for the rest of my children and for all of you and those precious to your hearts.

Thank you so much my dear brothers and sisters for your prayers for me and my children.


@darlene That is so amazing! Praise the Lord! May the love of God that has captured his heart bring some friends to Jesus. May his church friends come alongside and rejoice with him affirming him on his journey. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news!


YAYYYYYYY!!! Darlene, Riley is lucky that my voice is soft because whether he wants to keep it “down low” or not, I’m going to shout praises and thanks to our amazing God from the mountain tops!



That is Fantastic news!! I look forward to continuing to pray for him as he grows and develops in his faith. His generation certainly needs some strong young men in the Lord.