Colossians 3:11-12 Prayer


Dear Pray-ers

It is SO encouraging having fellow believers who are drawn to the @title - interested in prayer! Thanks for glorying the Name of Jesus and being used to encourage my heart.

Well, it won’t be long before we have round 2 of the conference call prayers. Remember as Lakshmi has advised, to have our prayer concerns before us.

Can I throw our a thought that may be not acceptable to those who will be on the conference call? We will have our lists before us but can we be open to the Holy Spirit and if we only end up praising Him, so be it? Or maybe we end up just honing in on one prayer requests because the Spirit has us go that way?

Now what makes it hard to ask that question is that anytime I use the idea of being “Spirit lead”, who can argue the fact? But maybe we aren’t hearing correctly but I don’t want to encumber us with all of these hypothetical situations but only ask that we don’t feel compelled to get to through the list. “Why we such-and-such’s children prayed for but not mine?” Let’s trust Jesus to lead us. We can pray for everyone alone. That’s my thoughts.

-for Jonathan and Kara - same issues -please come back to Jesus
-for the dynamics of the lodge and direction for our lives ie do I continue in the Philippines etc

  • why do I grapple with constant fatigue?

Now these requests are for the week ahead. You don’t have to have posted by today to have your requests prayed for today (Saturday 10/5). What you listed last Saturday or if you do post today as well, all will be considered for prayer.


Looking forward to praying with everyone today.

Praise - The couple who traveled to India were able to get their visas renewed to enter the U.S. back. So one concern is off their list.

Prayer requests:

  1. Continued prayer for these friends traveling in India for outreach efforts there.
  2. Joel and Mary have decided on going ahead with the divorce. Sometimes God works on people’s hearts individually and purposes may be different. Pray for their faith to be strengthened.
  3. Pray for salvation for parents, in-laws, sister and grandmother. Pray for more opportunities to follow up on spiritual matters in conversation.
  4. Pray for friend Elizabeth diagnosed with cancer.

100% in agreement to Spirit-led call.


Catherine, since you are there, will you start and end the prayer time?

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Sorry I missed the call today! My day didn’t go exactly as planned, which is common! I hope to join on the morning one coming up.

  • Prayer for Autumn (and boyfriend) and Lauren to return to the Lord. Have had a few battles with discouragement.
  • Considering looking for a new church home for myself. Wisdom and direction.
  • My dad is not long for this world. He says he has asked Christ in his heart, but he has no peace.

Deep appreciation for all who stand in prayer.



Dear Saints

I need to quote here a reply from Billie, whose reply was from our posts a few weeks back and I was afraid that no one would see this. I told her I was going to do this. I didn’t even ask for her permission - I just told her that I was going to do it!

Please see the profundity of this quote. Why it is particularly a wonder is because she articulates verbatim (and so puts into words much better than I could) what I sensed in prayer today.

Listen to this:

“In genuine humble prayer, God reveals our own sinful, corrupt heart…
We can’t even pray without our heart and mind revealing evidence of it’s innate sinfulness.
God knows the secrets and intentions of our hearts. In prayer, we are “naked before Him with whom we have to deal”. There is no hiding, no covering up of the depth of our natural depravity. (Oh the preciousness of the blood of Jesus, because it cleanses us even as we come in prayer from all our shame and guilt.
Naturally speaking, humans can not bear shame and guilt…and if we are truly honest and sincere before God, this is our condition…We are guilty in thought, word and deed…and where there is guilt there is shame.
So, dear brother, Tim, I think the reason many do not live their lives saturated in prayer is because they do not truly comprehend the truth of the gospel. They are not believing the truth of the Word, when it conveys we are hopelessly, lost, broken, undone sinners…”

That is so powerful!

Realize that as the Lord leads us in prayer for others, He puts His finger on a cancerous spot that we didn’t know existed and as we confess our sin, he frees us from the disease. We serve an amazing God!

I wanted to add that we began our conference prayer times this week. On Thursday I believe that there were 3 or 4 and on Saturday there was 4. This is only the beginning of a powerful move of God!

Anyone who still wants to gather at 2:30pm CDT calling out to Jesus with one voice but no phone (!) be there!


What a great perspective towards a life of prayer and intercession. To realize that in our prayers for others our own hearts are exposed and healed, Glory to God! He’s a good Father, amazing really! What a perfect gift the Holy Spirit. What grateful hearts we all have. Jesus, our Hope!


Catherine, thanks for everything to make the phone conference possible. It sounded like you had your hands full yesterday.

Thanks for your uplifting, Spirt-filled posts! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this group that loves Jesus!


Blessings to you faithful pray-ers as you call on the name of our
Lord through a conference call. May the Lord use you all to
glorify Him in a mighty way and that others will see our God does
answer prayer.

My prayer requests are the same:

For Mitch (son) and Sasha (daughter). Both profess to be Christians

but that Holy Spirit will draw them into a relationship with Jesus

Praise: Thank the Lord, I have not needed a blood transfusion for

the past two months.

Praying for you dear ones

May God incline His ear and move in power by His Spirit

Love in Christ


Thank you Billie for sharing your heart for the Lord. Very
encouraging. I pray His living Word is lived out in our words and
actions for the advancement of His kingdom.

May our desire for His Word and deepen and our faith become ever

stronger as we stand firm in Christ.

Grace and peace


Oh faithful servants of Jesus, I have to share what he did today. (This is a praise.) Yesterday I was so sick with an infection, and afraid that I would have to go to the hospital, and in fact called for a doctor’s appointment. This morning (Tuesday) I woke up with absolutely no sign of the infection. This is not in my head (psychosomatic); this is not a mistaken diagnosis (I am a nurse, although retired now). All the symptoms present yesterday are gone today. So I called the doctor’s office to see about cancelling the appointment, but felt as though I should present all this stuff to the doctor. (He’s a nominal Christian.) But I had to share with those whose hearts grieve for the sin in the world and rejoice in seeing the moving of the Spirit. You are all precious in his sight.


Hey Carol - it’s so heartening to hear your report. Praise Our Lord, Savior and Healer! I’m so glad you’re well. You can’t keep a good girl down!

Hey Catherine. What time is the call tomorrow? I should know by now that I have to write things down! lol Looking forward to praying with the group. Thank you so much for bringing this to reality. :slight_smile:

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Hello Carol - so glad to hear that you feel better. ‘What a Mighty God we serve.” :heart::blush:
Blessings to you, Darlene

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I apologize for the slow response. The call starts at 6 a.m. Central Time. The number is 605-313-6187 and the access code is 252039



Dear Praying Saints (that’s what they should be doing!)

Any input as to how the phone conference prayer times from those who participated would be great to hear. I’ll assume that someone is asking themselves what I am talking about. If you are that individual, Catherine or @Catherine, as she is known in Connect, has arranged for two different set hours where anyone in Connect can call in and pray together. She has the phone and access code listed above.

One of the prayer times is at 6 until 7 am CDT on Thursday mornings. If you live in a different time zone, you would calculate what time your zone coincides with CDT zone. You can come in late. It’s better to have you there for part of it rather than not at all. That includes if you have to leave early.

The same arrangements is offered on Saturday afternoons at 4 until 5 pm CDT. You can call and participate with either or both prayer groups.

One thing regarding it that I ran by Catherine and she said that I should bring it up to the group, if I felt so inclined, was the issue of recording the prayer times. As it is currently, Catherine is recording the prayer times. I’m not certain as to when it is used but her overall goal is to have it available so that ones who couldn’t participate could listen in. I suggested caution here. Let me explain.

Actually, I told her that I was not in favor of taping it. I thought that if someone wanted to participate, they should do so live. I also mentioned that some are not accustomed to praying out loud with a group and so if they thought it was being taped, they may back off. Some who are not self-conscious about praying out loud might not like having someone listening in on their prayer time. Also, Connect, I believe, no longer requires it members to be RZIM alumni, so others could come in and potentially use it for adverse reason or be offended hearing that they were mentioned as a prayer request. So I’m saying that there are security issues. I have other things about it that are more personal but I’m writing this to get feed back.

Catherine suggested that I bring it before the group but wanted it done so to the whole group and that is why it is to @Interested_in_Prayer so that it includes everyone. She only wants what everyone does.

Catherine loves this prayer group and so do I. @kelelek or Kelly and I have been clamoring for this for a few years. I hesitated writing to Catherine because I do not want to create any hiccup of any kind nor any sort of division. Catherine and I stand before Jesus with our arms wrapped around each other, just wanting what He does. We don’t know without hearing from His Body, so will you respond? Catherine & I love Jesus but I love it when there can be disagreement in His Body but it does not diminish our love for each other but the challenges only strengthen us. So I can safely say that neither of us will be hurt if you disagree with one of us! No matter what you say, if you love Jesus, you will still be in agreement in what really matters to Catherine and I.

So brothers and sisters, give us your thoughts on this idea of taping the prayer sessions OK? Thanks in advance.


Hi friends,

Please remember that these calls could be joined and surreptitiously recorded by anyone, anywhere, for any reason (good or bad). What is shared on these calls could potentially be used against you depending on what is shared and who is listening. I would recommend that there be no expectation of privacy on these calls.

Second, I am unfamiliar with people recording prayer meetings in any other context.

For these reasons, I would like to respectfully request that these calls not be recorded.


Hello prayer partners,

As to the question of recording prayer together, I don’t think it is a wise choice.

There are many reasons for this opinion. Overall, I think the reasons Tim articulated, are good enough reasons.

Just remember, we are in an age where our privacy is compromised constantly. I foresee a future where we will likely be called upon to suffer for the sake of the gospel. Be thoughtful about making God’s people vulnerable to the wiles of the devil. He is an unseen force, who is motivated by malice.


I agree with @CarsonWeitnauer, @Tim_Ramey and @Billie, I am not in favor of calls being recorded for the reasons already cited. I appreciate Carson weighing in on this too. Thank you Carson!


Agree with the feedback! If anyone wants to join the calls, that’s great, but otherwise they should not be recorded. Thanks all!