Colossians 3:11-12 Prayer

Catherine, thanks for everything to make the phone conference possible. It sounded like you had your hands full yesterday.

Thanks for your uplifting, Spirt-filled posts! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this group that loves Jesus!


Blessings to you faithful pray-ers as you call on the name of our
Lord through a conference call. May the Lord use you all to
glorify Him in a mighty way and that others will see our God does
answer prayer.

My prayer requests are the same:

For Mitch (son) and Sasha (daughter). Both profess to be Christians

but that Holy Spirit will draw them into a relationship with Jesus

Praise: Thank the Lord, I have not needed a blood transfusion for

the past two months.

Praying for you dear ones

May God incline His ear and move in power by His Spirit

Love in Christ


Thank you Billie for sharing your heart for the Lord. Very
encouraging. I pray His living Word is lived out in our words and
actions for the advancement of His kingdom.

May our desire for His Word and deepen and our faith become ever

stronger as we stand firm in Christ.

Grace and peace


Oh faithful servants of Jesus, I have to share what he did today. (This is a praise.) Yesterday I was so sick with an infection, and afraid that I would have to go to the hospital, and in fact called for a doctor’s appointment. This morning (Tuesday) I woke up with absolutely no sign of the infection. This is not in my head (psychosomatic); this is not a mistaken diagnosis (I am a nurse, although retired now). All the symptoms present yesterday are gone today. So I called the doctor’s office to see about cancelling the appointment, but felt as though I should present all this stuff to the doctor. (He’s a nominal Christian.) But I had to share with those whose hearts grieve for the sin in the world and rejoice in seeing the moving of the Spirit. You are all precious in his sight.


Hey Carol - it’s so heartening to hear your report. Praise Our Lord, Savior and Healer! I’m so glad you’re well. You can’t keep a good girl down!

Hey Catherine. What time is the call tomorrow? I should know by now that I have to write things down! lol Looking forward to praying with the group. Thank you so much for bringing this to reality. :slight_smile:

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Hello Carol - so glad to hear that you feel better. ‘What a Mighty God we serve.” :heart::blush:
Blessings to you, Darlene

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I apologize for the slow response. The call starts at 6 a.m. Central Time. The number is 605-313-6187 and the access code is 252039



Dear Praying Saints (that’s what they should be doing!)

Any input as to how the phone conference prayer times from those who participated would be great to hear. I’ll assume that someone is asking themselves what I am talking about. If you are that individual, Catherine or @Catherine, as she is known in Connect, has arranged for two different set hours where anyone in Connect can call in and pray together. She has the phone and access code listed above.

One of the prayer times is at 6 until 7 am CDT on Thursday mornings. If you live in a different time zone, you would calculate what time your zone coincides with CDT zone. You can come in late. It’s better to have you there for part of it rather than not at all. That includes if you have to leave early.

The same arrangements is offered on Saturday afternoons at 4 until 5 pm CDT. You can call and participate with either or both prayer groups.

One thing regarding it that I ran by Catherine and she said that I should bring it up to the group, if I felt so inclined, was the issue of recording the prayer times. As it is currently, Catherine is recording the prayer times. I’m not certain as to when it is used but her overall goal is to have it available so that ones who couldn’t participate could listen in. I suggested caution here. Let me explain.

Actually, I told her that I was not in favor of taping it. I thought that if someone wanted to participate, they should do so live. I also mentioned that some are not accustomed to praying out loud with a group and so if they thought it was being taped, they may back off. Some who are not self-conscious about praying out loud might not like having someone listening in on their prayer time. Also, Connect, I believe, no longer requires it members to be RZIM alumni, so others could come in and potentially use it for adverse reason or be offended hearing that they were mentioned as a prayer request. So I’m saying that there are security issues. I have other things about it that are more personal but I’m writing this to get feed back.

Catherine suggested that I bring it before the group but wanted it done so to the whole group and that is why it is to @Interested_in_Prayer so that it includes everyone. She only wants what everyone does.

Catherine loves this prayer group and so do I. @kelelek or Kelly and I have been clamoring for this for a few years. I hesitated writing to Catherine because I do not want to create any hiccup of any kind nor any sort of division. Catherine and I stand before Jesus with our arms wrapped around each other, just wanting what He does. We don’t know without hearing from His Body, so will you respond? Catherine & I love Jesus but I love it when there can be disagreement in His Body but it does not diminish our love for each other but the challenges only strengthen us. So I can safely say that neither of us will be hurt if you disagree with one of us! No matter what you say, if you love Jesus, you will still be in agreement in what really matters to Catherine and I.

So brothers and sisters, give us your thoughts on this idea of taping the prayer sessions OK? Thanks in advance.


Hi friends,

Please remember that these calls could be joined and surreptitiously recorded by anyone, anywhere, for any reason (good or bad). What is shared on these calls could potentially be used against you depending on what is shared and who is listening. I would recommend that there be no expectation of privacy on these calls.

Second, I am unfamiliar with people recording prayer meetings in any other context.

For these reasons, I would like to respectfully request that these calls not be recorded.


Hello prayer partners,

As to the question of recording prayer together, I don’t think it is a wise choice.

There are many reasons for this opinion. Overall, I think the reasons Tim articulated, are good enough reasons.

Just remember, we are in an age where our privacy is compromised constantly. I foresee a future where we will likely be called upon to suffer for the sake of the gospel. Be thoughtful about making God’s people vulnerable to the wiles of the devil. He is an unseen force, who is motivated by malice.


I agree with @CarsonWeitnauer, @Tim_Ramey and @Billie, I am not in favor of calls being recorded for the reasons already cited. I appreciate Carson weighing in on this too. Thank you Carson!


Agree with the feedback! If anyone wants to join the calls, that’s great, but otherwise they should not be recorded. Thanks all!


Good Afternoon to all. Our call this morning was nothing short of awesome. These times are so very encouraging. Holding on to the promise of God that if 2 of us can come together in agreement asking the Father for anything in Jesus name as we are in Christ, we know we already have that which we’ve asked for. The release is already established in the spiritual realm and now all we can do is thank Him for what will be established on earth, that is, His Kingdom, Hallelujah! It was so great to meet with @lee and @carolsong88 again this week and to hear praise reports about what God has already done in just one week. @JasonWalker and @kelelek joined us this week as well, what a blessing. It’s so reassuring and all to God’s Glory that Jason can be so joyful and full of God’s Truth even in the midst of the storm and to hear the hope we have in Jesus breaking through any despair that Kelly may have had for her children. God’s plan is perfect and God’s timing is perfect. Praise Jesus for He truly is worthy of all the Glory, all the honor and all of our Love!

Thank you @Tim_Ramey, @Lakshmismehta, @Billie, @CarsonWeitnauer
and anybody else who has helped bring guidance around the concern for the recording of the calls. Thankfully we can all agree that it is not a wise choice and the calls will not be recorded. I am personally so grateful for the body of Christ. Each and every one of us is so necessary and valuable. Our safety comes from being in the body and working together in unity. While listening to a teaching by Mike Bickle this morning, I learned that the currency of God’s Kingdom is Love, Humility and Purity. We all love Jesus. Like brother Tim said, we stand together in Love, arms wrapped around one another, waiting for Jesus to lead and guide us. So we are strengthened as God’s Family and protected from the wiles of the devil. Let the Blood of Jesus speak to every scheme of darkness!

I love you all! Looking forward to Saturday. Please pray for us as we travel to Arkansas to work at the state fair in Little Rock. Such a blessing to be placed by God amongst so many souls that need to see a Light in this dark and fallen world. Jesus is Amazing. Thy Kingdom Come!


Thank you Catherine for your feedback about the prayer time and also for being such a good sport about responding as you did to the replies about recording. It really touched me especially because I initiated the issue and then when it way that I suggested, I was so touched by your humility and your agreement as to what matters in life - that is Jesus. Thanks Catherine. I’m glad this came up because it has caused me to respect and love you ever more dearly. You are a precious sister!

Back to the prayer time. Did it go smoothly? It’s hard to ask what I mean as in a phone time it is easy to talk at the same time. Do you know what I mean? I’m glad it went well It’s a great crew though I’ve not yet corresponded with Lee.

Catherine, in Arkansas will you not really be there like last week when you were at Virginia’s State Fair? How many Saturdays will you be out of commission? Didn’t you list Saturday as an option for you as well? I hope that you can be there too! Or should we change the day so that you could be included?


Brother @Tim_Ramey, you are dearly loved by myself, this group and of course by the One who brought us all together, Jesus! I look to you all as leaders with much experience and spiritual guidance. Although I have grown rapidly in this walk, and the relationship God has brought me into with Him is deeper and deeper by the day, I still must remember that it’s only been 2 years and I sincerely need to whole body of Christ. We all need each other. Humility is to recognize and glory in our interdependence of one another as His body and all being united in submission to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, we have a single head, that is Jesus! I know what God has called me to and it comes with intense spiritual warfare. I also know that He promised intercessors and pastors after His own heart so I thank everyone in this group for their selfless commitment to the body of Christ and obedience to God. I am amazed that God brought me from zero fellowship with believers to overflowing love and acceptance from so many new ‘family members’ in a supernatural way. Glory to God. They will know we are His disciples by our love for one another. It’s how we respond in tension and times of adversity that really sets us apart from the world, I am so grateful that He’s making us better and better and better!

As for the Saturday calls, I am going to be on, prayerfully I will have time to be more present, our work situation is a little different and I have better service here in Arkansas. It’s only this weekend and next weekend for now. Saturdays are good days for me, we do not typically have anything scheduled on Saturdays, these work projects are not our normal schedule. The calls must go on, with or without me. Even if I can’t say much I am listening and praying in the Spirit with you all. God is so amazing. His Love is incomparable! Jesus is King!



I will not be able to join in the call on Saturday. I am traveling to see my dad. The cellular service is poor so no computer, no internet and barely a phone - so I will be praying for you all and back next week.

Blessings to you all,


Darlene, thanks for the heads-up.

To everyone else, please keep the call tomorrow (Saturday) in mind.

Catherine,I felt compelled to write to you. I am so impressed by your maturity in two years! Heavens, I think Catherine Keffer will be a household name in no time at all. Actually Catherine, I take that back, as a servant of Jesus, many will know Jesus because of you.

You are right on about Jesus’ gift to us of fellowship. It’s what the world seeks to have at bars or ballgames, etc. My critique is not that these things are wrong but rather, how beautiful fellowship is. The Lord thought of it! I am so blessed by seeing Him alive in all of you. Thank you for being lights in this world while holding fast to the word of life. What an incredible Savior we serve!

So Catherine, I want to thank you for loving Jesus with all of your heart. Never, ever let go of Him. Along that line I also wanted to only remind you, as a brother, to keep your eyes on Him because His people will fail you every time. He is making us better and better as you said, but we sill mess up and please, please don’t ever blame Jesus for my mistake. (No, I’m not setting you up for me to bonk you on the head!!) Jesus is perfect. There is not a single flaw in Him - zero - zip - nothing. But Catherine, for you being a relatively young Christian, I have seen many whose relationship with Jesus was impacted by a Christian. Don’t let that ever happen to you. You are so vibraant and alive, don’t llet the light flicker because of one of His children.

I love it how you are excited about Jesus. It is sooooooo refreshing to see!! Thank you for your example. Keep your love for Him white hot. You are such a precious sister in Jesus. The days ahead can be hard and difficult but richer by the day

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Hello all you faithful prayer partners in the Lord,

I have a couple urgent prayer requests…

  1. I am a Youth Development Worker…working with teens (gals mainly). It have two very young girls on my case load. Both of their life circumstances are tragic. Please pray for E.
    She is 14, depressed…more like in despair…full of unresolved, hurt, bitterness, anger and rage. I have grave concerns for her and her future.
    Pray for C. as well. Same age…
    She is more functional…but, not able go cope with much.

Please, pray for my daughter, Natalie. She fell at work…
She is newly divorced, has 3 teen children, and she is raising the children. I am worried about her on many fronts. The latest beginning she can’t provide for her family if she can’t work. Please pray for healing from the damage incurred by this fall. That her body would heal very quickly and without any complications.
Her thirteen year old son is acting out…
Please pray the Lord would prove good, godly male role models for him…
For emotional healing for this boy.

My spouse and I are waiting for the pathology report on the biopsy he had. Please pray that we could accept the Lord’s will in this matter.
As well as, that we would have grace to walk the path of suffering without murmuring or complaining…Seeking sincerely from the heart to glorify God.
For grace to be a means of God mercy in the lives of others…that they might come to Jesus.


Sorry, group, I’ve been stressed out from 4 and now 5 days of crises. Please pray for one of our guys, Mike, on a ventilator and perhaps not going to be treated aggressively, partly due to medical push to avoid spending tons of money for a life they see as useless. Next month would be his third Thanksgiving with us, and he came to Bible Studies and worship services because he felt welcomed among us, although he was only a homeless drunk. I am having a difficult time with surrendering this into God’s hands, so please pray for me, too. They had him very sedated yesterday because of the tubes, but who knows? I talked to him anyway. Perhaps in this universe that God has created, there is a way even now for him to decide to trust in Jesus. Thanks so much. Whatever happens, I realize that I don’t know all, and that I can trust him always to show compassion and mercy.