Colossians 3:13-14 Prayer


Dear Prayer Partners

It is so amazing to see how, as important as memorization is, out of that has grown seemingly even more interest in prayer. To see my brothers and sisters gathering here and there - on phone, in homes, on Skype to pray is an encouragement to my heart beyond what anything else could, except for the fulfillment of what we are praying for. But whatever the prayer request is, it is a tool to gather His people together and with one heart praise and glorify our King because we realize that we have no authority to approach His throne - except that we come in the Name of Jesus. What a privilege!

Some have prayed via phone last Thursday. We heartily welcome you to go back to last week’s prayer thread and you’ll see the times for the prayer gatherings as well as the phone number and access code and then to join us. Some of us will meet today (Saturday) at 4 pm CDT so adjust your zones accordingly. I’m lucky that I live in the Midwest so I don’t have to do any calculations! Please consider joining us.

Also, whether you can be a part of the calls or not, please, please, please list how we can pray for you. There is a lot of emotional baggage out there. Don’t suffer alone. It’s why Jesus is the head of His body. We are not meant to be alone. You are making yourself a target for the enemy as he loves to have you all alone so he can beat you up. Please don’t let him do that to you. We stand together, all needy but realizing as we pool what He has given us, we can make it together. It’s His idea, not any of ours. He invented prayer.

Please pray:
-for one of my sons, Jonathan, to receive his joy and fulfillment in Jesus. He is so talented but is depressed and live in futility. Also for one of my daughters Kara, who will enjoy a relationship with Jesus, not just a Christian in name only.
-it’s too large to go into detail but direction for Nancy and I and how Naniboujou Lodge fits into it all.
-Jun, who I work with in the Philippines startled me last week when we skyped and he spoke of being fearful and having panic attacks. This is not the Jun that I know at all. He’s getting pummeled by the enemy. Also with my request above, what is my place in the work in the Philippines?

Praise God:
-Kara, who I asked prayer for above, is going to church with her boyfriend. Also, she found a job in the LA area working with an aerospace company and they are very kind to her because THEY ARE CHRISTIANS! Whoo-hoo. Thanks for praying - especially you KELLY!


@Tim_Ramey, Wow! God is answering our prayers! Praise God for Kara and her decision to attend church and God bringing believers into her life. May the Lord protect her from every misinterpretation and misinformation about Christianity and bring her to love God’s pure holy truth! Thank you for the update.

I hope to join in prayer this evening. A praise I have is seeing my young children’s desire to share the gospel to see their friend saved. Here are my prayer requests-

  1. That our friends visiting India stay strong at peace in Christ amidst their families conducting various religious hindu ceremonies.
  2. Prayer for Joel and Mary whose marriage is under trouble. Pray for guidance especially for Mary from the Lord.
  3. Please continue to pray for my parents, my sister and her husband to come to saving faith in Christ. Pray for guidance to have spiritual conversations with in-laws.
  4. For a firm foundation in the gospel for our kids Amit and Nithin and for wisdom in their friendships.

Thanks all for praying! May the Lord help us all to lift each other up to never grow weary in waiting as we bring our requests to the Lord in faith in Him.


Thanks Tim for the ‘praise God’ section as it’s uplifting to see people praise God for His faithfulness.


I just prayed on the prayer conference calls with two sisters. What a privilege to know these two. For many out there, consider joining us would invigorate your prayer life. There is another group on Thursdays. Look at last week’s posts for times and phone numbers.You won’t regret it.

Also, I’m pleading for posts for prayer. There are 88 of us out there. Please don’t slog it out alone. That’s why the enemy divides churches, marriages, prayer groups - when he breaks us up he can pound on us. A marriage have two people that once loved each other, now attacking and blaming the other. We need to join up and say that my spouse is not the enemy. I do have an archenemy however, who slithers around. Please don’t let him get by with his hateful attacks. He hates you and won’t give up until you, in Jesus Name, command him to go back to hell.

Please don’t go at it alone. The churches are full of people who can ask for prayer when they are having a surgery but there is not the freedom to stand up and say, “I need prayer. I’m so down. I need help.”

I’m not one to say that I feel it- the Lord is… No, but I know of the 88, there are some who wonder where God is. Some who have questions. Some who don’t know how they will continue. Please don’t hide. I’m imploring you to let us pray with you.


Good evening brothers and sisters in Christ. I have a few requests for prayer:
-The salvation of my father and my sister.
-For God’s continued protection over my marriage to my sweet husband and for the Lord to bless us with a baby.
-For His guidance and protection during a mission trip to South Asia in January.
God is good. Thank you in advance for your prayers.


I also have a question, just to be clear. Are there 2 scheduled dates for conference call prayers? I am new to this and have read through the threads but still kinda feel like my head is spinning with all the info.
Thank you in advance!

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Joannica, who has been plugged into this thread for awhile has questions, so though I am referred to as the leader of this group, I’m not - I’m just one of us and will do anything to help keep a prayer movement going.

Having said that, I would like to summarize this site, as succinctly (God help me!) as I can.

Initially, we had and still do have memorization group that memorizes chapters of the Bible. As we went over our 2 verses/week, we got to know each other and that, coupled with the Scripture that we were memorizing, led us to pray for each other. So in addition to the memorization thread, we began a prayer thread.

Prayer requests can be laid out and one never hears again what happened with the incident needing prayer. Thus, when we post our weekly prayer requests, they may be exactly as we posted the week before because we see the need to keep current updates. So we pray for what is posted that week. “That week” coincides with the memorization thread. So this week the memorization thread is “Colossians 3:13-14” and the prayer thread is “Colossians 3:13-14 Prayer.”

Confused as to what the thread is for the wee? That’s why we are all alerted who signed up under the @Interested_in_Prayer site.

Within this thread we have the following options:

  • You can post a prayer request and decide to pray for the others that have posted.
  • Every Monday at 2:30 pm CDT, some gather in their own homes to pray at the same time for the needs posted.
  • On Thursday mornings at 6 am CDT, there is conference phone calls. Here, you gather with others to pray for those listed for the week. Or you can choose to have a prayer conference call on Saturday afternoons at 4 pm CDT. The number to call to be a part of either one or both prayer conference groups if you prefer is: 605-313-6187 and the access code is 252039

Such a huge praise report Tim! Thank you, Jesus!

  • Prayers for Autumn (and boyfriend) and Lauren.

Good Monday Morning to All,

It is wonderful to read about Kara!!! Wonderful news.

Continue to pray for my kids, for my church that is going through a change as we merge our church with another church. Please pray that we can come together as one -

Blessings to you all,



Dear beloved saints, please pray for me and the ministering group in my church. Last night one of the guys who was coming to church services, Bible Study, and our Friday night thing took his last breath. It was completely unexpected, shaking his sister and former boss, and I myself am having a very hard time dealing with this. I have recognized for a while that I have a seething rage over the way he was treated. He sabotaged his own life by his lifestyle, drinking himself out of home, jobs, and a liver, but the institutions he dealt with treated him like scum, and in some instances actually made his life harder than he had made it himself. In my head I know the answers, that God sees the same things I see, and so CALLED US to bring his love and truth to the downtrodden and their community. Still, in my heart, I don’t have peace with God in this.
I can’t be an instrument of God’s love if I don’t surrender this rage to him. Please pray for me, group. I’m hoping you see how precious you are in Jesus’ sight.


Carol, I am so sorry for the loss of the brother. I will be in prayer for you. Not only that the rage is surrendered but what does the Lord want to teach you from His loving hand of mercy. Thank you for the privilege of going through this by your side.


@Tim_Ramey, sorry if I misrepresented. Mike was one of our guys, but as far as I know he never received Jesus. Of course, I can’t be sure the Holy Spirit didn’t reach him some way. Maybe like a Kara experience.


I am lifting you up @carolsong88, I understand the difficulty of surrendering rage and I am so sorry about your friend.


@carolsong88 No Carol, you put it correctly as, even after I posted, I noticed that he wasn’t necessarily a brother but I kept it that way because the way you cared for him and your heart for him was as if he was a brother. Your love for him was so touching that my mindset was that way, so you were not in error.

Carol, you may be dealing with rage so I’m not condoning sin, but I am touched by your heartfelt emotions for the downtrodden.


Oh, sweet prayer group, thank you so much for praying! I would like to say that I repented of mistrusting God, wrapped up the sin, and threw it into the ocean where I would never see it again. Instead, it seems that every day I need to surrender the rage over this injustice, as every day something new happens to trigger the hurt again. And yet as I see this happening, I am also seeing the faithfulness of God as he feeds me the tools I need to let go of this anger in so many ways. I get texts from former Sunday School students, podcast testimonies, and tons of Scripture, written or from my memory. It is so clear that he is walking beside me as he is asking me to follow him.


Bless your dear heart, precious Carol. I feel that the rage issue is another example of how Jesus is a redeemer. He doesn’t want the rage but as you repented, rather than justified it, your walk of faith is an inspiration and testimony to us all. He used it to bless us.

I think you also brought up another excellent point as well. The temptation to rage again is there, but you are facing it head on. That’s why memorizing His Word is so critical as He pulls it out to the forefront of our brain when we need it.

Also, I think that you have exemplified what I was trying to say in the memorization thread and that is, you are not just fighting the enemy alone but you are letting Jesus equip you with the tools to keep out that junk and simultaneously, letting Jesus fill you with Himself.

Thanks for the PRAISE and we will thank and and ask for the grace that you would let Jesus continue to walk beside Him.

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Hey :wave:t6: people I am waiting another 4 minutes if anyone is coming on the prayer call @kelelek @carolsong88 @Catherine @darlene @Billie @Tim_Ramey

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So sorry that I can not join the call this morning. I will be praying for you and your family.

Blessings to you all.

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Thank you :pray:t6:

Good Morning @JasonWalker. I wasn’t able to call in today. I do apologize. Pray you are full of Joy in this day! Praise Jesus! Should be on for next week!

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