Colossians 3:15-16 Prayer


Privacy Reminder

Please remember that RZIM Connect is a public website available to anyone. Any prayer requests you mention could easily be found and read by your employer, family members, and/or friends. Therefore, please be especially careful and respectful in how you mention prayer requests for yourself or other people.

Carson & I dialogued on the issue of privacy for others who may be reading your post and it could get back to the person - the jerk or the creep or the ungodly creature that we are praying for. For them to hear that kind of terminology in describing them would be devastating and could implode upon all of the prayer for that individual. Thus, we agreed that I would post this privacy reminder as the preface of each prayer thread.

Having said that, I hope this does not inhibit us to post prayer requests or to give more details to enable effective prayer. Prayer is so badly needed. Please don’t let me stop you from posting.

I’m not sure how Carson and others would feel about this but even when I am talking with another about an individual, a way that the Lord has protected me from gossiping is that, in my mind, I envision the one being talked about sitting in the chair next to me, hearing every word that I am saying about them. Could I be justified in explaining to them my comment?

Brothers and Sister, this sounds like a terribly judgmental statement, but I think that Christians can be guilty of gossip in the name of prayer. We get into the dirty laundry because we want to hear more. “I’m telling you this because I know that you will pray” we say as we use prayer as our tool to gossip. I am not pointing the finger at you - it includes me or I would not need my device I created to be careful what I say about others.

Please remember about the prayer conference calls this afternoon and Thursday mornings. For exact details please refer to last week’s prayer thread entitled "Colossians 3:13-14 Prayer. Maybe I should just have a post weekly of what options we have to pray together. Any thoughts on that would be helpful.

Please Pray
-For direction for Nancy & I with our lodge as well as the Philippines and other ministries.
-For Jun & Regina. Jun is tired, discouraged and I know, financially tight.
-Nancy & I are going this week to Israel for two weeks
-Poor, depressed Jonathan, one of our sons, who so needs Jesus as well as one of our daughters
Kara, who we have been praying for and is beginning to go to church and is surrounded by Christians
at work (PRAISE!) but needs to see for herself that Christianity involves a relationship with Jesus.


Good concern and reminder.
If any thing I have posted seems to fall out of line with privacy…please ask it to be deleted from the conversation thread.


Oh Billie - that’s just like you to be concerned about your posting. I hope it doesn’t scare people off. I think if we needed to send something that we wish not just anyone to see, it can be messaged to a number of people.


Truth will always offend. @CarsonWeitnauer and I have had conversations about this. I believe that this is the LORD’s space, whether it is in public or not, so truth in my opinion is important. If we are going in JESUS’ presence, only the truth is appropriate, only truth, so although some things might be hurtful, truth has to be the priority. I agree with you @Tim_Ramey, whatever we say in prayer we should be able to say if the person in question is present.

I also believe that if we are coming to the LORD’s space, if we are in prayer truth must be paramount. When we express ourselves though, it must be with love. That is my opinion @Billie


Well praying folks…
My heart is heavy…
The pathology report of the biopsy my spouse had 4 weeks ago, is Sarcoma. This means it is likely a metastasis cancer from the lipo sarcoma he had surgically removed in Dec. 2016.

Before that surgery, he had 7 weeks had radiation to hopefully stop it’s growth.
During that surgery he lost a kidney, part of his diaphram, a major abdominal muscle and a good chunk of his large intestine.

In Oct. of 2012 he had his bladder removed because of an aggressive bladder cancer. A part of his ileum was resected at this time to make an ileal conduit and stoma.

He has been referred to the Sarcoma group.
Please pray, for speedy action on the part of the Sarcoma group (sarcoma specialists).
My spouse, Brian, will learn of the prognosis and treatment plan from them.
They will need to review his case and consult together, before we will find out anything further.
(The most likely treatment at this point is chemo.)

Please pray for inner courage and strength, for both of us.
(To be honest, we are a bit numb and tired from all that has come before.)

Pray our relationship to be as helpful, supportive and meaningful in the Lord, as it can possibly be.

Pray for the witness of our faith and love…to our unsaved family members.

Pray for the salvation of souls who are in darkness and have no light.

Thank you in advance for your kindness in bearing us up in prayer during this difficult time of experiencing more loss in our lives.



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I am so sorry for all the pain and illness your husband is having to endure. I am praying for him and your heavy heart, as well as for your other request. I am so sorry :broken_heart:


Thank you, Jason, for your prayerful response.
Praise God for the kindness, love and empathy of His redeemed people.


Thank you, Sig for you compassionate, kind and prayerful response.

Neither my spouse nor I have believing siblings. The majority of our adult children remain in unbelief. So, there is no place of genuine support or prayerfulness within our families.

I am grateful for God’s family, who love and support…without even being able to see one another.


Dearest Billie

It’s so easy for me to pray for you. Why? Because I’m struggling with constant fatigue so rather than thinking about how lousy I feel, it is a way that I’m reminded to pray for those in pain. For some reason, I’m particularly burdened for emotional suffering. I’m so sorry Billie. This is not a one shot prayer for you, but I ask that the Comforter would wrap His arms around you and dear Brian. I will be in prayer for you sister.

The other reasons that you are a “natural” to pray for is because none of my 6 siblings know Jesus. Like you, I am pleading for their salvation. I have unbelieving adult children as well.

And generally speaking, you have such a big heart for the lost. I am so hurting for my community and all the people that I will run into that do not know Jesus. Billie, in Jesus is hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. How I want those groping in the dark to see the Light - to realize the abundant life that is full of purpose and grace.


You are welcome. GOD covers us who love him.

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Billie, my heart goes out to you and Brian. I’ll be praying.


Hello prayerful friends and siblings in Christ…

This is a text from my spouse…
I was out for a bit today
Praise God with us for this answer to prayer.
We are so grateful!
Please pray if God wills for an earlier surgery date if possible.
And safety in the surgery.
He has had two major surgeries in the area…lots of scar tissue…and the cancer is on a blood vessel.

Good news, Dr MacNeill says the cancer is slow-growing and can be removed with a relatively straightforward surgery at which time they will also fix my hernia. She will be setting up a surgery date as soon as possible but may not get in until January.


@Billie Praising God with you right now my dear friend! Will be earnestly praying for an earlier surgery date if possible, as well as a speedy recovery. Please keep us updated! Will be lifting up the doctor and the surgery staff, as well as the testimony you both will be living out as you display God’s love.
In times that you both may feel discouraged or down, know that we are praying and lifting you both up to our Heavenly Father- who knows, sees, and cares. :smiley:


Hi @Tim_Ramey!
Greetings are first in order as I am new to Connect and am so excited by a category dedicated to Prayer! Praise God!
I just wanted to say how moved I was in reading your post, as I also have family who need to know the Lord. I can so relate to this type of pain, a pain that drives you to your knees with outstretched arms. My heart breaks.
I’m always so encouraged by Romans 10:1 where Paul pleads for his fellow Israelite brothers and sisters.

“Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.”

May their salvation be the desire of our hearts.

Please know I am praying for your siblings and adult children, as well as yourself as you live with constant fatigue. I am sure that can be disheartening at times and a source of continual seeking of the Lord. Praying for God’s comfort and strength!


Thank you so much …
I appreciate your awareness of thinking and praying for all the medical people involved. This is a very important aspect to be pray about as well.
May our God and Saviour by magnified…glorified and praised!

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Thank you, Tim, for your generous heart in Christ.
I don’t know whether you got my update. It is a great answer to prayer.
Just in case, you didn’t get it, I will include it here.

Text from Brian:
Good news, Dr MacNeill says the cancer is slow-growing and can be removed with a relatively straightforward surgery at which time they will also fix my hernia. She will be setting up a surgery date as soon as possible but may not get in until January.

Me: Thank you, Jesus!

So, dear friend, you can rejoice in God’s graciousness to us in this new hope while dealing with a cancer diagnosis.
Dr. McNeill was the surgeon who did the previous massive surgery on Brian to deal with the Lipo Sarcoma.
She is an amazing, brilliant, skilled young surgeon. Kind and empathetic…which is hard to come by within the medical profession.
May God strengthen her hands to do mightily…and her have profound wisdom and understanding.

Our need of prayer in this has shifted…
First to praising God for his great mercy and kindness.
He has given us hope …
May we be by his grace great witnesses and testimonies to His unfathomable love, mercy, grace and power! To the end that God is glorified…and Jesus is lifted up. May the triune God of all comfort by his grace draw many sinners to repentance and to put their faith in Jesus.

Please pray that if God wills that a surgery date may come sooner …
but, whenever it is that, God would be directing all things related to Brian’s life, his future health and to our lives being of service to Him.

I have another request…
I work with female youth…as a youth worker.
I have a counterpart…a co worker who works with adolescent males. We have been co workers together (in our callings) in our jobs for a good number of years.
My co-worker does not know Jesus…and I have been praying for him for many, many years. He is a gifted man in relationship to working with young men. He has been gifted with a great personality and favour with others. He has much naturally, which as an unsaved man, he trusts in.
A few weeks ago, a friend of his had a tragic bicycle accident, just down the road from where we live. My friend, O, contacted me about how to pray. My response was to give him in essence a prayer of my own…as an example.
Since then, I have been praying for his friend, who is in critical condition in the hospital.
He remains in a coma. I have also been praying for his wife and (barely) young adult daughters.
I have asked O’s permission to ask other people of faith to pray for his friend. O was open to this.
So, my dear praying friend, lift up Dave, who lies in a coma…and his family in prayer. May God restore this man…but, in such a way that Christ is exalted…May Jesus reveal himself to this man even has he lies unconscious in a hospital bed.
May my friend, come to experience the presence and power of God through faith…in and through…coming to Him humbly in prayer.

This is a lot to ask…but, I feel confident in this on line faith community…that each one knows that God is not an abstract idea…
He is mighty to save all who come to Him through Jesus Christ.

Many blessings on you and yours. I find your posts to be clearly authentic which blesses me. (One of my prayers is to be without hypocrisy and guile…and I pray this for all God’s people. May we have pure hearts as in the beatitudes…so, that we may see God!



Thank you for the encouraging update! Praying🙏🏼 for the surgery, your friend “O” and his friend.


Dear Elizabeth
Oh, please stay near us as we need all of the tender hearts like yours for Jesus.

I’m in Jordan now so it is more difficult to communicate. Lets stay in touch. May you love Jesus more today than yesterday.
In Jesus


Dear Billie
Thanks for the update. I’m abroad so communication is more difficult. I’ll reply more in depth in a few weeks. I will be in prayer, though definitely! Bless you and Brian and for O. In Jesus