Colossians 3:17-18 Prayer


Dear Prayer Partners and Warriors,

I am posting this week’s prayer blog as Tim is out of town. For those that are also part of the memorization group, this week’s verse reminded us that whatsoever we do (in word or deed), to do it in the name of the Lord. Please know that “whatsoever” prayer requests you post are of great significance in the eyes of the Lord.

As Tim mentions for this thread, this is a public forum so please be mindful when posting your requests.

  • Prayers for Autumn (and boyfriend and family) and Lauren to be drawn back into fellowship with God; to know Him afresh and desire to shine His light and glory in a needy world!

Thank you!


@kelelek, Thanks for covering for Tim! I couldn’t join you all this weekend for prayer as it ended up being very busy. One of our friend’s is in a critical condition in the hospital. So I would like to request prayer for -

  1. For our friend Lynn who is in her 70’s still battling death in the hospital.
  2. For Elizabeth, mother of young children, who has cancer. Nothing new to update on her other than that she is still fighting it.
  3. Let’s pray for Tim Ramey’s health as he is traveling internationally and his other requests.
  4. For salvation for family members- parents, in laws, sister, grandma.

Thank you, will join in prayer at 2.30 pm today.


Kelly, thanks for posting the two threads. You did so well that it might be time for a permanent change. Thanks!

I’m in Jordan and getting internet is hit and miss. I couldn’t get on until now. It sure needs prayer.

Please pray for Jonathan our son who is so lost. Also for Kara though there have been some encouraging development s there.

A woman from Spain who’s going through some incredibly dark, quiet days and needs our prayer support.

For the Lord to raise up more pray-ers. Our thread has pulled back slightly.

I’ll report more when I’m home again.


Hey Tim! Hope you’re feeling strong and that you are having a wonderful time on your trip!

You’re welcome. Posting was a pleasure, but I don’t think our team would be the same without you!! Glad to help any time.

Prayers for Jonathan and Kara. It’s amazing how empty life is without Christ. Prayers for the seeds you planted in the heart of this woman from Spain! And I’m sure there are many others. Please fill us in on your trip when you return and after you have had a chance to relax!!

Many blessings to you and your family!!


Hello Prayer Warriors! :wave: Raising up your requests right now to the Lord!! Praying for traveling mercies, health concerns, for the salvation of those special loved ones and others God has placed in our lives, as well as any other concerns on your hearts and minds. :heart: Also praying for an increase in numbers and an increase in fervency for prayer among those who visit Connect. God be with and bless you all!



Thanks, Elizabeth!! It’s so encouraging knowing you are standing with us before God in intercession!! Many blessings!