Colossians 3:21-22 Prayer


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Dear Pray-ers

Thank you Kelly, or keeping prayer going for this group while I was in Israel. Prayer! What a mysterious but necessary aspect of our walks with Jesus. Thank you Kelly, not purposely singling you out in my thanks but your heart has been beating for this group faithfully from our beginning and you are so appreciated. Being in Israel, I am again reminded of the command of praying for the peace of Jerusalem. No area in the world has had such conflagrations!

Praying is hard work. If we skip it, life goes on and we can even justify prayerlessness by saying that God will do what He wants anyway. If there is any area where we have to have faith in God’s Word, it is here. I want so much to dig deeper into my understanding of prayer. But we are all busy and as I said, life goes on whether we pray or not so why not just take what we get and skip praying? My answer would be because we are told that unless God’s people prayer, He won’t act.

Please pray
-This is still a critical one - Jun, my good Filipino friend in Mindanao just got out of the hospital for pneumonia. In the meantime, Davao, where he lives, has had two earthquakes of over 6.2 and over 650 aftershocks. They are predicting a big one of over 7 or 8 soon. So they had to evacuate. They went back for church but the next one could hit at anytime. This is from last week but the situation remains the same.
-In the meantime, up in Lumabat where we traveled to in the mountains frequently when I am there, a man has murdered his wife and has collected other armed men and is killing and burning houses down. His family lives up there and the situation is very, very dangerous. Again, the trauma the Malons are going through doesn’t allow them time to update me so I know nothing new about this, yet it is a huge issue!
-Jun and his family needs our prayer desperately.
-The silence in Karina’s life.
-Jonathan to come back to Jesus. Praise God for the light dawning in Kara’s life. Pray that it is real and not circumstantial.
-We are in limbo over what the Lord wants us to do about our lodge. Yet this is a good place to be as it forces us to trust and rely on Him. Most of my prayer requests are verbatim from last post but we wait on Him.


Praying Tim :pray:t3:


How about Sig? Does she have any prayer requests?

@Tim_Ramey, So sorry to hear about the situation in Mindanao…an earthquake on top of all the chaos and danger! Will be praying today. My friend Lynn, whom we were praying for passed away on Friday. She was a huge inspiration to many and we are at peace that she is free from pain and with the Lord. She was 79 but active in ministry in many ways till the last day. My prayer requests for this week-

  1. Pray that the message of Christ touches hearts at Lynn’s funeral.
  2. Pray for salvation for my family members - parents, in laws, sister.

Thanks all.


This weekend I went to a retreat with my youth group and a close friend of mine gave her life to Christ after me and another guy prayed for her for several months!!! Praise God. Pray that she grows in her faith and continues to become closer to God and shares this with her family and friends when she goes back to school tomorrow.


I have learned several things by being in this prayer group. 1) There is so much need out there. Reminds me of the scripture when Jesus said, Lift up your eyes for the fields are ripe for harvest. 2) I have been touched by those who have joined in praying for people they don’t even know. Paul emphasized the fact that he was praying for the church of Colossea…a church he had never visited. Isn’t that the heart of God. Such a blessed Savior!

  • Prayer for my daughters to return to the faith. Wisdom in word and deed for me when with them.
  • Prayer for deliverance from drug addition for KS and JL. Both long term addictions.
  • Prayer for my dad to know Jesus before he passes. My heart is broken that I will soon lose a man in my life that loved me unconditionally.

Will be in prayer at 2:30 pm with all who can join today! May God be found faithful and exalted!


Kelly, I echo your word! I “missed” you while in Israel and I’ve never even met any of you face-to-face! You guys are such a big part of my life. I thought and prayed for you often on my journey.

Thanks for mentioning 2:30 Kelly as I was going to post, for those who are scratching their heads as to what we are talking about, what is meant by 2:30.

What we have agreed to do is that at 2:30 CST, we “meet together” wherever we live at that time every Monday. So though we don’t hear each other praying, we are lifting up our voices together. Anyone who can - come join us! As Kelly & I always tell each other - see ya there!