Colossians 3:23-24 Prayer


Dear Praying Friends

I don’t know if it is only in my little world but there seems to be a crescendo of grave prayer needs. How grateful I am for you because even in our Christian environment, there is a shortage of prayer. How we all grapple, as the saints before us did as well, I’m sure, as to what good does prayer do? I don’t know - I’m not God but I only know that I get my marching orders from Him.

Here are the cries from my heart:

  • One of my precious sons Jonathan, would take hold of Jesus as he once did and that a daughter Kara, would know Jesus - really know Him.
  • That the fog of my exhaustion and weakness would pass. It is so difficult to carry on.
  • That Jesus would comfort the destruction that my dear friends Jun and Regina are facing in their country, the Philippines. Here is a quote from an email from them: “We are now facing the most difficult time ever. In the past 20 years this is the most difficult time for us. We’re facing threat everywhere; earthquakes, killings, sickness, social injustice, persecution of churches, believers misunderstanding and so forth. What Jesus said in Mathew 24 is now fulfilling in our very eyes. If you remember last time, when I saw a formation of angels as if they were preparing for something big. I think the real end times have begun. Please help us pray for more strength.”
    -That the Holy Spirit would instill in His children the need to rise up and pray with intensity.

Evening Tim,

From experience when I’m struggling physically for a prolonged period it’s usually God forcing me to slow down and take stock of my life, maybe you are going through this period due to your exhaustion.

I personally am struggling mentally, our son who hasn’t been diagnosed with aspergers, autism which means we us as parents cannot access external services for help. He’s recently being very hyper, anxious and I’m struggling to cope especially as I tend to get the brunt of wife’s outbursts as it’s usually her who has to deal with him as I’m either at work and he only opens up to her. There are some nights I lie in bed thinking what’s the point just slit your throat and it’ll be over in 7 seconds.

I know it’s the devil trying to curtail my calling in life, I’ve tried talking to people in church but because they haven’t experienced it they don’t fully understand and just say “it’s a phase” not realising his symptoms are life long.


So good to hear from you again, David. You’ve come to the right place because your requests will be taken by lovers of Jesus and laid at His feet. May you cling to the promises the Lord gave to us in back in Philippians. I’m so sorry for your huge issues that you face.


Hello Tim and other prayer partners,

Yes, Tim it does feel like things are ratcheting up in the lives of believers, but, also in the general population.

I will pray for what you have expressed. Hopefully, you have seen a doctor to make sure you are over the UTI. (If I remember correctly you left to travel without being fully recovered?)

My spouse is scheduled for surgery to deal with this sarcoma. The date is Dec. 10…God willing, we are petitioning the throne of grace…that this surgery would be straightforward…no surprises … (and without the need for vascular surgery…to boot…)

Please pray for freedom from any colds and flu viruses…for both of us…so he can go into surgery and healthy/strong as is possible for him.
Please pray for the surgeons to have great skill, wisdom and understanding.
Please pray for a good recovery. The poor man has been through the “wars” … I am so hoping this surgery will be far less than anticipated!

Please pray for my First Nations son in law. B.P.
He endured terrible trauma as a child…and a few years ago, the tug boat he was skippering sank. He barely survived…and he knows “God” saved him from perishing…(But, he doesn’t know God as God has revealed himself in Jesus.) This traumatic incident has blown the lid off all the unprocessed trauma of his childhood. He is an emotional, psychological mess.

I had an on line conversation with him…encouraging him to put his trust in the Lord…To know the Lord as a God of love…and to look to him to find salvation from sin, shame and guilt. He soooo needs the peace only Christ can give.

Please pray for the Lord to have mercy on the young gals I am working with. I am going to have to take time off work…and ai don’t know if ai will be going back…
These gals need a replacement worker. Someone who can minister to them and support them where they are.
It is my hope that God will graciously, sovereignly intervene for their good and salvation.

Thank you for your on going prayers.



Hello David,

I am sorry that you are struggling mentally. The honesty in your email was so real and raw.
Sadly, believing church people are not always well equipped to deal with and face reality…their own or others…when it involves on going suffering.
Please, be encouraged…that “the God who sees”… sees you and your suffering. He knows you care deeply about your son and your wife.

I understand self harming thoughts. But, you know they are coming from the pit of hell…The devil has been a murderer from the beginning. He comes only to kill and destroy.

Jesus came to save…and he can and will save to the uttermost those who come to God through him.

I will add you and your family to my regular prayer cycle.

Blessings dear one in the Lord. Be of good courage! Do not be afraid! Stand firm in the Lord! He will fulfill all His good pleasure…(Salvation and peace to those who love Him and who abide in Him).


Billie, you have such a good memory. And you are such a solid woman of God - such a pillar in this troubled world. I’m always touched by your empathy and how concisely you communicate it.

I will be praying for you as well, and all of the battles and struggles that you face as well. The compassion that you have for your husband is another example of the great empathy that you have for others.


@Tim_Ramey, I am so burdened to hear how you are struggling with exhaustion and weakness. I am praying that Jesus will touch you and heal you. I lift your son and daughter up to the Lord. To see their need for Him and seek to know Him intimately. I pray for Jun, Regina and all those who are being persecuted. That the Lord will send His ministering Angels before them. Protect them, strengthen them, comfort them. I pray all will be well with our souls :pray:t3:


Jesus, I lift this precious brother up to you. I pray that you will send a “calm to this storm” of emotions, fatigue, outburst. It is so draining and I am sure it makes it near impossible to focus on anything else. Jesus bring healing. Please give them the help/diagnosis they need for their son. Do not allow Satan to enter into David’s mind another minute!

Psalm 34:17 “When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.”

Please give their church wisdom, understanding and compassion for this family. Please Jesus, touch them now :latin_cross::pray:t3::heart:


Lord, I am lifting @Billie and her husband up to you. You know all their needs and we are appealing/trusting You to keep them well as the surgery date approaches. Please Jesus, guide the hands of all who will perform aid/surgery to her spouse. We are praying that the surgery will be successful without a need for further, intense surgery. Surround them with your healing Angels. Give them peace.
Jesus, speak to the son-n-law. Break through all the emotional trauma and open his eyes to see you. Speak to his heart and help his unbelief. Surround him with people of great faith, love and compassion :pray:t3::heart:
Please send a replacement worker who will care for the gals in the same way that Billie does. Showing them Your loving, saving grace.
All in Jesus Name :latin_cross::pray:t3::heart:


I feel so blessed to be apart of such a precious group. As I read through the requests I am impressed by how different each one is and the incredible gift we have that we don’t have to carry these concerns and challenges alone.

I continue to ask that my daughters return to the truth of the gospel of Christ Jesus. They both have such tender hearts but have been so deceived by the philosophies of this world. True healing and answers to the desperate needs of this world are only found in Christ.

JL and KS - life-time addictions to drugs and alcohol. May they have a greater desperation for God than for their addictions and the right people to come along side of them.

I am in need of a job. At my age, not an exciting prospect. (I hate to post this one in light of the seriousness of many of the above requests, but God tells us to cast all of our care…and I do need to eat. lol)

May God’s Word do what only It can do for each of us this week. Love in Christ.


Kelelek you shouldn’t feel bad posting your needs, you may think they are trivial compared to other peoples request; but they are important to you. The devil would love for us all to wonder around in silence, thinking I can’t trouble … as their needs are greater than mine.

Just to say a huge thank you for all your kind posts, and prayers. Even though I don’t post often on this forum I do read all the posts and pray for people as they put prayer requests up. And Tim I do ponder on your posts when you publish the weekly verses.


Thank you, so much Sig.

Praise God for His kindness to all.


Hi Kelly,

Yes…you need to eat.
Your cares are known to the Lord, and thank you for sharing them with this praying community. :pray::two_hearts:
I will pray for you as you have expressed your need.



I am addressing this to all who are in this Interested in Prayer group. Please remember that if you post, be careful that if in divulging a name, the site is not that secure that some could get you into trouble or make trouble for the one mentioned. However, don’t let that stop you from posting. I mention names because I’m not concerned about my post getting back to them. If a name is not a problem, do so as I find it helpful to pray for a particular person whose name I know.

Also, this is a reminder that if you post a prayer request, you need to see it through every week. What I mean by that is sometimes, say a person is listed for prayer and we never know what ever happened to them. I have been posting every week two of my children until they come back to Jesus. And when they do, I will list them as a praise, and that we should also keep in mind when prayer has been answered.

Make sure that we praise the Lord and not just post supplicatory needs.

Amen David. You should be ashamed of yourself Kelly, belittling prayer for a job! I mean, come on. It is huge!! Just think of those you will be working with that need to see the light of Jesus! Where you work is so very important. Preach it Billie!

My exhaustion/grogginess is nothing compared to all of the people walking around in a fog because they don’t know Jesus. That’s why I pray for your daughters to come back to the King!

Sig, you are on it in prayer, but is there anything you would like us to pray for?


Hello Tim and prayer partners,

Just an word of encouragement and praise…though, it is not complete…

My son in law B.P. messaged me asking me more information about forgiveness with God…and how to get free of self destruction…self damnation …

I was able to share scripture…(without quoting it as scripture…other than quotation marks), stating God desire to save sinners who repent.

Please pray God would bring him to believe and trust in God his Saviour …rather than staying stuck in the condemnation of sin.

Praise God for His goodness and mercy!



Just attended a memorial for a couple who lost their daughter. It was heartbreaking to witness the pain this family is having to endure. Please lift them up Thanks Tim :heart:


Will continue to pray :pray:t3:


@David_Cieszynski @Billie @Tim_Ramey

I am so grateful to this community! It’s intimidating to think of a new job at this stage, but knowing prayers are paving the way, I’m going to look at it like an adventure! You all are the best! May God’s amazing power move in all of our prayer requests mightily.

Billie - what an amazing praise!!! He is good!


Kelly, I feel exactly the way you do. Well put!

I wanted to share something not so profound but I read last night and it really impacted me. Jesus says, “Luke 18:1 And he told them a parable, to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.”

Jesus told them parables as to how we need to knock and keep knocking. The point that struck me was that Jesus knew that we’d lose heart praying. He is telling us that discouragement will happen, but don’t lose heart. It touched me that Jesus would know that all of us would lose heart. But He encourages us to persevere!

See some of you at 2:30 today!


Everyone is going through so many trials! Will definitely be lifting you up in prayer. Thank you all for your heartfelt prayers. @David_Cieszynski, I am so sorry to hear of the struggles you are experiencing. It can be a lonely feeling when a problem is not visible externally such as in developmental delays. May every weapon and scheme of the enemy be thwarted in this and may the Lord’s peace be with you, your wife and son. May the Lord guide you through this with His perspective and may the Lord bless and strengthen your marriage through every obstacle you face together.

My prayer requests:

  1. Please pray for healing for my father who will have to undergo a major surgery soon. Please pray that he will be in the hands of skilled surgeon. Also pray that the Lord will use this to turn my family unto the Lord if it’s His will.
  2. Please continue to pray for salvation for family members- parents, in-laws, sister, grandmother.
  3. Please pray for healing from cancer for a friend Elizabeth.

Thank you!
In Christ,