Colossians 3:3-4 Prayer


Dear Praying Saints

You are involved in such a strategic aspect of the church. What we are doing is God’s idea. May we continue to be led as we post and pray for each other. Thank you prayer team. Prayer is the Lord’s conduit for Him to use us to change the world. How it needs it, huh? Let’s plead with our Jesus for a breakthrough with so many of our posts that we have re-posted week after week.

@darlene has had good news but Darlene, could you update us on Ryan and if he is beginning to take off? You have seemed a little concerned about the impact that his baptism has had.

Maybe I’m out of line to ask someone for an aspect of their post but I want to be effectively praying. How I want everyone to have Jesus as I don’t know what I’d do without Him. What a treasure we have!

Please Pray:
-For my apathetic children, Jonathan and Kara, who do not realize that their disinterest in Jesus is eroding their lives. That all of our 23 grandchildren will grow up in the ways of the Lord.
-For staff needs and direction for our lodge that we’ve had for 40 years. What does Jesus want us to do as I need to make decisions regardless of whether we keep it or move on. Whatever you want Lord!
-Direction for Jun, in the Philippines and me.
-That Jesus would grab the heart of just one of the 81 in our group in a profound way.


Hi RZIM prayer partners! I know I might sound like a broken record on my following request, but I’m going to keep posting until I see Satan devastated and destroyed!

  • Prayer for Autumn and Lauren. Although they are doing well in this world, everything in me longs for them to fulfill Eph 2:10 and bring their friends with them. (May they by Your power and grace and great mercy work in them because they are YOUR workmanship, create them in Christ Jesus to fulfill Your good works, which You prepared beforehand. May they walk in them!!)
  • Our department at work will start under a new boss this coming Monday. I’m not sure where I am going to fit into this new department. I have to learn a new software. Prayers that this old dog can learn a new trick in a short amount of time. lol

Thank you for persevering with me.


Dear praying friends,

I hope you all had a great worshipful Sunday! Of the previous requests, a praise I have is that the new school year despite some big transitions and challenges has started of well for our kids. Thank you for praying. Please pray for the following requests for this week:

  1. Please pray for a friend named Elizabeth, a pastor’s wife who has terminal cancer. She is in her 30’s with three little children.
  2. For God to save Joel and Mary’s marriage and that they will have a better understanding of the gospel.
  3. For opportunities to follow up on gospel conversations with my family members
  4. For a firm foundation of faith for our kids Amit and Nithin.

I am being increasingly convicted through some life experiences and studies that prayer is the means that God has ordained for His purposes to be fulfilled. May we persevere in our prayers with full confidence in our Heavenly Father’s promises from His Word. Have a beautiful week!


Thank you Brother Tim for the post with the memory verses and for this post as well. I am praying for your dear children and for Jun and your lodge - that Jesus will reveal to you the path forward.

I have 2 children with similar names. Riley, 13, was baptized. Yes, I see happier boy every since he came running in my bedroom one Thursday night and told me that he had asked Jesus in his heart. His struggle right now is for a friend - his best friend moved away to California in June.

Ryan, 20, asked Jesus in his heart when he was young. He struggled at that time with wondering if Jesus was really in his heart. I remember having a hard time explaining this. He works as a EMT on an ambulance and is continuing school to be a paramedic. I would love to see growth in his christian walk.

Olivia (23) and Wesley (16) also would say that had asked Jesus in their hearts when they were young but they do not go to church or have any interest in the things of Jesus.

Brent (34) his my son-in-law, who was never raised in church. So, I pray for his salvation.

Praying for you all -


Yes!! I love your statement." I will keep posting until I see Satan devastated and destroyed." That just makes me want to pray more.