Colossians 3 & 4 Prayer


Things have evolved in these threads that make many of you in this prayer thread wonder what does Colossians 3 & 4 have to do with it. Let me just take a moment to explain in order to solve the mystery.

Initially, we had a memorization thread. It still exists under the same title as this post without the word “Prayer.” Out of that close group, as we memorized together, we began being interested in each other’s lives and so began this thread with the same post name but having the additional word “prayer” added to it to make it a prayer thread and not a memorization thread. Hence, some are memorizing or following along with these chapters and are also praying in this thread. Others are only in the memorization thread while others just in this thread.

The intention of this thread is to pray but not where prayer is dropped down and the author of it disappears. Rather, we are sustained in prayer for each other. Thus, we need weekly updates or prayer requests just evaporate - we never knew what happened. If we have to post and re-post the same requests, we will as we desire sustained, focused and concerted prayer.

Please join us but please stay with us. We will pray for you. This group is exceptional in that regard. I’m not being facetious but, say you write saying that you needed a job. We don’t chant, “Oh Lord, please give Ebenezer a job. Amen” Done. No, we go into our prayer closets with your needs and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us as we pray for you.

We also need you to pray. The church needs prayer. I guarantee that if all 96 of us prayed for these prayer requests listed each week - for as long or as short as you feel led to pray for the requests weekly - this list would dwindle. Prayer is not my idea. I still don’t even know exactly what it is. All I am sure of is that Jesus commands it. This is not just me or my thing, but it is for all believers. So please join me in prayer as I ask you for the following:

*Please Pray
-One of my sons Jonathan, who has gotten sarcastic about Christianity, as well as a daughter Kara, who doesn’t know Jesus, but because of prayer, is beginning to go to church, are coming home for a week from California on Monday. Please pray for our time together. That we wouldn’t preach but rather, move out of the way and let the Holy Spirit speak.
-Jun & Regina have had another earthquake in the Philippines where they live in Mindanao. The enemy will not quit because their variety of ministries are so vital.
-That Jesus would deepen my prayer life and that I would hear Him more definitely in so many areas regarding my life.


Praying @Tim_Ramey

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I tried to call in to the prayer call today and still did not get in, it told me that it was long distance @Catherine @darlene @Billie @Tim_Ramey @Lakshmismehta @sig @kelelek

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@Catherine Do you have any solutions?

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@JasonWalker I just called in and didn’t have any problems. Is anybody else having this problem? Just to verify the numbers you’re using:
Call: 605-313-6187
Access Code: 252039

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Dear praying friends,

Thank you all for the prayer support. Some battles seem to be such that victory may be won only through corporate prayer. I praise God that my father’s surgery went well and I can still hope for his salvation. My father sends his thanks for praying for him. He also had a lot of hindus praying for him and finds it difficult to know the hand of Christ in his life. He is not closed to Christ but is quite closed to the idea if we insist He is our only hope. Another reason for praise I have is that I had an opportunity to share about Christ’s work in my life to a hindu friend recently who seemed open to know more about Jesus from the Bible. Here are my prayer requests for this week:

  1. I will be led by the Holy Spirit in my conversations about faith with my family these holidays. While they accept my faith, they don’t want me to talk about Christ to them. Please pray for me to stay strong spiritually as things get quite tense when I am with them.
  2. Please pray that my hindu friend has full understanding of the work of Christ and receive the gift of salvation.
  3. Please pray for God to save Joel and Mary’s marriage. God is clearly working in their lives and gives me reason to hope that the divorce plans are overturned.

God bless your prayer time richly. Thank you.


I think your prayers are already working for my first request. The Holy Spirit is reminding me of songs to sing perfect for my situation, giving me hope and strength. God is showing in experience that He is Immanuel…God who is with us through every battle. I am learning how praising God is an important weapon against spiritual oppression we can experience. Thank you.


Lakshmi, thanks! It’s so encouraging! Praise you Lord!!!


Hi Praying partners. So appreciate each and every one of you.

I have a praise but can’t post publicly. I do want to acknowledge that God is working though.

-Please pray for my daughters return to faith.
-Please pray for KS and JL to be set free from long term addictions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! :heart:



Many praises for a successful surgery! Thank you for letting us know. Continuing to pray for you and your family.


Merry Christmas people of prayer. May our Savior give us a Christmas
of joy, wonder and a loving, sharing time with family.**
Praise:** My brother ordered the Bible on CD’s read by Johnny
Cash from Amazon and has started listening to God’s Word. I’m so
Prayer: Please continue asking the Lord to tear down all that
is holding my son and daughter from seeing the lies of the world and
to see instead the truth in Christ.
I pray all in our families will be drawn to Christ this Christmas.
Praying for you.


Yep that number just gives me a recording in Spanish telling me I need long distance put on my phone in order to access that number @Catherine. Alright since I am the only one who is not getting in, can anyone call me 3-way when the call is on? @Billie @darlene @sig @kelelek @Lakshmismehta @Tim_Ramey @Catherine @Donna

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Can I add a prayer request. It actually is a huge, overarching issue.

I won’t go into details but in my prayer times, I feel convicted that, though I say with my mouth that I love Jesus and that He is my all, deep down, in the recesses of my heart, He is not enough. One way that I can tell s that I am joyless unless I womp it up but then my tire pops and I’m flat.

I tend to blame it on my body that is tired, achy and fatigued. However, Jesus should be my sufficiency. In 2Co_12:9 it says, “but he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” I will all the more gladly boast of my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

I am weak but Jesus is not enough. I want with all of my heart for Him to be just that. I can utter it with my lips but my heart has to be there too. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would show me the obstacles. And I I saying this with no air of false humility. It is said with a sadness in the realization that, as Jesus is my treasure, I should be joyful and glad that I have everything I need for life and godliness.


I will pray this for you, me & all of us

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Hello dear praying friends,

I am sitting in the ER with my spouse.
He came her by ambulance this morning.
He was doing so well…
Once home… things started to go sideways.
He has being throwing up and can’t keep food done. (He was eating well before he was discharged from the hospital.)
This is very discouraging for both of us.
Please pray that this situation is just a hiccup and not something requiring more surgery to remedy what is going on.
We live in a small community…pray for astute medical care … as he is very complicated man medically.

Thank you.
I sorry I am not able to be most consistent… things just have not allowed me any routine of my own.


Dearest praying sibs in Christ, (I’m glad this greeting resonants),

I confess my life has been very overwhelmed with the needs of my spouse over fhe last number of weeks…
I feel badly, that I haven’t been as fervent or consistent in praying for the rest of your needs.

It has been very hard for me to remember much of anything…
other than to keep putting one foot in front of the other…
over these last number of weeks.

Having said that, let me recount the great mercies and kindnesses of the Lord…in our lives and situation.

A few days ago, I asked for prayer because my spouse had gone to hospital via ambulance…and I was sitting in the hopsital waiting area.
Indeed, he has had a few hiccips since we returned home, but, God has not failed go see us though these bumps on the road to recovery.
Brian is holding food down now, and hopefully, will increase in strength accordingly. He is still feeling pretty weak. Given the complexities of his health issues, dehydration is and has been a huge concern.

Both of us are extremely grateful for all God’s goodness in the day to day realities through out the last number of weeks. Truly, we hope and pray this will be the the last time he’ll need such invasive surgery.

So, rejoice with us as we give thanks to the Lord for graciously answering the prayers of his children…
To bring Brian through this surgery…and for adding daily amounts of recovery…without serious complications.

Needless, to say, I am tired. But, thankfully I am getting to sleep througn the night…a big help when caregiving.

God has gracious provided through the skillful hands of my older sister, Catherine, …lovely meals for Christmas eve and Christmas Day. (As well as, nutritious soups …)
This has been a tremendous help for me.
(Please pray for her salvation…as she is very resistent to any knowledge of the true and living God. We have an challenging relationship because of how different our world life views are.)

While we remain very shut in and socially isolated…we have had connection with family and friends through the modern application of technology. We were able to attend the Christmas eve service, though, Brian attending was pushing things a bit.

Truly, I hope and pray you all experienced some felt real sense of the Lord’s presence with you and in you all over this Christmas season. It has lost most of it’s meaning to the wider culture at large…so, hopefully each one of you were able to be witnessess of his grace and glory within your own circle of influence.

Lord Jesus, please lift up Jason, Catherine, Donna, Kelly, Lakshmismehta, and Tim …
Lord, please hear the cries of their hearts to you and pour out your love, mercy and grace into their lives. LORD, we are completely powerless in and of ourselves to effect any change in ourselves…let alone in the hearts of others. Lord, you know the many loved ones we all have…extended family…friends, spouses, children, grandchildren…A great many are without a saving knowledge of you and they are relationally dead to you because of sin and unbelief…Please, soften hard hearts…open closed minds, give ears to hear and hearts to receive your holy word and your Holy Spirit.
Comfort your people, Lord.
Give us grace to be faithful unto you.
Faithful to the end of our lives.
Enable us to be like Jesus…
Purify, cleanse, renew and transform our hearts and lives by a true and living faith.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.
Dwell in your people…
Come abide in your holy temple…
The invisible body of Christ, not made with human hands but, established and built on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Demonstrate your resurrection power, Oh God, by saving the lost.
By raising the dead to life…through the gospel of your Holy Son.
Thank you, Lord. Accept our praise and thanksgiving. Enable us to humble ourselves before you…and to wait upon you. To come into your presence without hypocrisy or guile. Enable us to trust you…and abandon trusting in ourselves… our own will, or wisdom.

Praise, honour and glory…be unto you alone, oh Lord…for you alone are worthy!


Billie, thank you, thank you, thank you for loving Jesus so much that your posts exude with your love for Him. We are in prayer. I m especially sensitive to the roll of a caregiver seeing my wife in action for me all of these years.Thank you as you are caring for Brian as no one else could! (Bless you too brother Brian!)