Colossians 3:5-6 Prayer


Dearest Saints

I’m still out of town but wanted to remind each of you to please post your prayer requests and pray. More and more, I see that Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship - a relationship with Jesus. What better way to engage in a relationship than to talk and listen to the other person. So it is with prayer - it’s talking and listening to Jesus. Please pray, even we you don’t feel like it!

Please Pray
-That Jonathan and Kara, a son and a daughter of ours to rush into the arms of Jesus.
-Wisdom regarding all aspects of our lodge
-How we each can be more effective witnesses for Jesus


Brother Tim, I continue in prayer for you and trust our faithful Father will direct you and Nancy regarding your lodge. Praying the Lord will claim that which He created for Himself - Jonathan and Kara. Lord bless and keep you.
**Please also pray for my adult children Mitch and Sasha. That the Lord will bring into their lives whatever is necessary to bring them back to Him. Thank you


Hi @Tim_Ramey, praying for your trip that God will provide opportunities for Jesus’s light to shine through and that your steps are directed by the Lord. So true that we need to pray the most when we feel for it the least! It doesn’t take very long at all to lose the fervor for the Lord or feel the pressure of our circumstances when we are not strengthened in our spirit by prayer. How we need each other to hang on in prayer! Thank you for your reminders!
My Prayer requests:

  1. Our kids will have a strong love for God’s word, not only for mine but others in this community as well.
  2. Continue prayers for Elizabeth struggling with cancer.
  3. Please pray for a couple of our friends traveling to India - for their testimony before Hindus and progress on efforts to start an orphanage.
  4. Salvation for parents, sister, parents in law.
  5. We as a group will start seeing more of our prayer requests answered, that we would understand hindrances to our prayers and conform accordingly.

Thank you all. Blessings!


Good morning or afternoon! I take heart as I read through the comments and requests posted! @Tim_Ramey, how true are your words that it is a relationship! Such a profound and amazing truth as I really think about it. As I was sitting here thinking about that, I thought of some of my human relationships. I asked myself, do I trust the Lord as much as I do my friends? If I ask a friend for something, do I worry over their reliability to follow through? If I can trust my friends, how much more should I be able to trust the one who created me and loves me above anyone in my life? @Donna, such a scary thing to pray; that God do whatever is necessary! Every time I pray this prayer I want to add on an, “except…”. Yet the verses we just learned the last couple of weeks, sheds light on the fact that I have my mind set on things of the earth, more than things above. In light of eternity, what could they possibly lose on this earth that is more precious than their eternal salvation?? And yet, I remember that His word says that it’s His kindness that leads us to repentance. Do I really need to add an “except” in light of such a God who loves them? If evil befalls them, isn’t that the enemy and a result of their own rebellion? Some interesting things to ponder… @Lakshmismehta, couldn’t agree more about seeing our prayers materialize!! I know He is working…in some cases with some very unyielding vessels. Nevertheless, having some breakthroughs would be amazing. :slight_smile:

  • Prayers for Autumn and Lauren to know and to make known the Lord Jesus Christ.

May Autumn and Lauren and ALL listed above find grace and peace in you, God and Father – NOTHING else. I thank you God, for each person and I pray for the day when we can rejoice in their faith in Christ Jesus and of the love that will fill their heart for all of the saints because of their newfound hope which is laid up in heaven. Send laborers to them that they may hear the word of truth, the gospel, and cause it to bear fruit and increase in them - as it also does in the whole world. Open their hearts to understand Your grace. I do not cease to pray for them!! Fill them with the knowledge of Your will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding so they walk in a manner that is worthy of You, Lord. Stir up within their hearts a hunger and desire to be pleasing to You, to bear fruit in every good work and to increase in the knowledge of You. When the enemy comes to steal Your word, strengthened them with all power, according to your glorious might, to endure and be patience with joy, and to give thanks to you Father. It is only by Your grace that any of us are qualified to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. I praise you that you are working to deliver them from the domain of darkness and transfer them to the kingdom of Your beloved Son. Because of Your grace and mercy, open their eyes to Your love so that they cry out for redemption and the forgiveness of their sins.

Standing and praying with you all!


So beautifully said.
Reading your post was edifying and stirring.
Thank you…Jesus.
Jesus…Help us to love the triune God with all our hearts minds and souls. To have intimacy with you…
And to genuinely love our neighbour as ourselves.
Enable us to have unfeigned love for all our redeemed brothers and sisters
Enable us to live without hypocrisy or guile…To speak the truth in love.

Jesus…be gracious to Tim, hear and answer his petitions.
Lord hear his desire his children’s salvation. Grant by your grace that Jonathan and Kara, may rush into the arms of Jesus.
Lord Jesus, grant your divine grace and wisdom to direct, regarding the lodge, travel and other related concerns.
Lastly, Lord, enable us all to be more effective witnesses for Jesus. Show us the way to be effective witnesses.

For Lakshmismehta:
Please, Lord Jesus, hear her hearts desires and minister to her out of your eternal riches of mercy, love and grace.
Lord you see these needs…please sovereignly intervene.

  1. Our kids will have a strong love for God’s word, not only for mine but others in this community as well.
  2. Continue prayers for Elizabeth struggling with cancer.
  3. Please pray for a couple of our friends traveling to India - for their testimony before Hindus and progress on efforts to start an orphanage.
  4. Salvation for parents, sister, parents in law.
  5. We as a group will start seeing more of our prayer requests answered, that we would understand hindrances to our prayers and conform accordingly.

Lord Jesus, be kind to Donna and graciously hear her hearts desire and prayers for her adult children, Mitch and Sasha. God, you are good. Graciously work in their lives. Move by your supernatural invisible power within their hearts, minds, spirits. Work within the circumstances of their lives to bring them back to you.

Lord Jesus, thank you for Kelly and for giving her the grace to speak in a manner that is edifying and encouraging. How your people need to put their trust in you…to have confidence in you…Lord, this is faith…trusting in you alone.
Your word says…”Without faith is is impossible to please you. For we must believe that you ARE …and that you are the rewarder of those who diligently seek you.” Grant us faith, Lord…not in ourselves, but, in your alone.

Lord Jesus, you see all things. Nothing is hidden from you. You know the secrets and the intents of our hearts. Bring all our desires into alignment with your will and purposes.

Lord…you know my spouse, Brian, has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time. We are waiting on a biopsy to know what type… so they can decide on treatment.
Please be gracious to my dear husband. He has suffered so much, Lord. We both fear more sickness and suffering…Please intervene.
If it is your will for him to go home to you…Gracious God, please make it as quick and pain free as can be managed. If it is your will for him to survive and recover from this, Oh Gracious God…bring speedy treatment and recovery…for your Glory and honour.
Help Brian to cope. Help me to cope by your grace.
Enable us to humble ourselves before you and follow you.
Lord Jesus, have mercy on our children who are far from you.
Chelsea, Fayanne, Jelena, Natalie, Evangelene, John and Leo.

Lord, be with us both as we visit and spend time with friends George and Joanne. Lord, they do not know you personally yet, but, you are drawing them to yourself. Graciously reveal your love to them in a real and personal way.


@Billie, Thank you for those prayers. Amen and Amen! I feel so privileged and encouraged as I read your prayers. Its wonderful that you can even pray for us when you yourself are battling your husband’s health. May the Lord of all life bring healing to Brian. May He restore every cell in every tissue to complete health. May the Lord open the hearts of your children for a word in season from the Lord unto salvation. In Jesus name.


And All God’s people say, Amen. Thank you so much for your post. Very encouraging.


Dear Praying Friends,

Please remember to pray for my children that they may know Him and have a real relationship with Jesus.
Ryan and Wesley.
Pray for me - I struggle with headaches often.

Thank you so much for everyone that post in this group. It is so encouraging to read each of them. Praying for you today and I will continue to lift these concerns to Jesus through this week. May we all know the joy of His presence as we wait patiently for His answers and His glorious return.



Dear Saints

I used to say, “Hey, but don’t get me wrong - I’m no saint…” But you and I are. We are in the world but separated from it an in the whole way for Jesus.

Having come back from a class reunion where, please, any Catholics out there don’t misunderstand me, but I was brought up with saint stories and saints were weird. And I had some nuns who were saints and others who were - well, I’ll just keep it to myself!

But through it all, I didn’t know Jesus. It was a religion - don’t eat meat on Friday, go to church on Sunday, go to confession once/month etc. I have a son who knows Jesus but has joined the Catholic church. But for me, it was the typical does and dont’s and God was sadistical as He was out to hammer you if you stepped out of line.

To come back and hear your refreshing posts of concern and prayer is so refreshing. We have it made having each other as brothers and sisters in Jesus who want others to know Him. May he anoint us as we pray for each other - especially those who will be praying together at 2 CDT today.

Thank you for loving the Lord with all of your hearts. it is so very encouraging!!


Dear Pray-ers

Someone in the group did notice a lack of praises. It’s a good reminder to keep letting everyone know when we can rejoice together besides all of the weeping together we do!

All of you 2 pm Monday pray-ers - it’s that time! Can you still join us Kelly? Hope to “see” ya there!


I just came from prayer and felt that I needed to write to all of you before I did anything else. Many times I have told you that I am not the typical male and in saying this, you will agree. I run off the prayers listed from our group and take them into my prayer room. You guys, I’m overcome with grief. I beg the Lord to show me, as I read what Lakshmi says in their prayer group there are hindrances to prayers being answered - am I in the way? What do you want me to do Lord? Something is not right.

Why is Billie going through the pain of a dying husband and 7 wayward children while entertaining a couple who don’t know Jesus. I’m not implying easy fixes and mass productions, but why doesn’t Jesus come to Brian, touch him so his cancer is not in remission but it is gone, his children witness it, while the couple staying with them witness it and overnight, 9 are saved and a couple that loves you are released from pain and rejoice at seeing Your salvation.

I know that we are to knock and keep on knocking but why is no one answering? Why are we always in the waiting stages? Why doesn’t the scene in Billie’s household unfold and blast on to smack Kelly’s children into awe of their Savior? Meanwhile, Lakshmi’s parents and in-laws are so uneasy in their present states that they search and realize that Lakshmi and Vinay have what they are looking for? Mitch & Sasha would hear about the power surging through God’s people and they want to find out what’s happening. Darlene’s children would want to part of our prayer group so Brent, Olivia, Ryan and Wesley would sign on.

No, I’m not implying that overnight the landscape changes but why are we so weak? The Lord is strong but what is holding Him back? Why are we waiting week after week. It hit me that I can pray for Brian and Elizabeth’s healings but inside, I prepare myself for the worst. Yeah - what will happen is inevitable. That is not Jesus’ attitude!!! He asks what do you want of me? That’s what He asked Bartimaeus.

One of my memory verses is a well known one but think about it. It says in John 15, “If you abide in me and my word abides in you, ask what you will and it shall be done for you.” Nice words… But hey, how can we sit around and watch loved ones heading towards the cliff or lost in the dank dungeon and we comfortably stand by waiting. What is holding Jesus back from causing this group to be screaming, “Bring it on! Our Jesus can do it.”

Lakshmi’s words haunt me. “We as a group will start seeing more of our prayer requests answered, that we would understand hindrances to our prayers and conform accordingly.”

What are the hindrances here? Are we abiding? Should we not sit up and ask what is holding back the Creator of the universe to bringing the ones we listed to salvation? He can do it and of all things, this is what He wants? What gives? I want Jesus to point His finger at me and show me what am I doing to hold Him back from saving our children? He’s doing His job so then where is the blockage. Sure they have free wills, but we are talking about some 30 people here. None of them choosing Jesus? Why?

I’m ranting so forgive me but I know Jesus wants us to have our children come to Him more than we do. Why do we keep pounding? What is wrong? Where is the problem? We should watch our children not fall off the cliff but fall off of our list. I hurt so bad and plead that Jesus would show me if I am holding up things in any way. How I want our children and families - parents, siblings, friends - to know Jesus.


This has been the story of my prayer life. Wait. . . . I have had physical needs met through out my life but when it comes to praying for people to be saved . . . . I have prayed and waited. My son, Riley’s salvation story is a huge answer to prayer.

As I pray for Olivia, Brent, Wesley, and Ryan - I see baby steps toward faith.
Olivia and I were in Walmart with her 1 year old twins. These precious babies draw people to talk to you. An older man, I am guessing in his 80s, came and talked to them as they were sitting in a stroller. Then he asked if he could ask us a question. We said, “Of course.” And he asked if we were saved. It was the most precious question to me. Olivia said yes. But, she has not been to church in 5 or 6 years. She asks for prayer when there is a crisis. But, she has the memory with her - - - of a precious older man asking, “Are you saved?”

Ryan came home from working a 24 hour shift to tell me about a man that had died in his ambulance. They had never left this man’s yard - so they let the man’s mom come in the back of the ambulance and sit with him. She told them of how her son had always been in poor health and how he had been angry because of it. But she said, He made peace with God about a year ago and had asked Jesus into his heart. So, thankfully, he passed into heaven. Ryan has that memory with him now.

Ryan and I had a huge discussion Sunday morning before I went to church. I told him that up until you are an adult - it is your parents faith. You go to church because your mother takes you. You bow your head and pray for forgiveness. Now that you are an adult - you have to make your faith your own. Will you live a christian life? What does that look like? Something more for him to think about.

And I am sure in all of these people that we pray for - there are baby steps toward faith that we don’t easily see. I know that God is working and calling each of these dear people to Him.

Thank you Lakshmi for requesting that we pray about the hinderance to our prayers. I will pray for Him to please show me where I am hindering His answers and I will pray for Him to move in our midst and answer our prayers and bring our precious people to Him.

As we claim and cling to His truths - He loves all them of this we are sure. For He came to seek and to save those that are lost.

Blessings to you all,



Darlene, those were some very interesting real life scenarios to back your point. Thanks for that. In all honesty, do you think that I am trying to outrace the Lord? Please - I am really asking because though I am not dismissing your baby steps answer for a second, i wonder how much we are in the way or something because I think prayer is not action with fireworks going off all of the time, but I do sense that it should be more dynamic.

Sometimes I wonder if prayer is not popular because the enemy doesn’t like it but I also wonder if he lulls us so we are complacent.

Please, of the 84 of us, I’d really appreciate all of the insight that is in this body of Christ! Could you add your thoughts?

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Yes, indeed! Thank you for sharing those experiences. Its great that you are noticing these steps and letting them increase your faith and turn it as praise toward God.


Hello @Interested_In_Prayer

Salvation, Wisdom and Power comes from our God!..

I Join all of you in prayers asking God’s Intervention through the power of the Holy Spirit on every situation that we are seeking His will, Face, Hands and His Grace.

Ask and it shall be given unto you. So We ask Lord Jesus in you name.


Hello Tim,

I need to clarify…As of yet, we don’t have an prognosis regarding my spouse’s new diagnosis of cancer. We are in the medical loop again, with the intention of getting clarity and hopefully treatment. We haven’t heard the word “terminal”, yet.
God willing, we won’t.
God willing, he will live and praise God.
Brian has survived two serious cancers…by the grace of God…in answer to the prayers of God’s people (according to His will).
I am thankful for these previous mercies poured out from the hand of God.
This is how I see praying for my unbelieving children.
Naturally, I love them. But, my adult children are adults.
They are accountable to their Maker … for their lives and their choices. Though the Word of God, I know they are sinners by nature and choice…
Without the quickening power of the Word of God and the life giving power of the Spirit of God…
They will remain dead in their trespasses and sins.
They cannot turn to Jesus by the will of man…
I know and believe…
“Salvation is by grace alone, through faith and that not of ourselves…it is the gift of God.”
Given these biblical truths, it is important for us to pray, that God would graciously convict them of sin…of righteousness and judgement…
Coming to know their sin, in the light of a holy God, is part of how God drives sinners…willingly into the arms of their Saviour.
We need to pray, that God’s kindness would lead them to repentance…(and to faith in Jesus as their Saviour from sin).
There is no partiality with God…He is just…in all he does.
We need to see our children …like ourselves, as being worthy of God’s wrath and condemnation…and pray for His grace to meet them.
For God to sovereignly intervene…in the course of their lives…
That they would have an encounter with the risen Jesus.
This is the truth of the gospel message. But, in our modern times…
facing the dark nature of sin is a message many want to stop up their ears against.
Only God can enter into the secret recesses of the heart…
It is hard to speak the truth in a day and age where truth is defined as “your truth”…Not God’s truth.
Young people have so many influences pulling on them…distracting them…and so do we. It is a major challenge.
All people everywhere need to hunger and thirst after righteousness…for the truth.
Our prayers can’t save them…though truly I wish they could.
We are called to be faithful in prayer …
“Salvation is of the Lord.”
We hold this tension…in faith …
To love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength
and love our neighbour as ourselves. (Including our adult children).

God is faithful…
I praise Him for answered prayers…over many years.
I know He is answering prayer…
Though, I may not see what He will do in answer to many prayers …
I will trust Him. He will not, and cannot fail. :blush:


Am I wrong to be agitated? It’s not due to the Lord’s inactivity, it is because I feel, maybe I’m wrong, that we are twiddling our thumbs while people are dying spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I was a first responder. When we got the call, we flew out the door and onto the scene. If it was a life or death situation, we did everything we could to keep them alive. Shouldn’t our response spiritually be just as intense? I’m not advocating running in place to be doing something but should we not be more proactive?

Billie, it was your post that really got me going. Thanks for your reply. I must be communicating ineffectively because I seem to be conveying that God is the one not doing anything and so subtly suggesting that He is not faithful. I’m sorry if that is how I left any of you feeling. Rather He is always faithful and His desire for all o come to salvation and yet, though we have free wills. Is Riley the only one in so many that would choose Jesus?

I am spurred on by: Heb 12:15 “See to it that no one fail to obtain the grace of God;” and later, 2Co 5:17-20 “Therefore, if any one is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come. All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation; that is, in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. So we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We beseech you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.”

Are we being good ambassadors?


Of course, Tim, in a format like this, it is very difficult to convey one’s inner most heart and mind. Thank you for taking the time to dialogue back and forth in Connect. It is the only way that others like myself can gain clarity about what you are feeling so strongly.

To me, it is a beautiful thing that you feel burdened …

There is much in the scripture to exhort us to be diligent, faithful, and persevering in our petitioning of the Lord for the salvation of others.

I suppose part of the challenge I’ve experienced in regards to my inner life and prayer… is finding a balance.

There’s a very real tension between living in a a physical/material world and feeling spiritual burdens.

There is so much labour involved in living and staying afloat in this modern world…which doesn’t afford people much solitude…

Meanwhile, the spiritual born again person, experiences Biblical exhortations “to be in the world and not of the world”…”to set their affections on things above and not in the things of the world”.

I have struggled in my experience as a believer…
On the one hand, I haven’t wanted to be completely overwhelmed with the biblical reality of human brokenness and lostness…(there have been times when I have been…and it prevented me from functioning “normally”. The sorrow and grief…were so intense.

On the other hand, I know I have to apply myself diligently to spiritual realities with the intention of being sufficiently conscious, aware, spiritually awake. Awareness, is a needed state…to motivate me to seek the mercy of God consistently in prayer. (Prayer acts as a fulcrum between God’s Sovereignty…and my responsibility. It reminds me…if I don’t ask…I will not receive…while anchoring in the truth …God alone can soften and change hearts/lives.)

In essence, (in my own heart and life) I’ve determined to commit myself to earnest daily prayer … with the understanding …that this is what He wants me to do. (As an expression of my faith and confidence in Him.)

In prayer, I can our out my whole heart and soul in His presence.
Prayer is the safest place to experience a broken heart, to feel deep sorrow and grief …about the realities of this broken, sinful world.

For me, prayer is an extremely intimate activity. I have found very few contexts where I feel comfortable praying with others.

Having said that, I have asked God for prayer partners because I believe it is important to have other witnesses to God’s answers.
It builds us up in faith, hope and love.

In the last year, God has given me a wonderful prayer partner.
He brought an amazing Nigerian woman to the church I attend…
As I got to know her, I found out she rented a space in an unchurched community. Every Sunday evening, she would gathered there with her 10 year old daughter, to pray that God to have mercy on that particular community.

What a woman of faith, hope, love and prayer! She has graciously included me in that time of prayer…and it is a wonderful blessing to me…
We have not seen specific answers…but, we have confidence in God.
If He puts it in the hearts of His people to pray…it is because He is at work.


Oh Billie, I can’t articulate adequately how profoundly that your post speaks to me. I o appreciate your mention of that balance. So often I get overwhelmed and though I know that we are to be compassionate, I feel like I can go overboard. I want to be caring but it doesn’t help anyone if it buries me.

It was good to read your post in light of having another moving time in my prayer time. for the group this last week. If you haven’t read it, please do and respond if you have some input.

The finality of your post was also moving, especially considering it was a Nigerian woman with all that is going on there.

Billie, this sounds like I’m making a judgemental statement and it is not my intendion to convey that but you had written that “He puts it on the hearts of His people to pray.” Why don’t more pray then? Why can’t I get a team of people to pray in my community?

Sorry Billie, I had no sooner posted this than I did realize that you had responded to my post this past week. Sorry…