Colossians 3:7-8 Prayer


It all began with a few of us memorizing chapters od Scripture. Yet, a natural outworking of that was the desire to pray for each other as we had God’s Word that we were dealing with at the same time. It’d be like having a Bible study. An obvious overflow from that is to be interested in each other’s lives. So the prayer portion was born and it has become more popular than the original memorization.

I have been touched by many posting prayers. Yet, I do hope that we take these requests made seriously enough that we let the Lord lead us in how to pray for each other. I spoke to prayer last week as, some picked up that I was frustrated with the Lord. Not at all! I am wondering where we may be blocking His Spirit. Please, as you pray about these items, ask Jesus to show us if we are in the way in any area that He may want to deal with us.

Please Pray:
-That Jesus’ love for two of my children Kara and Jonathan will realized by them.
-I want so much to be used to bring others to Jesus. I long to be a good ambassador.
-That my role with Jun & Regina in the Philippines would be defined as well as my place with the Children Shelter of Cebu.
-My aching body wakes me up. That Jesus would help me discern what I should do about this fatigue and pain.

-Kara found a job in the LA area. May it be instrumental in bringing her back to Jesus
-I cannot say much about it at this point other than Jesus has been moving in wonderful ways in regard to our lodge. Even for the conclusion of this season, we still need key people.
-That Jesus would bring so many dear believers from this group in my life. Thank you Jesus!


Dear praying friends,

Please remember to pray for Olivia, Brent, Ryan,and Wesley.

  • that I will use my time wisely.

Praying for your lodge, Jun, Regina, the Children’s shelter of Cebu, Kara, Jonathan and your aches and fatigue. Praying for clear direction for your lodge and the path forward and for relief from pain and fatigue.

Thanks for being our leader.



Hi @Tim_Ramey and @darlene. I am praying daily and hope to see more praise reports. Tim, would you believe I finally memorized some of the scripture in Colossians? Well yippee for me :nerd_face:
—Pray for my grandsons Landon and Aiden to lean on the Lord to carry them through their broken family dynamic
Pray the adults would have wisdom in always choosing to do what is right and letting go of any bitterness and pride for the sake of the kids
Pray for my sister and all those having to endure the pain of loosing their children

I haven’t been posting much here but I do have all the request written down and lift them up to the Lord daily :pray:t3:
Take care guys :heart:


He is the God who sees. He is the God who hears. He is love. Thank you Father for seeing us: where we are, how we hurt, when we need wisdom and direction, what we need at our deepest level. Thank you that You are all this to those we bring before you! You are Good!

-Continued prayers for Autumn and Lauren. May the kingdom of God overwhelm and conquer the work and the lies of the enemy so that His love enfolds them and protects them; that God’s good name is exalted.

Praying for all who post here!!



I enjoy hearing from all of you but Sig, so often I saw you welcoming newcomers but wondered if you were still with us. It does my heart good to hear from you.

I am alerting everyone that we pray all week for these requests but there are some of us who meet every Monday to pray at the same time. One of us that meets to do so asked if we could change the time from 2 and meet rather today, Monday, at 2:30. So to be detailed, for those who want to meet together though we live in different areas of the world, we meet on Monday 2:30pm CDT. So to coordinate meeting at the same time, adjust where you live accordingly. In other words, for example, if you live in California, that would mean Monday at 12:30pm. How long you pray is up to you but it just means that at the same time, we are all praying together.


My prayer needs are the same this week-

  1. Salvation for family members
  2. Pray for a couple visiting India to help with an orphanage
  3. Parenting wisdom
  4. Prayer for Elizabeth suffering with cancer.

Thank you!


I need to send a big thank you to all who have been praying over the months for me, my pastor, and his wife. I need also to praise the God who is faithful in answering prayer, in his own special ways. I had imagined that, given our discouragement, depression, and exhaustion, he would provide a sort of vacation rest, but no: the work continues and even sped up. Rather, seeing the response of a former alcoholic, drug addict, and gang member explain in Bible Study how his forgiving someone else has changed his life; having a steady parade of people coming to our Friday nights and ask excellent theological questions from a non-Christian level (like 'What does John 3:16 mean?); having a very public healing after prayer and laying on of hands; and me realizing that I am completely different today than I was 25 years ago; all these have made us rejoice and praise God, and is better medicine than any two-month vacation should have been.
So thanks again for praying. You are all precious children of our father. And thanks for being our leader, Tim. And please pray for Andy, whose good friend Steve was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and is now in a coma. Andy is struggling with giving up some of the non-Christian things he’s picked up in his life but has become very attached to. (One of them a drug-addicted girlfriend.)


You don’t know what fellow pray-ers mean to me. Pray-ers are hard to find. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Brethren and sisteren (wonder why Paul never used it - it sounds good!), your words are so kind but I really am not the leader. I really am only a facilitator. I know that it is the Christian thing to say that it is Jesus but it is as He has put all of us together. His ways are like Carol posted above, we think the answer will be one way but He has other plans. Thank you for your love and kindness.

Hey, just out of curiosity, who will be with me at 2:30 today- about 20 minutes from now?

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I was wondering if anyone had a possible answer for me. I find that my prayer time for this group at the set time on Monday is a very odd time for me. I come away agitated. I’m hurt in my spirit for those of you that I’m praying for. I find that I pray for you as much as I do for the prayer requests you list. I long to be with you and to be praying with you. I ache and I don’t know if it is a good thing or what. I don’t experience any of my other prayer times like this one. It’s as if I come away angry that the enemy has run over you. Not to sound unselfish, but I don’t pray for my prayer requests but find it difficult to put my prayers for you into words.

It’s not a very fair question as it is not easy to explain exactly what takes place during the time. I prayed in Jesus’ Name against any of the enemy’s influence but feel that rather, I’m upset with the enemy - how he has imprisoned Lauren, Autumn, Wesley, Olivia, Ryan, Brent, Lakshmi’s parents and in-laws and sister and grandmother. For hurt lives, cancer victims, broken homes, for Christians making wrong choices, losing children and on and on. I’m not an angry person at all but I feel angry or something like it…


Hello to you @Tim_Ramey and anyone else who may be reading this. I truly do love this group, not just our purpose, but I have genuine love for each and every one of you. I appreciate your consistency. I hope to have more interaction with you all, yet I cannot neglect the ministry God has given me here in St. Louis. As a relatively immature Christian, I am still learning to be balanced and steady, characteristics that only come through experience and persistence. I am quite sure that you all have many other commitments in this God-given life, yet you always find time for this.

My heart is a bit heavy reading some of these posts and I am hoping we can find prayer to be encouraging more than burdensome. What I mean is that intercessors are called to internalize the burdens of others so that we may truly be lifting up the effective and fervent prayers that avail much, as we know that we are the righteousness of God. And sometimes we internalize to a point that we forget to give it to God.

We must pray (at all times) with expectancy. That we have whatever we say. We boldly go before the throne confident in this: God is loving, merciful, gracious and just. There is no reason to waste any of our emotions on the enemy. God is exalted and the devil IS defeated. It’s already done.

Consider the following scriptures: Jude verses 8-10 (simply proclaim the authority of Jesus), 2 Peter 2:7-11 (encouragement and Godly perspective for those who see and experience the attacks of the devil) and Isaiah 14:16-17 (description of satan’s inferiority).

I believe that 2 Chronicles 20:5-12 is a great example of how we must declare who God is in the face of our enemy and imminent attack. Really this whole chapter is a parable about spiritual warfare.

So I’ve been thinking that maybe we could arrange a weekly conference call for prayer and praise reports or whatever the Holy Spirit leads us toward. Any healthy relationship requires some form of reciprocation and the truth is that I have trouble communicating in an effective and complete way in a forum like this. I only have access through my cell phone and every post often takes hours (probably because I’m too wordy and overly critical of myself… Lord help me… Amen.) and I have very limited time in this season. Love you dearly my brothers and sisters. May Jesus be exalted!



OK Gang. The value of prayer has been repeatedly mentioned here. @Catherine, @carolsong88, @Lakshmismehta, @darlene, @kelelek, to name a few have been so instrumental to this prayer team. There are more as well, so could we respond to what Catherine has said?

When we first began, the idea of a conference call prayer time was suggested. However, I don’t have a clue how you do it. Catherine, you bring it up again. Could we pull it off? I think we all live in the central and the eastern time zones. Who would be interested and if one would know how to do it, could we toss it around?

Catherine, I would take issue with one thing that you said and that being that you are not an immature Christian. Your heart for Jesus is contagious. We all need to grow in Him but you are not immature!

Please respond if there is any interest and we can go from there.



I am so encouraged by you all and your requests come to my mind each morning during prayers.

I was thinking about Brother Tim’s question about “what hinders us in prayers?” I think I struggle most with being discouraged, and not completely believing that God will answer. I have found that the stimulus for this chain reaction is fatigue - and it makes sense if you physically don’t feel well - it colors everything else in your life. I need to identify this and rest before letting it effect my prayer life.

Thank you Catherine and Carol for your post - love reading them.

I would love to participate in a conference call etc. I have no idea how it works.

Blessings to you all,


I already have a number set up for conference calls. Here’s how it works

  1. We agree on a day and time, usually whenever the most people are available.
  2. Everyone calls the phone number (605-313-6187)at the agreed upon time.
  3. To connect to our call you’ll have to enter an access code which can be given out later
  4. Everyone can hear one another at the same time.
  5. This can also be used on short-notice if there’s a more urgent need for prayer

So maybe reply if you’re interested and include the times you are typically available. Much Love to all of you. If you have any questions, just ask. Remember, Jesus already won the war, we’re just the ground troops sent in after the Victory to enforce it amongst the people and the spiritual realms. Hallelujah!


Skype is a easy way to do conference calls as well. You don’t have to video you can just do voice. It does require an internet connection though.


Dear Ones in the Lord

  Thank you so much for faithfully praying together for our

families and discernment as we follow Jesus. My time in Edmonton,
AB Canada is 1:30 to pray with you. However some Mondays when at
medical or other appointments you and your requests are quietly
remembered as I picture us in a group praying to Him who is
faithful. And, your requests are brought to the Father during my
usual evening praise & prayer time.

God`s blessings on each of you and may the Spirit of the Living God

live in you.


Thanks @Catherine for setting that up…I think praying on the phone will be easier than a video call. That way we are more likely to have access from anywhere. I will join when possible. I dont think I can make it every Monday but will join at least once a month. I am guessing the initial calls will be longer than 30 min as we may end up needing to share a bit before and after prayer. This will definitely help us all feel each other’s prayers and needs more as we get to put a voice to the request. We still need to decide the time …2.30 Central works best for me but 2.00 is fine too.Thank you!


I so appreciate everyone’s input and honesty.

One thing that I need to underscore before we go too far into this: When we first began the prayer thread, Kelly & I somewhat arbitrarily set up that time as we had tried an evening time and it never worked out. Later, we posted that time for anyone who could join us. That day and time could be set apart to do as it is now, to have different ones pray in their locations when they can. However, the conference call could be an entirely different day and time. Please realize that as we attempt to determine when the best time is for the most people. So please post when is preferable to you. Catherine, since you have the conference call set up, I feel that the bidding should start with you! You could say when the best times are or if it is easier, when the times that you would rule out are.


Can you have 2 prayer times? Like one for the majority who can call at one time and then another for those who may be on the other side of the world.


Good point Luna. It doesn’t even have to be relegated to two prayer times. In SE Asia it is about 12-13 hours ahead of the midwest USA where as Europe is about 7 hours ahead. In fact, if there were more who were set up like Catherine, there could be one in the evening and and another during the day even in the same time zone. The more there is, the more flexibility.

Personally, I’d like to keep the Monday 2:30 CDT as it is for those who want to just pray at the same time but alone in their closet. Also, I think the conference call would be a commitment but not to the extent that one is tied down because of it. In other words, I think it should be taken seriously but not obligatory. Our lives are always on the move. United prayer, I feel, is the goal no matter how it happens. There may be enough of us in one location, even to meet together in person. Who knows the possibilities! Anything to get us praying!

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