Colossians 3:9-10 Prayer


Dear Encouragers

What can be more encouraging to me than to have believers coming together to figure out more ways to gather together to pray? What an amazing bunch you are!

Please realize that tossing around the ways to gather together is not meant to be burdensome but to have more opportunities. Right now, there are some of us that meet in our own home at the same time - Mondays at 2:30 PM CDT. To expand those options does not mean more groups to join but to see one as fitting into your schedule. As it is, many cannot make it at that hour. Than add to that the opportunity to literally pray together by a conference call. Once again, multiple options does not mean we sign up for all of them so now we have more commitments. Rather, it just gives more options.

Luna had asked if we could do more than one. I think it’d be best if the conference call that Catherine offered would be at a time and day that she would suggest. It would be great if we could have another option depending on the time or day of the week. Someone else who would know how to handle conference calls could do another time. With any suggestions, it’d be good if those interested would say what would work for them and make an effort to follow through to day & hour, but not feel that it is a burden. There will be times that it doesn’t work - we are gone, sick, an appointment etc. I am wordy and yet I feel that I’m still coming off a little fuzzy.I hope I am adequately conveying what we have discussed.

Having said this, a very, very critical thought was emailed to me. What was conveyed to me was this important reminder: “One thing I would like for us to keep in mind is that the prayer team is assaulting the enemies kingdom. The enemy is going to do all he can to cause division… Praying God’s protection and covering. Must mean we are impacting our enemy!!” Excellent point dear saint!

So please, let’s get moving accordingly, OK?

My prayer for the week:
-The lodge is in a critical state where we have found it necessary to not having any option but to shut down offering daily breakfast because of a lack of staff. We have not been able to find any more qualified people available. Nancy and I are very tired and still sorting out where the Lord is leading us after 40 years of running our lodge on Lake Superior.
-We still desire prayer for two of our children - Jonathan & Kara’s relationship with Jesus. However see the praise below!!

-Kara has found a job that she loves in the LA area and she and her boyfriend are beginning to go to a Free Church! Jesus is not on the tip of her tongue but I praise God that He would envelop her heart and also her boyfriend’s whom she is serious about.
-For the fact that Jesus chose me and He has become my best Friend. I really love my Jesus so much! Memorization was so instrumental to this relationship.That love could always grow in its intensity until I see Him face-to-face!
-I need to say how grateful I am for Kelly, who has been in prayer with me since this group’s beginning two years ago. I hate to single any one out but she has been a faithful sister through dry times. There is also another precious sister that I Skype with to pray. I could not have any closer friends, except for my life partner and dearest mate, Nancy. And with marriages crumbling around me, I thank Jesus for my Nancy, who sat by my bedside for 7 months when I was in my firefighting accident that paralyzed me. She has been one with me for 46 years. We are getting old but we feel like spring chickens!


Wowza Tim! That’s quite a praise report about Kara!! Rejoicing with you. May God pour out His Spirit and give her excitement and understanding, along with her boyfriend. What a great testimony to Jonathan!

  • Continued prayers for Autumn (and boyfriend) and Lauren to use their gifts, talents and life in honor and glory to God and bring the gospel to many people.


So very excited about what God is doing in and through all of us. There’s a song that says “The King is among us, His Glory surrounds us” and that is my declaration over us. Any division or confusion cannot stand in the presence of our Holy God.

I agree completely with what you said @Tim_Ramey that more opportunities to plug in to prayer is not as a burden to do more but rather designed by God to help us all engage effectively. I hope to begin the conference calls this week. We have a saying in our ministry that it just takes 2 people in agreement to get something started and when we’re faithful in the little we know that God will bring the increase. I will list the days and times I can expect to be available weekly. Then we can choose a 30 min - 1 hour section of time that works best. Anyone else who would like to participate please respond on which of these times works best so we can set a definite day and time for the call.
Sunday: 4-6 p.m. CST
Tuesday or Wednesday: 7-9 p.m. CST
Friday or Saturday: 4-10 p.m. CST

Love you all and look forward to where God is bringing all of us. I will respond with praise and prayers later today. Jesus is so so amazing! To God be all the Glory!


Thanks for those time windows @Catherine . Tue or Wed at 7.30 pm or Sat at 4.30 are best for me. I am flexible with the time on these days though. Looking forward to the power of agreement in prayer in Jesus!

My prayer requests

  1. Prayers for my parents, in laws, sister, grandmother to be open to Christ’s message.
  2. For Elizabeth diagnosed with terminal cancer
  3. For friend’s trip to India who seek to help with an orphanage and share Christ to their families.

May your prayer time be blessed of the Lord!


Yeah Kelly it is quite the report. I’m sorry that I don’t sound excited as it is some great steps. I’m just used to an environment where church going or not going is the determining factor as to whether you are a Christian or not and it is the end of the story and not the beginning. Guess I shouldn’t be so negative.


Catherine, the only one that I’m sure of right now is the one during the day on Saturday at 4. More may open up later but that is the only one for sure right now. Also, are you planning ahead so as to consider the times listed after Nov 3rd or when daylight saving time is over?

Would anyone else want to try times in zones especially in other countries?

Thanks for kicking this off Catherine!



Let’s schedule the first prayer call for this week on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. CST. We can keep the call open for 1 hour, until 5.

The number to call: 605-313-6187
Access code is 252039

@Tim_Ramey, As for the question about the time change in November, I didn’t really have a plan. We can remain flexible and adjust as the group needs. I believe we have a strong foundation (connecting to one another and God in prayer through the love of Jesus) but it’s gonna take some time and experience to build a sustainable structure on that foundation. Thank God for divine inspiration by the Holy Spirit!

I will be meeting you all in prayer at 2 today. I am in Virginia with our ministry team. We are cleaning bathrooms at the State Fair. So I’ll be cleaning and praying.

I traveled home to Michigan recently to visit my family with 2 of my sisters in Christ. We stayed with my grandparents and they could do nothing but experience and receive the Love of Christ. We also had opportunity to lay hands on my Mom and pray for healing. She actually cried during the prayer which showed us that God is softening her heart and beginning a great work in her! Praise God!

Prayer Requests:
-for God to give us all revelation of His Love for us and our love for Him
-pray that we are protected from the schemes and deceits of the enemy
-pray God would prepare our hearts to receive the harvest of revival He has promised us
-for a boldness to boldly proclaim the healing and forgiveness promised and received at Calvary, through the blood of Jesus Christ
-that any dark forces of pride and selfish ambition would be exposed, bound and removed from the body of Christ. We will see greater humility and meekness amongst God’s people through Unity in the Holy Spirit.

Remember: The devil is defeated and God is exalted! Let the counsel of the Lord stand! Father, teach us how to honor YOU with our whole heart! In the mighty name of Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen.



Dear Pray-ers
Thanks Catherine. So are we to call you at 4 CDT on Saturday? And Lakshmi wrote 4:30. Can people call during that hour? I would start at 4:30 if it would enable Lakshmi to join us. Please don’t center it on me. Please - I’m not the leader - just one of us.

Also, one had requested that today we pray at 2:30 CDT and not 2 PM
Let’s write more about Saturday as I still have questions but want to make it at 2:30. See ya there!!!

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Darlene & Carol, we have your backside! Any other requests?

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Sat 4.00 works too for me! Thanks

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Dear All
I’m writing for two reasons.

The first is to get some honest feedback from you. I went into our Monday afternoon prayer time and I was overcome by grief. I was so terribly sad - I couldn’t believe it. As I looked down our list and prayed for another grim situation in the Philippines, my heart was so heavy. A few weeks back, I came out of my closet angry and now I come out just heartbroken. You probably should just refer me to a counselor, but does anyone have any reasons why this might be so? I didn’t know if it was due to pessimism, faithlessness or what but as I thought about all of these parents and children and unbelieving parents, I hurt so bad. I’m probably just a real nut case.

Secondly, I wanted to ask about Saturday. So Catherine, when we call the number, does it then ask us to put in the access code? I was wondering, if it is possible, because it is our first time, if should we call 5-10 minutes earlier so we can get all of our intros over with and hear each other’s voice before we hit it? I’m not the dictator here but personally, I would love to come together to pray and not talk. I’ve been at so many prayer meetings where most of the time is talking and just a little for prayer. What do all of you think? I think the time together will really zip by. I am so up for this.

I guess there were three things to bring up. The last question I have, and this probably sounds weird too, but should we focus on the prayer group list? The reason I ask is because we could open it up to what the Holy Spirit wants, which, of course, we all want, but could we drift? Is it better to be focused? Maybe Catherine and Lakshmi, who have been on conference prayer calls before speak to this. It’s all new to me.

Thank you!! And please be forewarned, you and I are asking for trouble. The enemy doesn’t like this as I think he hates prayer more than most anything.


Hello Tim,

My prayer life is full of tears.
Sometimes sobs…
Take comfort…having a broken heart while considering and praying for the brokenness of (unsaved) loved ones, strangers and the world is likely pretty appropriate.

I feel great grief over my own sinfulness, failure and brokenness…

“A broken and contrite heart, God does not despise.”

Thank you, Jesus for showing mercy to each one of us fallen sinners.

“For by grace are you saved and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.”


@Tim_Ramey, appreciate you praying for everyone and may the Lord use the burden you felt during prayer for His glory. I thank God for the lead you have taken in facilitating this prayer and Bible memorization group and I pray the Lord brings others alongside your ministry whether it’s at the lodge, Cebu or on Connect.

Regarding your second question, what has previously worked on conference calls for me is for everyone to know all the prayer requests and everyone picking a prayer request to pray for, as they feel led at the moment while praying. It doesn’t have to be in a specific order necessarily. It may be a good idea to have the list on hand so that no requests are missed. After one prays, we may pause and wait for another to pick up praying as the Spirit leads with praise, thanks, confession, requests etc. Some structure which is fluid enough that everyone feels comfortable to pray as though they are praying alone, is what I hope we can do together. So a few minutes before 4.00 sounds fine too. Are we starting this Saturday?


Dear Friends,
I have been out of the loop for a bit with not feeling well and home school requirements; so my daily routine has been very different.

Praying for you all - I will try to participate on Saturday but I do have a houseful of boys this weekend and I just don’t know if it will be possible to stop and get alone to join it but I will try. I have everyone’s request with me and I pray early in the morning before my day begins - so I can be alone and focus. I so love being apart of this group - and I do care for each request and each brother and sister - even though most times I can not pray when all of you are praying because of the busyness of my life.

Blessings to you all,


Oh wow Prayer Calls, that would be cool, that is high time of activities for me and the children so I will do my best.

@Interested_in_Prayer @Tim_Ramey yes I agree with @Darlene 2pm is a very busy time for me as well, but I will do my best.

Prayer Requests:

  • My car broke down last night, as you guys know I work in Orlando and my family lives in Miami, I have to drive 4 hours down every Friday evening and return on the 4 hour drive every Monday morning so that I can show up for my family. Money is lacking, please pray GOD will provide all that is necessary.

  • I am still trying to get a decent paying job in Miami so I am close to my family.

  • A friend of mine died last night so I am in a serious funk

  • Wishing my wife & my step children come to JESUS & my wife come out of the lesbian relationship she is in.

  • That my youngest children remain loving JESUS and hungry for CHRIST

  • That I can support my entire family from parents down to children and be a light for JESUS for them.


Hello @JasonWalker
Praying for abundant supply, breakthrough And salvation.
Would it be possible to have more time with you family especially your wife? Could her lifestyle be as a result of loneliness? I pray the Lord provide you with a better JOB. better still may He give you the wisdom and courage to be a shining light to your family.

Grace and Peace.


She began the lifestyle while we were in the same house (although we can be in the same house and be lonely. I pray for wisdom and give it to GOD). I have no idea in my limited wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for your prayers.


Wow Nancy is amazing @Tim_Ramey



Hello everyone! Grace and Love to all of you. So we are scheduled to start lifting our voices together in prayer via conference call this weekend. Here’s the details for the call.

Saturday, October 5th @ 4:00 p.m. (Central Time)(call-in about 10 minutes early for introductions if you can)
Call-In Number: 605-313-6187
Access Code: 252039

When you call the number it will prompt you to enter the access code.

On these types of calls it is helpful to keep your phone on mute unless you’re speaking or we’re corporately praying. So anyone with busy-ness around them, like @darlene, you could call in and keep your phone muted. As we know, Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (Romans10:17), so even if you can only participate by listening, your Faith is strengthened and your hearts devotion to God is honored and loved by our Father.

I believe God is pressing on the hearts of His people to do things radically different than “church as usual”. If we’re asking for radical change, radical healing, radical transformation and revival, we must also be willing to get into His presence as people who want to radically serve Jesus Christ. He is doing a NEW thing! Throughout this week, let’s read and ask God for revelation of what the Word tells us about prayer, fasting and intercession.

Here’s a suggested format so we avoid doing things ritually while also keeping order and focus.

-Introductions (first few calls)
-Open in Prayer
-Everyone then has a chance to share praise reports and prayer requests (this would be anything that’s not already requested in our posts)
-Open the line for prayer and intercession as we are led by the Holy Spirit. (this could be based upon the verbal requests or from our posts or just something God presses upon us in the moment)

I find it helpful to have a list of the prayer requests in front of me during the call as well as a pen to write down any additional prayers that come up. Also, every group I’ve ever been a part of has at least one person who is devoted to covering specific requests in some manner. I haven’t experienced a necessity to assign each request to specific individuals, but whatever the group is wanting to do I am with. I do find it helpful to have a facilitator for each call to keep things moving as intended, and this role could be rotated.

This is all merely a suggestion and I am hoping that we would all grow and improve together as we go. We will be most effective as we follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3:6 NKJV
“who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”

Looking forward to meeting with you all in Him on Saturday. Praise Jesus! Bless His Holy Name!

( @tim_ramey I have some response for your other questions about the emotional and spiritual warfare we are engaged in, working on that now, wanted to get this posted. One Love my brother)


@JasonWalker @darlene
The time for Saturday is 4 p.m. (central time) so that would be 5 p.m. if you’re on the east coast. Also, I am open to more than one call per week. I have a very full schedule, but early mornings (like 6 a.m. Central, that’s 7 a.m. Eastern) work for me most days if anyone is interested)

Praying for you brother. Praying that God would keep your spirit lifted and encouraged through the many trials of this season. Many are the afflictions of the righteous and GOD is ABLE and FAITHFUL to deliver you from ALL of them. Jesus, we trust in You. God’s ways are so much higher than ours. I pray that He would give you revelation and peace in every situation. You are standing in the gap for your family and we are standing with you so the bridge between them and heaven is strengthened and the devils strongholds around their hearts are under attack, being torn down even as you read this. Praise God through every storm as God is producing even greater Faith in you.