Colossians 4:3-4 Prayer


I am posting this reminder for your safety but NOT to scare you!

Privacy Reminder

Please remember that RZIM Connect is a public website available to anyone. Any prayer requests you mention could easily be found and read by your employer, family members, and/or friends. Therefore, please be especially careful and respectful in how you mention prayer requests for yourself or other people.

Dear Intercessors
I hope you understand why we ask you to post the same thing this week as you did last week if it is still a need. If a prayer need is posted, we don’t know what has transpired if you don’t post again. This way, if the need is exactly the same, it’s posted that way. If something has changed or no need to pray, we are aware of it. I have been posting virtually my same requests for over a year and I will continue to do so until they are answered.

It is also essential that you post a Praise when a prayer has been answered or if there is some radical movement. We are praying for the glory of the Lord. Last week had a verse as well as a verse 3 from this week verses that deal with prayer. Let’s do it in obedience to Jesus.

Please Pray:
-that Jonathan, a son of mine as well as a daughter Kara, would come to a relationship with Jesus.
-Jun and Regina and their whole Tagakaulo family in the Philippines, would discern for what and when they need to stand against the enemy.
-that my mysterious fatigue/aching/exhaustion would be addressed to me by the Holy Spirit. I’ve gone to enough doctors with no answers. I need my Counselor/Healer to give me His prescription.


Dear friends,

I appreciate your faithfulness in prayer! I do have a praise regarding the couple we were praying for, Joel and Mary who are undergoing a divorce. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Though the divorce situation hasn’t changed yet, God has begun to work in Joel’s heart. According to the testimony of both Joel, his family and counselor, Joel has experienced a heart change by the Spirit of God where He feels his heart full of joy of the Lord despite his circumstances. Joel says he has felt a weight lifted off him, which has driven him to seek the Lord and know Him more like he has never felt in about 15 years! May this be an encouragement to not lose heart and seek God for victory and His will in our situations, even if the battle is prolonged. Posting prayers weekly has helped me to be more disciplined in lifting these requests regularly and has helped me build a bond in the spirit for those we pray for. So here go my prayer requests again:

  1. Today is my Dad’s surgery, a delicate and prolonged one lasting about ten hours. He seeks to be healed so that he can serve God more fully. He speaks as a faithful Hindu. I so desire that he understands the hope of gospel in Jesus Christ before he leaves this world. According to the Bible, the veil put by the god of this age is only removed in turning to Christ. Please pray for healing, smooth surgery, for the veil to be removed and wisdom for me in the situation to say and be what the Spirit of God wants.
  2. God would restore Mary’s heart as well just as Joel, so that their sweet little son will have both parents to grow up with in the same household without having to endure a divorce.
  3. Please continue to pray for a friend, Elizabeth, for healing from terminal cancer. She is a strong believer in Christ and a mother of three little children.

I am not sure I can join at 2.30 CT but I will be praying for the requests posted. Thanks and God bless you all!


Just wanted to give a quick update on my prayer request for my father’s surgery. Thank you for the prayers. Praising God :raised_hands: once again as the surgery went well! Please pray for full recovery without any post-operative complications and that he may seek to dwell in the shelter of the Most High, in Jesus, the name above every name for all his needs and his salvation.


My prayers requests are:

• My wife (Jamarah), Hadassh & Mahoro to come to know and love JESUS as their saviour
• That Naubaale & Mosiah (my 6 & 8 year olds) continue to grow loving JESUS and knowing JESUS as their saviour.
• For my entire family to be in the purpose of JESUS CHRIST
• For me to have the wisdom, guidance & strength to fulfil JESUS’ purposes for me, including being priest of my family.
• For my wife and I to be back together and no longer separated.
• For me to have the financial resources so that I can live close or more importantly with my family, be able to take care of my parents, parents in law, wife and children.
• For JESUS’ favour as HE sees fit.
• For my car to be working reliably
• For shelter so I am no longer homeless.


“And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains.”


Hello @Lakshmismehtaand @JasonWalker and @Tim_Ramey! I am lifting up those prayer requests and praising God right now. God bless you all friends. :hibiscus: :cherry_blossom:


Amen and Thank you


I am so happy to hear this went well. Praise God.
May he find physical healing and salvation in the Lord.


Lord Jesus, please hear the cry of Jason’s heart.
May he draw near to you and find in you his all and all.
Please be gracious Lord, to him, to his wife, his children, and the rest of his family.

Lord, Jesus, graciously provide for Jason, a home…
and deliver him and his family from temptation and from all evil.

Lord, your holy name is connected to your people…
graciously turn toward us and let your light shine on us…
show favour to your people.
Enable each of us to walk in the truth, to walk in love, to walk in holiness.
Strengthen our dear friend and brother in you, Lord…for your great names sake.
Minister to Jason’s needs and his family’s needs. Comfort him, because you are the God of all comfort.


Dear praying friends in Christ,

My dear spouse had surgery on Tuesday, Dec. 10th.
Sadly it was not the straightforward surgery we had hoped.
The cancer was involved in the abdominal aorta and the bifurcated arteries.
This meant the surgeon had to put in a Dacron vascular prosthesis…

Today was day 2 after surgery…he was heavily under the influence of pain medication, so it was hard to tell how things were for him…other than knowing his vitals are stable.

Please continue to pray for him. Pray for protection from infection…these vascular prosthesis can have this risk…
Please pray for an uncomplicated recovery and healing process.

I am staying in a lodge provided for cancer patients and their spouses…
There is serious suffering all around me…at the hospital and in the lodge. Please pray for me…that I would be given greater grace…so, I can be a blessing to others… even when I am depleted physically, mentally and emotionally.

I will be here for at least two weeks.

My new roommate…(they are shared rooms unless you pay double…)
has terminal cancer.

Your faithful, loving prayers are appreciated.
May all that transpires in our lives (mine…my spouses) be honouring and glorifying to God.
May unsaved souls be drawn to Jesus.


Keeping all in prayers. His love surrounds you and may it sustain you.



Dear Prayers

Before I post the new prayer thread tomorrow, I wanted to run things by you.

This prayer thread started as a result of the memorization thread. When you are memorizing scripture together and you compare notes on the verses, it is only natural to be interested in each other and desire to pray for each other. So unlike a strictly prayer thread, this one was born out of a closeness of being connected weekly because we memorize together so we are tied together through that and that leads to concern for prayer. What appeals to me about this is not that it is an exclusive group but one that is close. In other words, people can, but they don’t usually pop in, mention their prayer and then disappear. We are there for each other through thick and thin.

From it, two other aspects were formed. First, on Monday at 2:30 pm CDT with the necessary adjustments made in different time zones so as to meet at the same time, a group of us would pray at that time so that, although we were not physically in the same location, we were united in prayer.

The second formation was Catherine’s desire to form prayer times on Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoon via conference calls. I don’t know if anyone is doing any of them. I am involved in the 2:30 prayer and maybe one or two are as well but beyond that, I think not much is happening.

My sense is things are beginning to unravel. Some of it, I feel , begins with how many of us are learning the verses or at least meditating on the chapters even if they are not being memorized. In the beginning, the scriptures were our glue. Now there are more signed up for @Bible_Memorization_Group than there are viewers throughout the week. The same applies to those signed up for interested in prayer - more are signed up than view the thread.

To be honest, I am a little discouraged as I knew people would come and go but I was hoping for a sense of commitment. I’ve been censured for seemingly putting a guilt trip on people. However, no one is forcing anyone to do this and my heart desire is that maybe we only have a dozen people but they are committed not to the subject but to the people within that group.That group would be discussing the verses with comments and questions as well as asking for prayer. It’s a fellowship - living and active.

What do you suggest that we do to accomplish a nucleus of committed memorizers and pray-ers? It may be that one expresses that they cannot commit to learning this chapter but will study it and ask questions and be involved with those in the group memorizing but actively be apart of the prayer group.

The prayer group is unique in that it is not a one prayer request post lest we never know what happened to you. The objective is that prayer is continual until it is seen through. Weekly updates are required. For many of us, nothing changes week after week but we refuse to give up for the Lord is faithful.

I don’t want to flounder. We are lovers of Jesus who want His Name to be lifted on high. What can we do to be effective.

If everyone drops out, I will ever continue to memorize new chapters while reviewing the old ones. Numerous times the Lord has given me a new set of glasses and suddenly I see what is meant for me to see. Because I had memorized Colossians 3, I had memorized John 15 in the meantime. While doing Colossians 4 and reviewing John 15, today the Holy Spirit personalized a verse that was so needed for what I a going through. It had to do with what is going on in my life and the discussion on we are the branches, He is the vine but the Father is the vinedresser. He decides when to prune, so as to bear more fruit. I am in a pruning stage but it won’t last forever because He is pruning so that more fruit is born. He doesn’t prune when fruit is growing. He is the master vinedresser so I can trust Him. This is only a superficial aspect of what was communicated to me. Brothers and Sister, memorize the Word. Please, not for me and not even for you but for the glory of the Lord.

Please advise me as how to rearrange things, OK?

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Chapter 2!

Not really but I can’t tell you how grieved I am for Billie’s husband. Kelly’s daughters have been causing a burning ache in her heart for years, Jason has a wife that has left him and has gone on to lesbianism, Lakshmi has a Hindu father in a serious physical condition with none of her parents and relatives believers and yet she is over there in India with her two sons, courageously being the light in a dark place, Darlene has unbelieving children as well as many of us, there are others needing prayer for loved ones with cancer, Sadie was concerned with kids in her youth group, Joannica for salvation in the family, marriages, ministries, death, illness the unsaved, out of work, poor relationships with family, anger, personal sins … I am grieved. Can we take prayer seriously? We are God’s ambassadors - we’re it.


@Billie, thanks for praying for me. I am praying for your husband and you. May our Lord who forgives us of all our sins and heals all our diseases give complete healing and quick recovery to your husband. I am standing in agreement with you that there may be no complications and that that the Lord will grant wisdom to all the medical professionals caring for your husband . May the light in you shine through the darkness and grief you see. May His joy be your strength.


@eminikel, thank you. Prayers are working.


Thank you, Lakshmi.

He has a blood transfusion today. But, I see him trying to get toward recovery and health.

Praise God for his unfailing love!


Lifting all this up @Billie. You must be exhausted and burdened. Not only because of your husband but for the pain and suffering you are observing in others. I pray for a renewed strength, rejuvenation and healing in you, your husband and those around you.
“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."
Much love Billie :heart:


Thank you, Sig.

I am feeling the support of the Holy Spirit. In fact, yesterday, I was able to feel somewhat joyful and had a couple laughs. Once with a couple of my daughters who came to visit me for a while. (My spouse is not ready for visitors yet.) The other was humorous with my sweetheart.
He had asked me to get him a sleep mask because of the constant light in the step down ward. I had bought him one, but it was too tight.
So, I took that one back to the lodge and bought mine to him…which was actually to big for me. He had purchased it for me in a dollar store…and it has the image of pussy cat eyes…with pink around it.
So, before I left for the day, I put the mask on him…and I couldn’t help but laugh because it looked so cute. My pink pussy cat of a husband!
He is good natured and got the humour. I asked him to leave it until the nurse could see…and when she did…she said, “I like it”… with a big smile.
Of course he turned it the other way around after we had our fun.

But, I see him reaching toward recovery … wanting it. Which is pure gold to me.

He did have to have a blood transfusion yesterday…
So, continual pray for his recovery would be much appreciated.
Thank you for praying for me, as well.

Thank you, Jesus for who you are. Thank you for you kindness and mercy to us, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Lord, I give you praise, honour and glory for all that you have done for us and all that you will do.


Thank you :pray:t6: @Tim_Ramey. I wish to continue all of the above you mentioned. I believe this is where patience, perseverance & having faith that you are in GOD’s purpose no matter what is happening, how people respond etc. I have been on the Thursday morning call that @Catherine has set up and no one else was there, but I know that is where GOD wants me to be for it is a time centered on JESUS. Now for some reason I cannot get through to the call because it all of a sudden says the number is a long distance number. I am sure JESUS will help me over come this glitch. I think you have led a platform that gives all of us CHRISTians an opportunity for giving and having support, growing in our faith, fellowship, and coming together for JESUS’ purpose. I believe that you should continue to keep this platform going no matter what is happening & the different levels of commitment. I believe this is a part of GOD’s work.

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Also remember that each scripture will impact different persons differently. Just as Col 3:22 was the chapter that got @sig and and I into an extensive conversation that others were not. It speaks to what Ravi always speak to “unity in diversity”

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