Colossians 4:5-6 Prayer

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Dear Saints

My posts are long and so are uninviting. I’m too long winded. But could you bear with me and read the post that I wrote under last week’s prayer post ie Colossians 4:3-4 Prayer? I poured out my heart and would like any comments that you can offer me. anything would help.

I’m probably too rigid or appear to have to do it my way but I want to have a prayer group that is built around the scriptures that we are memorizing or at least digging into together. It’s not a prayer revolving door but a bit more commitment to each other. The weekly posts, many times near identical to the week before, like mine will be below, is so that we don’t know if these two children of mine are now saved, disowned me, the same etc. My personal gripe with prayer is that the requests are laid on the offering table and we never hear what takes place over time. Do we keep praying that an individual will be healed when they died months ago but we don’t know what transpired?

Please bear with this eccentric dude. My intentions are meant to bring glory to Jesus. Advise me where I’m not accomplishing my goal!

There are 96 of us signed up for this group. Can you imagine what transformations would take place for the Kingdom if we joined our hearts together and waited on Jesus to lead us as how to pray for the requests offered? Just a suggestion - don’t just pray the request verbatim as the Lord may want you to offer up a different dimension to it. The prayer was offered already when the request was made. Wait on the Holy Spirit to lead you as you have something to pray that no one else will be lifting up.

Thanks for putting up with me and here is what I ask you to pray for:
-My son Jonathan is depressed, near being laid off and feels he would be a Muslim if we had been and so on. He needs a personal relationship with Jesus as does a daughter Kara. Both of these children are the only single children remaining of my 7 but are dating, which could also be prayed for,
-Jun & Regina, my precious Filipino friends in Mindanao continue to swing away at hell trying to overcome them.
-It’s a long story, but I had a day this week where I thought my end was near as I couldn’t cope with the pain and fatigue. The Lord has been quiet so I covenanted to trust that what I need to know, He’ll let me know and if I hear nothing and life is beyond coping with, I’ll love Him and that is all that matters. I need strength to be faithful to this.


Dearest Tim,

I read your previous message and I felt a bit confused. I am not signed up for memorizing scripture. It is too much for me and I know myself well enough to know I would fail at it. Plus, I find myself resisting the very old school approach to the scriptures…that we must do the work of committing it to memory.
While I understand the reasoning, sometimes it feel like the flesh being stirred up to work for God, rather than believing the Holy Spirit will in fact bring the Word of God to bear upon our hearts and lives if we are faithful to be reading the Word (and seeking him in prayer). This has been my experience. The Lord has always brought a word in season and given wisdom when it is asked for.
The Lord has impressed very deeply in my heart the need of prayer in the lives of believers…because this is our personal witness snd testimony of His grace and continuing mercy in our daily lives.
Based on this, I have been more than willing to commit to prayer with God’s people through this format. It is very important to know that we are being prayed for…and that the burdens of our hearts of loved ones…and unsaved souls is being born and shared mutually together. Then, we can all praise God for His faithfulness. There is more than one witness to His goodness and grace. “In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established.” I think this applies to testifying to the truth of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness to His people in answering our prayers.

Dear, Tim… please, relax into the arms of the Lord…and trust…He is working and will continue to work in the lives of his people. I understand the urgency you feel and this is sometimes the Spirit


Praying for you Tim, I honestly don’t think you are rigid, I think you are disciplined which we need in this broken world. @Tim_Ramey


My prayers requests are:

• My car broke down in South Florida with the children last night (I got the children back to my wife this morning). I pray the car will be fixed today & I have the money to fix it, in time for me to drive to work tomorrow & take the children to church today. I pray the car will stay working.
• My wife (Jamarah), Hadassh & Mahoro to come to know and love JESUS as their saviour
• That Naubaale & Mosiah (my 6 & 8 year olds) continue to grow loving JESUS and knowing JESUS as their saviour.
• For my entire family to be in the purpose of JESUS CHRIST
• For me to have the wisdom, guidance & strength to fulfil JESUS’ purposes for me, including being priest of my family.
• For my wife and I to be back together and no longer separated.
• For me to have the financial resources so that I can live close or more importantly with my family, be able to take care of my parents, parents in law, wife and children.
• For JESUS’ favour as HE sees fit.
• For my car to be working reliably
• For shelter so I am no longer homeless.


Hey guys I know these verses are not what we are memorizing but I saw these verses and thought they would be encouraging.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”
‭‭James‬ ‭1:2-3‬ ‭NIV‬‬ @Billie @sig @Catherine @Tim_Ramey @Lakshmismehta @kelelek @darlene


Very timely! Thank tou so much :pray::heart:


Dear St Billie

Your posts are so refreshing - always real. You have a heart of gold as you sit in a hospital and sleep in one with your husband battling down the hall and yet you still have a sense of humor, though one would have to be quite the sourpuss not to laugh at pink kitten mask! It was probably too tight because it was meant for a child!!

But Billie, my heart so aches for you and with you and I do lift you both up to Our Jesus.

Thanks for your reply. I wanted to give you a history of this thread. So regardless of the memorization, that was its beginning. What I really ask and long for is a tight group that stand with each other. Billie, I’m not anxious but I do feel that we can’t be nonchalant as we watch the unsaved walk over the cliff and the sick suffering. Certainly I cannot make it happen but I imagine the 96 of us gathered together, beseeching the Throne in the Name of Jesus and we would not only see things transformed, but Jesus would be glorified. Last night I was reading again about the prayers of the saints which is as incense in a golden bowl!

Billie, I am so sorry for this time. I have to thank you or being Brian’s advocate and caregiver. My Nancy sat in the hospital for 7 months and has been my unselfish helpmate ever since. Caregivers are my heroes as they are selfless servants. Thank you for being so courageous for Jesus!


Dear Tim,

Absolutely, I am in total agreement…
As believers we should not ever be nonchalant … but, “Always about the work of the Lord.”
Prayer is a labour of love in the lives of God’s children.
In this posture of heart and mind…we cannot fail to reflect the image and the love of God…as we seek the salvation of those who are far from Him.
We have the example of The Good Shepherd. He seeks the lost and rejoices when they are recovered.

Jesus said “ He who is forgiven much, loves much.”
If you are not perceiving (in the lives of believers) a fervent love for the lost and wayward… could it be that we are not fully understanding the greatest of our debt is which has been forgiven? That we ourselves are failing to understand the truth of the gospel and it’s application to our lives.

For this reason…I strongly believe that all believers need to focus on the centrality of the gospel of Christ…and it’s bearing on their own lives…to bring about salvation from sin. If we see ourselves as lost, condemned, as hopeless sinners, without sufficiency in our selves to rescue ourselves, from ourselves… from the power and guilt of sin…
Then…we cannot help be see that all humankind is sold under sin…slaves to sin (on the highway to hell so to speak) and this reality should create an earnest desire in our hearts for sinners to turn from the flesh, the world and the devil…to Christ…in genuine repentance and faith.

Jesus came into the world “to save sinners…(as Paul said…”of whom I am chief”) not the righteous”…
I firmly believe until people are convicted of their unrighteousness…they will not feel their deep need for a Saviour from sin.
Jesus speaking of the Holy Spirit said, “when he is come, he will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness and of judgement.” John 16:8

We need to be praying for a mighty work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of sinners…without this, sinners will never repent and turn to Christ.

So, this is our calling…embody a life of repentance and faith in Jesus,
…and pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit…

Again Jesus said, “ When I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself” John 12:32

“I am the vine and your are the branches. If your remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

Brother, let us abide in the vine…and bear fruit…to His praise, honour and glory.

We are his workmanship , created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared before hand that we should walk in them. Eph. 2:10

Blessings, my dear friend and brother in the Lord!


Evening Everyone,

Sorry I’ve not had chance to respond sooner but work and church commitments exploded. My son is still going through phases of major anxiety which can manifest in a number of ways, but he is now sleeping in his own bed which is answer to prayer.

I really appreciate everyone who has been praying and sending supportive messages, it makes a big difference knowing that people care.

I’m looking forward to having a week off over Christmas, during which I need to devise a social media and communications strategy for my church.


Please know I do read your emails and thoughts, and contemplate on them.


Thanks for the encouragement @JasonWalker
Don’t know if you or anybody else have been on the prayer calls but I would love to continue them as God makes a way. I often pray for the @interested_in_prayer group even when I’m not able to post or be active here! Love you all! Be encouraged @Tim_Ramey, @billie praying for you and your husband.


@Catherine I have been trying to get into the prayer call, but it says to me that the number is long distance, I have been trying. Yes @Tim_Ramey be encouraged, GOD is faithful. @Billie we will continue to pray for you and your husband.


Hello Catherine, and all other praying sibs in the Lord,

First, I want to give praise, honour and glory to the Lord, for seeing my dear spouse through this surgery, and a speedy recovery. (We are going home today, 9 days post surgery!) I am very grateful to the Lord for his unfailing love and kindness toward us.

We still need prayer for getting home safely as that requires car and ferry travel. And for his continual healing and recovery, once we are settled in at home.

God is good. He has sustained me through out. I am tired…but, other than that…things went fairly well for me.


Thank you all for praying. This is truly where it is at because I believe prayer is a call to action. It’s not just sitting in our rooms with our eyes closed and hands folded but as we do, so He often prompts us to call or write to someone, make something for another, give them something etc. We can do nice things but in Jesus, we do it for Him and because of Him.

Billie, (I loved “praying sibs”!!!), you and Brian must be grateful to get out of the hospital! You are such a wonderful caregiver. You are not aware of the times that you were light to the staff, much less an angel to Brian. Bless your dear giving heart!

Please keep praying. Things seem to be going cray around us and in my cowardly moments, I plead for Jesus to take me home but He has us here and we need to be His ambassadors. Thank you all for this fellowship. How I pray for revival for those of us that live in the USA. How we need a country focused on Jesus. I beseech Him always for revival. Again, if you never have seen it, go to this link, for an old talk from the 70’s by J Edwin Orr on revival. It is about 26 minutes long but you will really like it!