Colossins 3:25 Prayer


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Dear Praying Friends
So much seems to be transpiring in the prayer world. I’d like to give you a list longer than a city block. It would contain all of the names of siblings, children, friends, neighbors who don’t know the Lord. I am so distressed over a dying world.

Please pray:
-For Jonathan & Kara, two of or children that don’t know Jesus.
-For Jun & Regina in the Philippines. I have not been updated as to the eatrhquakes, killings and translation work.
-For a greater prayer burden for the Lord’s children.



-Prayers for my daughters (and boyfriend). May God’s goodness bring them to repentance.
-My dad and the family as he is slowly losing his memory and strength.
-KS and JL to be delivered from life long drug addictions.
-Agreement with Tim for a world that is losing itself in sin. May the church be powerful and effective.

Love and encouragement to all as we cast all of our cares upon Him, because He cares for us.


Dear praying friends,

It seems many of the requests have been the same for a while. An update this week I have is that the Lord is using the divorce to turn Joel, whose marriage we were praying for, to a deeper walk with Christ. Thank you for praying. Wanted to share a verse that brought encouragement to me this week to be faithful in prayer.

Heb 6:11 (ESV) And we desire each one of you to show the same earnestness to have the full assurance of hope until the end, 12 so that you may not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

My Prayer requests:

  1. My father will be going through a delicate surgery sometime in December. Please pray for wisdom for the surgeons and for the Lord to turn this around for the salvation of his soul.
  2. Salvation for both parents, in laws, sister.
  3. Continue prayer for a friend Elizabeth diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Lifting up those prayer needs to the Lord @Tim_Ramey, @kelelek, and @Lakshmismehta
I will be fervently placing those requests before our King! :crown: :heartpulse:
God bless you all, have a wonderful day friends!


Thank you so much @eminikel! It’s such a blessing to be prayed by those I have not even met. God bless you!



Hi Elizabeth! I echo Lakshmi’s sentiments!! Thank you for your prayers. May God move mightily so that we can share in the praises.

Many blessings~ :slight_smile:


And last and least (!) I reverberate with the sounds of gratitude that Lakshmi and Kelly sent your way. I am convinced that when I look back on life, i will be puzzled why I did not use the weapon of prayer more often. Thank you for realizing its importance Elizabeth!


Amen!! :smiley: :heartpulse: :pray:t4:


Gracious Lord, please comfort Lakshmismehta. Graciously give her confidence, (faith) in you and fill her with your peace.
Thank you for the word of scripture she has brought to our remembrance. Thank you that your word is truth and we can trust in it.
Lord Jesus, thank you for the love and care she has for her father. Please, hear our prayers for him as he undergoes this delicate surgery. Grant profound wisdom and skill to the surgeons and all the medical people involved.
Enable him to respond to the surgery with renewed health afterwards. Be with him in his recovery. Protect him against any infections post surgery. Strengthen his immune system.
Lord, please hear the prayer of our sister in Christ…for her family who need you. Her parents, her in laws, siblings …
Lord, I would pray with Lakshmismehta for her friend Elizabeth…who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. May this woman turn to you, the author and finisher…the only one who can give life. May she come to know you and find eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Thank you for hearing the prayers of your people.
Deliver us from temptation and evil, Lord. Help us to be faithful in little… so you may give us more … to serve you in and with.


Thank you @Billie! In your prayers, you put in words the hopes of my heart…Amen! Thank you for the encouragement and support. God bless you and your family!