Communication within different Christian denominations

My entire family in the Philippines are born and raised Catholic as part of our Filipino culture. I became Lutheran when I married my husband. Recently, my cousin became a born again Christian and has made some comments that made our entire clan feel “offended” when it comes to him challenging the Pope and belief on Mary to name a few.
What advise can I give him and our relatives on how to communicate better on these topics that seem to separate the two Christian denominations?


Great question! There is a lot to say on this, but, perhaps you will find this video and discussion helpful?

Hello Louela,
I run a monthly bible study for women over here. It is an ecumenical bible study so there are women from a variety of denominations that attend. We usually make it all about Jesus!! You can’t go wrong. When we are always talking about him or reading directly from scripture nobody thinks about « denomination ». We invite the Holy Spirit, elevate and glorify Jesus and focus on deepening our awareness or knowledge of his truth.


I agree with @CathE. I’ve been in discussions where differences exploded into division. But when I asked them to center on what we have in common in the Person of Christ there is a redirection of the focus and the Lord grants peace and galvanizes His people!