Con Loggenberg

Howzit y’all,

I’m from South Africa, married to a Texan residing in Shangai, China. Glad to be apart of RZIM Connect.

Con Loggenberg


Hey @c.courageux! Love the “y’all”.:wink:

That’s so cool that you’ve been a part of those different countries and cultures! :heart: I look forward to reading your posts and am hopeful to learn from your experiences in evangelism and interaction with people from all across the world. :earth_americas: :earth_africa:

There is much to glean from here! Hope you are able to browse through the different discussions that might be of your interests and join in as you feel the Lord leading.


Well Hello Con, :cowboy_hat_face:

Welcome to Connect we are happy to have you join us here in our discussion forums.

It would seem, there is a fabulous story amongst this journey of yours, It would be lovely to hear this global adventure.

Please take your time to navigate Connect and find your way around. I have included a welcome video by Ravi Zacharias explaining a bit about connect. :tulip:


Welcome Con! Good to have an old buddy together on RZIM Connect. Look forward to connecting in person on these topics as well as online.