Concerning depression, should medication be taken?


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Hi Nathan,
I’d like your opinion on a question I heard during a Q&A session I attended which I didn’t get the answer: From Christian worldview, should people with depression take medication or should they just go to a spiritual counseling? Thank you in advance for your response.

Ask Nathan Rittenhouse (March 5-9, 2018)
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Hello Indra, I think that Christianity has a lot to offer here because we see humans as both physical and spiritual creatures. The intersections of those features are complex and that is part of the beauty of who we are. That being said, proper medication can be a tremendous blessing in our lives just as stitches are a huge help when you need them. Christians have historically been on the forefront of medical research and care because we believe that God has given us the capability to love others and work to restore strength to weakness, order to chaos, and salvation to brokenness. Choosing to use the available help for mental health issues is in no way different from choosing you use a cast for a broken leg. On the other hand, as Christians that realize the spiritual side of our lives, we don’t rely purely on medication to solve all of our problems. We need each other, and we need spiritual care and comfort. The short answer to your question, and my opinion, is that is that both are necessary and that to neglect or prioritize one is a failure to take into account the fullness of who God made us to be. Thanks for a good question ~ Nathan

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