Contemporary circumcision of newborn?

It is becoming more controversial to circumcise a newborn. Is it necessary? My husband and I have a newborn baby boy and we are discussing this with differing views. Thank you!


Hi! Thanks for your question! This issue was discussed at great length in Acts. Their conclusion was that there was no reason for circumcision. In the OT it was a mark of the covenant. We now carry that mark on our hearts.

There may be medical reasons to circumcise that you may want to discuss with your doctor. But, theologically there is no reason to or not to, as far as I can tell.


I should have specified, we were wondering if it is necessary for believers. Your response helps so much, thank you!

I understand. I just wanted to point out that just because the Bible says it isn’t necessary theologically doesn’t mean there may not be other reasons to do it. Most of those reasons are medical I wanted to make the doctor recommendation.

People may also have personal reasons, as well.

Glad it helped!

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