Contest: What does Nabeel’s life and story mean to you?


(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

As you may have heard, the third (memorial) edition of Nabeel Qureshi’s Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus is being released in August. The book has been expanded to include:

  • Additional behind-the-scenes stories told by Nabeel and his good friend David Wood.
  • Reflections on Nabeel’s life and legacy by his wife, Michelle Qureshi.
  • An afterword by Nabeel’s mentor Mark Mittelberg.

As Ravi has said, “I have seldom seen such genuine intellect combined with passion to match … truly a ‘must-read’ book.” And Os Guinness, also with the RZIM team, has endorsed it as well: “Fresh, striking, highly illuminating, and sometimes heartbreaking, Qureshi’s story is worth a thousand textbooks.”

So, in partnership with Zondervan, we are excited to announce the following contest! We have some amazing awards for those who participate… see below for details.

Theme: What does Nabeel’s life and story mean to you?

Incorporate Scripture, personal experience, and any other relevant sources (quotes, poetry, art, etc.) to share what Nabeel’s life and story means to you. Please verify that your contribution is less than 600 words (about one page).

The winning entry will be the one that provides the most meaningful, authentic, and insightful story about how Nabeel’s life and story has changed your own life.

But most importantly, I invite you to approach this from a place of prayer and service. How can you encourage many others with a testimony of how God used Nabeel’s life and story?


First place: Receive free access to the Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus online course ($79.99 value) and a signed copy of the third edition of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (signed by Nabeel’s wife, Michelle).

Contest promoter: Receive the Nabeel Qureshi Book Package: a signed copy of the third edition of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (signed by Nabeel’s wife, Michelle), a signed copy of No God But One (signed by Nabeel Qureshi), and a copy of Answering Jihad. Awarded to the person whose sharing about the contest leads to the most awareness.

Second place: Receive a signed copy of the third edition of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (signed by Nabeel’s wife, Michelle).

Third place: Receive a signed copy of the third edition of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (signed by Nabeel’s wife, Michelle).

Fan favorite: Receive a signed copy of the third edition of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (signed by Nabeel’s wife, Michelle). Awarded to the entry that receives the most likes.

Also, there’s an additional bonus! Any orders of the book that are placed via Connect will get free access to “The Case for the Gospel” online course. To claim your free access, follow the steps at this link.

To participate, simply reply to this post by midnight on August 29th!

Winners will be announced on August 31st and we plan to distribute these awesome prizes to the recipients by September 14th.

Working in partnership with me, the evaluation team for first, second, and third place are the following active, respected members of RZIM Connect: @Lakshmismehta, @anthony.costello, and @SeanO.

I can’t wait to read your entries! I believe the investment you make to share your stories about the impact of Nabeel’s life will be meaningful to you, to everyone else in RZIM community, and of course to Michelle and Nabeel’s many friends.

BONUS: Abdu Murray, RZIM’s North American Director, and the author of the recently released book Saving Truth, will answer your questions in Connect from August 20-24!

Ask Abdu Murray (August 20-24, 2018)
(Justin Angelos) #2

When we submit our paper, how should we attach it? And, can we use Microsoft word?
Thank you

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi, great question! Just copy paste from Microsoft Word into a new post here. Will that work?

(Justin Angelos) #4

Thank you, yes that works! And it’s due by the 29th right?

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi @jangelos, that’s right! The benefit of waiting until later in August is you have more time to pray and think about what you want to say. The benefit of sharing your contribution earlier is that I find the first entries have a better chance of winning the ‘fan favorite’ award. May God lead you!

(Justin Angelos) #6

Thank you :blush:

(Jamie Hobbs) #7

When Nabeel spoke, you had to listen. You did not have a choice. Both his charisma and his sincerity were instantly felt as he seamlessly wove together point after point, infused with passion, but never ultimately about him. He was about the Lord’s business.

I had the privilege of going through the first RZIM Academy training, and at the end of that training, I received an advanced copy of Nabeel’s book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. It was an uncorrected proof, which honestly made it all the more dear to me. Even the table of contents had no page numbers in it; nothing but 000 on every line. Yet this “error” served to remind me that, like this book of Nabeel’s life, we all have aspects of us that are unfinished. The Apostle Paul told the church of his day that he had not yet been perfected in Philippians 3:12, but that he presses on toward the goal that Jesus has for him. We are all unfinished.

As I continued to read Nabeel’s book, it came to a point toward the end where he details the excruciating choice he made to turn to Christ, and the profound impact it had on his family. He went from being merely unfinished to being thoroughly undone. In Chapter 53 entitled Finding Jesus, he cries out for God to kill him and spare his family the heartbreak. “Why, God, did you not kill me the moment I believed?” I admit to not being able to understand anguish at accepting Christ, as my conversion story is much different, but Nabeel gave complete openness in baring his heart for all to see. That’s who he was, passionate in everything.

Finally, he comes to the point in his story that really and truly made me understand the power of the Lord in Nabeel’s life. I’m going to quote Nabeel directly from page 279 in my copy of the book, as a paraphrase would not be appropriate here. After crying out “Why, God?” in his torment, the Lord said to him, “Because this is not about you.” To quote further, “For about ten minutes, I sat, unable to move, unable to close my mouth even. He was rebooting me.” Wow.

I come from a computer science background. The implications of a reboot were not lost on me, and the picture is absolutely perfect in the backdrop of this event. What Nabeel’s story and life means to me is the example of how far God is willing to go to get you moving in the right direction. He is willing to perform a total reboot from the ground up, reshaping everything in your life, everything in your thought process, even your worldview itself. Like Paul’s conversion on the Damascus road, Nabeel was thoroughly metamorphosed, and though at that time unfinished, became what God wanted him to be. That is my prayer: Lord, make me useful to You, and change me until I am.

Though I only got to hear him speak in person once, Nabeel nonetheless set the standard for me for impassioned and yet controlled oration. There is no doubt that God was in control of his life. I wonder how many of us are truly willing to give up everything for the cause of Christ. Here am I, Lord, send me.

Thank you, Nabeel. I’ll see you later, my brother.

(Lilyan Ruiz) #8

I discovered Nabeel a few years ago through You Tube. I was actually engaging a Muslim friend about religion I was on the verge of converting then I decided to email Nabeel and instead of one of his team members answering my email he himself answered my email. He shared some of his videos . I purchased his book Seeking Allah finding Jesus . From there on I continued to follow Nabeel on social media. I have his books and read them. I followed all of his Vlogs with his battle with cancer. When he passed away I felt like I lost a close family member. I now support Michelle on Pateron. I believe God allowed me to find Nabeel You tube and used him to help me stay in the Word of God . There aren’t many man of God like Nabeel . I thank God he allowed us to have him for this short time . Now he’s resting in the arms of our Heavenly Father. I will end with a quote from Nabeel “All suffering is worth it to follow Jesus. He is that amazing,”

(Amber Frisz) #10

Question! I’ve shared about this through Facebook, but I didn’t realize until later that the way to share it is with the little chain looking icon. Does it have to be shared through the little icon on here in order to be counted for spreading awareness?

(Antonius Keddis) #11

Dear Nabeel what can I say

When I first heard about you, I’ve been hooked since that day

I heard in the news about a sad death

Of a Muslim turned Christian who lived to confess

That Christ is God and God is love

amidst a painful cancer allowed from above

I then started reading about you and watching all your tapes

From you funny videos in your young days to all your sermons and debates

I followed along all your vlogs and it saddened me knowing how the story would end

I cried when I saw your hope in healing knowing it’s not what He will send

I felt sadness and anger asking God why did you not heal

God if I , a stranger, grew to love him this much then god I can’t imagine how You feel

O lord why deprive the world of Nabeel

And ironically I was angry for you

But it’s your trust in god that carried me through

Even in your last vlog as hope of healing fled away and death looked you straight in the eye

You asked us to trust god and love him even if you die

How amazing is your testimony that has been put to the ultimate test

That in your worst pain and toughest trial , you trusted God and In him found rest

And in your last words you shared a message of love

With no bitterness or resentment , still honoring God above

Oh Nabeel how I miss you and how I cried for you

Though I’m a stranger that you don’t know but in you I saw a heart so true

You are truly a saint whom the earth was blessed to raise

Your short life has touched so many and serves like an old adage

So many people have been saved and continue to be saved through your words

So many you encouraged who were hanging by their last chord

And a year after your passing , I still find myself

Going to your sermons for encouragement instruction and help

I love you nabeel and can’t wait to meet you one day

And I find comfort and hope in what I know your heard God personally say

Well done faithful servant , you have been faithful in the little and the much

enter into your fathers joy where no sorrow or harm can touch

(Carol Nagy) #13

Nabeel radically changed my life twice. First, reading Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, I was struck by his comments on faith resting on truth versus faith resting on what we have received from others whom we trust. I realized that everything I knew to be true about God came from what I had heard in church from others, and that I had never investigated to see if the God of the Bible was real, and his words dependable. When my nephew asked me if I would give up Christianity if I found that the claims in the Bible were untrue, I realized that I indeed need to prove, at least to myself, that my God is real and speaks the truth. I decided that, for me, I needed to prove that Jesus was truly resurrected, since, as a nurse, I know what death is. I know that no one simply becomes alive, since so many irreversible changes happen with death. Fortunately for me, tons of work had already been done to verify the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, much of which appears in Nabeel’s book. Knowing that if I in any way disproved the accounts of the resurrection would mean that I would need to seriously think about a God who lied about something basic made this work very difficult, since my relationship with him was the stablest one in my life. Of course, the material verifying not only the resurrection of Jesus, but the integrity of Scripture is overwhelming.
Secondly, when I learned that Nabeel had been diagnosed with cancer, I agreed to pray for him. The prayer journey challenged and transformed my whole concept of who I am before God and what it is truly to pray, to be heard by him, to listen to him, and to yield to his will. ****

(Bra Krox Effectx) #14

Nabeel’s life pointed me to the Love of God for all in a very inspiring way. I developed much love for Muslims. He knocked out the tendency in me to see Muslims with an unloving eye.
It helped me to treat and see unbelievers firstly as bearers of the image of God. By his testimony I am able to put myself in the shoes of Muslims to a certain extent in the sense that the devout ones might have it in their minds that what they are believing is true and all others are false.

(Sanchia_J) #15

Thank you for the opportunity to share how Dr. Nabeel Qureshi has impacted my life.

I come from a little town in South Africa and I grew up in a Christian home. As I got older I had several questions, regarding my faith, the biggest being “How do I know my religion is true, if everyone grows up believing that their religion is correct…?” I did not understand truth, or its concepts, only that I wanted to know it. If I knew truth, I would not be deceived. Like many of my peers science became truth and it felt easier to believe in the absence of a God, rather than reading and comparing the doctrines of multiple religions. Once I hit my twenties, my lifestyle was very far from my parents’ upbringing, and I followed a very hedonistic lifestyle, with very little God in it.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. It’s one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer and I went through multiple sessions of chemotherapy, and later surgery and then radiation. During this time I no choice but to sit (or lie and bed and recover) and talk it out with God. God used Dr. Zacharias’ ministry on YouTube to answer many questions that had pricked me for years. Whilst watching YouTube’s list of suggested videos, I came across a clip where Dr. Zacharias and Dr. Qureshi shared a stage and they answered several university students’ questions. Dr. Qureshi’s passion for Christ, humility and manner in which he spoke caught my attention. This was someone who was culturally similar to me, he was close to my own age, and he wasn’t afraid of public opinion. He lived very clearly for Christ. Up to this point, most people I socialised with, were atheists. The few, proper Christians, which I did know, were over the age of 60. Dr. Qureshi piqued my curiosity. I began watching more talks, followed him on Facebook and later purchased his book: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. I thought of him as a mentor as God used his ministry as a way to renew and strengthen my relationship with Jesus. I began to find joy in fellowshipping with other Christians and started taking pride in playing music in church.

In 2016, I was given the all clear after finishing my last week of radiation. It was a few weeks after that, when I learned that Dr. Qureshi was diagnosed with stomach cancer. My heart sank and I cried, wondering why God would allow something so horrible to happen to someone who is so useful to His Kingdom. So, when Dr Qureshi started his cancer vlogs, my initial response was: Irritation. “How can he be so calm right now, and preach Jesus?!?!?!” “Where’s the anger, where’s the rage and why aren’t you raising your fist up to God?!?!” You see, my prideful mind thought that he was being better than the rest of us cancer patients. My own experience with cancer was painful on many levels. I had lost almost everything I considered dear to me and I was still very livid with God. I just could not understand the peace Dr. Qureshi radiated.

The Lord reprimanded me and turned the anger and resentment, into respect. I prayed for forgiveness and then for him and his family. With each new vlog post something resonated within me both emotionally and spiritually. I slowly began to find peace in God, and eventually make peace with my own journey of cancer.

Even though I had never met Dr. Qureshi, and I am new to his ministry, he spoke life into a very broken and failing life. God used him to turn a hedonistic sinner, back towards his flock. Now I sing Psalm 73 (especially vs: 21 -28) as it rings more true than ever. I look forward to meeting Dr. Qureshi in our Father’s house, where I will give him the biggest of hugs, and say thank you, my brother. <3

(Carson Weitnauer) #16

Hi @Amberfrisz1, yes, it does. When you use the “link” or chain icon to share the post, you get something that looks like this:

The “u=carsonweitnauer” at the end (or whichever username it is) is what lets me know which user shared the post and how much awareness of the contest their sharing generated.

Thank you for telling people about this opportunity. I know that anyone who reads the other entries will be incredibly encouraged and that everyone who participates will have the opportunity to remember the faithfulness of God!

(angelina Edmonston) #17

I was reading the RZIM newsletter when a small box jumped off the last page stating Summit on Islam. I had five minutes until midnight when the registration closed, making it to the conference. I heard so many wonderful speakers and teachers at the conference. I wanted to hear why the Muslim men came to Jesus. God put me in the class with Nabeel.

The room was full and I sat in the back on the floor. As I heard Nabeel’s story I was so moved & I wept. I was hearing one of the most courageous testimonies of Christ I had ever heard. At the end I felt led to go up to him, I was last in the line. I asked Nabeel for prayer for my friend Ismael (my ex boy friend) and he prayed.

I looked up and a scripture came to me to say to Nabeel, “when your mother and father forsake you then the LORD will take you up”. I was crying and so was Nabeel.

I handed him a small book I had written containing my breif testimony. I turned and went down the stairs still blown away about what I just heard. They next day Nabeel walked past me and said I cannot believe you came out of the occult. I replied “and you Islam.”

I had a small moment in time with Nabeel who so deeply touched my life (and my friends and family). I too followed his FB & VLOG and books. I have never meet such a beautiful and a precious saint in my entire life. Nabeel’s life showed me Jesus. (I weep even now).


What a Legacy He has left us all.

(Pintu Chiriankandath) #18

I was introduced to Nabeel Qureshi by my father about 5 years ago. He shared one of Nabeel’s clip with me. In that i saw a tall young handsome man talking or engaging with the Muslim people at the one of their gathering in Dearborn, MI.

As i watched the video i noticed his passion to share the love of Christ. I could see the love he had for these lost people specially from the muslim background. Later as i started following him through online youtube videos got to know him more. Understood that he was from the Ahmadiyya background and that made me more closer to him, because i had a manager who is a from Ahmadiyya background and i used to share Gospel to her and we used to have talks about religion . So Nabeel’s testimony was an encouragement for me to share Christ with her. I could give the book“Seeking Allah Finding Jesus” to her. And i shared Nabeel’s testimony of conversion to her.
I still pray that she would find Lord Jesus one day as Nabeel.

And then later i subscribed his youtube channel and closely followed him online , listened to his sermons and debates and talks. I was encouraged to see a man who is sold out for Christ. Many times reminded me of present day Paul. He had only one thing in mind to preach Christ crucified. And i was proud that we had someone on our side to defend Christ from the Islam background and knew the scripture well.

And then came the devastating news of his diagnosis of Stomach Cancer. I could not believe it, It was difficult for me to accept it.Why would God allow this in Nabeel’s life , a vessel that has been used for God in this vast manner. Then i started following his videos very close and started praying as a family for his healing, started praying as a church . Very strongly believed that God would perform a miracle.

But it pleased our Lord to call him home. End his earthly suffering. Nabeel reminds me of a candle that was lit and then the candle burnt down quickly giving light to as many as it could give. Nabeel’s life course is done. He finished his race.

Even though we cannot comprehend the ways of God. This is the truth that God has given each one of us a time. How we live for God is what matters. “ Only one life it will soon be past What is done Christ will only last” C.T.Studd’s lines is so true. May we make use of every opportunity to preach Christ crucified. To God’s everlasting name be Glory and Honor and Praise.

(Stanley Bhebhe Jr.) #19

Just over two years ago I remember anticipating Nabeel’s scheduled visit to South Africa. Unfortunately, due to his diagnoses at the time, his visit was cancelled. What a life for Christ he lived. I continue to learn from his life and great encouragement to the body of Christ, and I deeply thank his wife and daughter for releasing him and empowering him for the cause of Christ. The LORD bless and keep Michelle and Ayah.

Nabeel impacted my walk with Christ in many ways through his apologetics, but the most significant inspiration he gave me was through his life and example. Specifically, he impacted me profoundly through his honest and earnest pursuit of truth, knowing that truth is absolute.

Regardless of one’s worldview, seeking truth requires humbleness and courage, especially in a time of infinite pluralism, extreme relativism and biased tolerance. Even though I was born into a Christian family, Nabeel’s journey intensified my journey of developing and maturing my personal walk with Christ, starting with the truth claim of Christ [ Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth , and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” – John 14:6 ].

Courage is required because there are costs when seeking and embracing truth, ranging from discomfort to even death in some parts of this world. Whatever sacrifices I’ve had to make in the attempt to live a life of truth, they are a spec of dust compared to the sacrifices Nabeel had to make in turning from Islam to embrace Christ. What courage! What revelation! A revelation of the joy, blessing, peace, life and reward for those who pursue and embrace truth. [ Therefore Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth . Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice. ” – John 18:37 ]. Indeed, Nabeel heard and responded to the King’s voice.

His genuine revelation of the truth of Christ is evident by his sincere and contagious passion to share this truth with his fellow man. Nabeel’s conversion and loving enthusiasm to share the truth, is to me, much reminiscent to that of Apostle Paul after his encounter on the road to Damascus. It seems once you’ve had a real encounter with the Truth, you can’t help but want to share it. For me, Nabeel aptly demonstrated not just the humility and courage to pursue and know truth, but also the love and conviction to spread the truth of Christ [ Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:19-20 ]. I thank God for Nabeel’s life and example, and celebrate his eternal reward and glory.

(Olivia Davis) #20

I met Nabeel in June 2016 at a conference. His love for the gospel drew me in, and I followed him on Facebook, hoping to learn even more from Nabeel. After hearing of his diagnosis, I watched his vlogs, as did so many others, and was equally moved by them.

When Nabeel died, I had recently started a one-year teaching contract in Greece without knowing anyone there. There were no Christians among my housemates or anyone I worked with. Coming from a place where I had many Christian friends, I was discouraged by the situation and wondered why God had placed me there.

In the meantime, I wanted to honor Nabeel in some way. I happened upon a portrait, taken by photographer Howard Korn, where Nabeel’s eyes are looking upward, as if he’s seeing Jesus in Heaven. My response was automatic: I took out a sheet of paper and began to sketch. When I watched Nabeel’s funeral 6,000 miles away, I was drawing him. It was how I grieved – I didn’t have any words.

As I worked on the portrait, I drew in various places around my house in search of good lighting. Inevitably, my housemates would see me perched on a random windowsill. “Who is he?” they would ask.

“Nabeel Qureshi.”

“Who is that?”

This new mission field surprised me – a door had flung open! As I drew, I had several opportunities to share Nabeel’s story, his legacy, and how he had impacted my life. When I finished the portrait, I shipped it to people who loved Nabeel, asking that they pray for my housemates. I thought that would be the end of the story.

It wasn’t. The drawing was finished, but the conversations weren’t. They would arise organically and were always personal. I began to see that the people I lived with had serious questions about God and wanted to talk about them. Before I did the portrait, I had prejudged them, thinking that such conversations were impossible. Then, through Nabeel, God made a way.

As I shared my faith, I found myself returning to the reminder that Nabeel gives us in his final vlog: “It is important that we discuss matters of truth, but at the end of the day, the truth is supposed to be undergirded by love and by peace.” God used Nabeel to show me that love is what I had to offer to my housemates. The love of Christ isn’t something they could discern intellectually – they had to experience it.

A few weeks after I’d sent the portrait, I received a thank you letter in the mail from the people to whom I’d mailed it. They assured me that they were lifting my housemates up to God. Touched, I realized that I was already seeing the fruit of these prayers before my own eyes.

I returned home a month ago, and among the treasures I brought back with me are several letters from my housemates thanking me for being willing to talk about these things with them. They didn’t suddenly convert – but they have seen Christ’s love for them. That began with Nabeel.

As his physical body was dying, Nabeel demonstrated to me that real lifeblood runs on a current of love. This current flows even in areas that seem hopeless and lifeless. Indeed, sometimes that’s where God opens doors in the most peculiar of ways, using the most peculiar people to plant his seeds. I am grateful, deeply grateful, for the seeds Nabeel planted in my life, in my housemates’ lives, and all over the world. The harvest is only beginning.

(Kris) #21

I never heard about Nabeel till a couple days after he passed away. I know it probably sounds strange but the Lord let this all happen at a perfect time. A time where I needed to find the purpose and meaning in life. A time where everything seemed hopeless, and I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. A time where I needed answers, strong faith and peace, and the Lord blessed me with all of this through taking Nabeel home with Him. Had Nabeel not died I probably wouldn't have gotten to know about him and his inspiring messages and testimony. The Lord sent Nabeel into my life when I needed it the most. Even though I grew up in a loving Christian community I took what I had for granted, including Jesus. The love He had for us that he gave His life for us on the cross, all the new chances I get every day.
I have been following up on RZIM for awhile at the time but the only speaker I knew from that team was Ravi. Scrolling through my Instagram page out of habit and boredom I stumbled upon the post (by RZIM) that their friend and team member Nabeel Qureshi passed away. After seeing it a few times I decided to look him up, and see who he is. YouTube was my best friend the next few weeks and I had it streaming every chance I got…watching Nabeel sharing his testimony, his love and faith in Christ and his dream of having his Muslim family and people getting to know Christ. I also watched all of his blogs, where he shared about his cancer, and the hope he had that he will be healed…yes he got his dream, he is healed now! Sometimes he had me laughing and sometimes crying, especially towards the end. He was very sick but still had his light and Love shining for Jesus. I was crying out to God why can't I be on fire for you like Nabeel was? And why would you take Nabeel home when he could still be here telling people about you? I had all kinds of unanswered questions filling my mind. Then I read the book "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus", once again I was inspired by the Love of Christ through Nabeel to keep praying and searching, and this is what I did. Today I thank God for His everlasting Love in giving me Hope and another chance through Nabeel…I now understand why he had to go, even though it's hard on his family and friends. Nabeel fulfilled the purpose the Lord had for him. And I think through his death more souls will be saved then there would have if he would still be alive. His testimony, love and life still live on. My condolences go out to Michelle and Aiya…may the Lord be with you! Keep on shining for Jesus!

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord , thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV

(Reeba Mary Prince) #22

It wasn’t till mid 2014 that I came to know of Nabeel Qureshi through a Christian friend who was himself in search of the truth about christianity…
There were times I felt Faith was enough and wondered what was all the fuss about the apologetics and their endless debates to proving the existence of God.So it was more out of curiosity why this young charismatic doctor would leave such a challenging profession to defend the truth. I was mesmerised by his conviction. Being from the profession myself I believe it reiterates human frailties, very far from being invincible.
In 2016 ,after my mother; Our Fortress, Our Strength, passed away of a rare malignancy, death and eternal life became very real. Seeing her become a different person during her last days changed my life.At that time it left me numb to see “Our strength” fade away.
I was numb after her loss until early 2017 when I heard of Nabeel’s diagnosis. It was heart wrenching and suddenly all that pain came rushing back.All I could think was,”He’s so young, he’s got so much more to do.” But ,what i heard was”Well done, my good and faithful servant you’ve done all I called you for”.His death might seem so premature to us but God has different plans.
I got to know so much more of Nabeel and his journey after his diagnosis.His vlogs are his greatest legacy according to me . Hasn’t been a single one I could watch without tearing up. Reminded me of the same unchanging conviction for God I saw in my mother’s eyes. They never gave up on their beliefs and true love for God. Although Neither Hesitated to be with the Lord for a moment ,I saw the fight in their eyes,unchanging belief in the miracle and a great desire to live. Though so painful, they’d hold on for loved ones,for all that unfinished work .
It might look like they didn’t get their miracle here on earth, but ,they did .And now they’re with their maker in a beautiful garden where there’s no sickness or pain.
I got the chance to read his book SAFJ around the same week he left for his eternal abode . His story,his journey, his debates defending the truth,his fight all in this short span had a great purpose and seemed so much more relevant to me now.It was around the same time it dawned on me that what the apologetics do is of utmost importance because there is so much knowledge explosion out there and intellectuals need evidence for everything. People are searching for the truth.And the truth is,there’s so much unmatched proof to the existence of Christ and his life on earth that I realised what the apologetics do is unprecedented. The truth indeed sets you free and the bible indeed supports looking for the evidence (2 Timothy 3:16) God wants his people to think.
Nabeel’s ending messages of ‘Love’ is the ultimate person Who God is, far from being a hard taskmaster ready to throw people to hell .He is love personified, came to earth ,suffered and died so man’s shortcomings can be replaced with his gift of eternal life by his resurrection. His free gift of love.
Death is the only constant and eternal life is the biggest truth and greatest gift ,even if it sometimes take the loss of your closest confidant for you to start believing in that.